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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Commissioner saying if case is sensitive, we should handle it well, I told Sandhya not to tell truth, but she did not agree and told media, what happened, the city is against her today. Sooraj gets tensed and prays for Sandhya. Commssioner says don’t worry, she is a fighter, she will save herself. Puru asks the man to get Sandhya freed soon. The man says I have that car number. Puru says do anything, put all our powers, find out where tghat man took Sandhya, be careful.

Sooraj gets a call from Bhabho. Bhabho asks when will you both come home, everyone is waiting for Sandhya, what is the work, when will you come. He says I will get her soon. He sees that car and tells commissioner that Sandhya was in that car. He tells Bhabho not to worry, he will get Sandhya and ends call. She hopes that everything is fine.

Commissioner asks driver to take car aside. They check the car. He asks the staff to be careful, the man can attack them. They see the car vacant and no one inside it. Sooraj gets Sandhya’s watch in the car. Someone looks at them. Sooraj and police leave from there.

Emily and Om are in restaurant. The waiter says I think you both came to visit kuldevi, I did not see you here before. Emily goes to washroom. Om gets a call and asks what, no this is necessary, I m coming. He leaves. Emily comes back and looks for him. The lady tells her that the man who was with you left. Emily says how can Om leave me alone here. She calls Om and gets his phone busy. She says how can he go like this. The waiter gives her bill. She thinks her purse is left in car…..

The kidnapper gets Sandhya to some place. Sooraj looks for Sandhya. The man puts Sandhya there and sees some water there. Police tries finding her. He sprinkles water on Sandhya and asks her to open eyes. He says I m not your enemy, I did not kidnap you to harm you, I got you here to tell you some truth, some big names in this city does not want you to know this truth, danger increased on us, please wake up Sandhya.

He sees Puru reaching there with commandos. He runs upstairs taking Sandhya over his shoulders. Puru asks conmandos to find that guy and Sandhya. The man puts Sandhya in the barrel and says Sandhya, wake up, they will not leave us alive, get conscious….

Sooraj is on the way with police. The man writes a note for Sandhya and keeps in her pocket. He covers the barrel and leaves from there.

Emily comes back home. Maasa asks her to sit, and gets water for her. Emily says I reached here by difficulty, when we were having food at dhaba, Om has left me there and went, I had to come walking all the distance. Maasa lies that there is no doctor around, Om had to leave to attend a woman. Emily says why did Om leave like this, he should have waited for me just a minute, what would happen. Chandni tells Emily that Maasa is lying, why is Maasa signing me now, Maasa called Om saying generator is not working. Maasa worries and takes Chandni. Emily says Maasa called Om, why did she lie, Om left me alone there, for such simple work here.

Puru asks commandos to find them and kill them. He hits a barrel. The barrel falls and Sandhya falls out of it. He gets the note from her pocket and reads it. he says this time you did not know the truth, next time this won’t happen, such things can’t be let loose in politics. He takes out gun to shoot her. Sooraj and police arrives there. Puru shoots. Sooraj hears the sound and shouts Sandhya.

Nurse says Arzoo’s heartbeat stopped. Bhabho and Resham get shocked.

Written Update by Amena

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