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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with a scene at Bharat Bhawan, Pakistan. Sandhya wishes them and gives them sweets. Some bouquets are kept there. She tells the men that Sooraj himself made these tricolor flag sweets. They hear some beep. She asks from where are this sound coming, I think its coming from here, check it. The inspector asks from where this bouquet come, it has bomb, move back, call security. She thinks did the threatening person sent this to stop us from celebrating republic day. The man asks them to vacate the place. The inspector asks Sandhya not to go ahead, we will tackle it. Sandhya goes to check. Sooraj gets worried and is stopped by officers. Sandhya checks the bouquet. She throws out the flowers one by one. Everyone look on. Sandhya gets the bomb and holds it. Sooraj and everyone get shocked.

Sandhya opens the bomb and says its just a watch, its weak attempt to scare us, they don’t want our try for peace to succeed, they want to shut this Bharat Bhawan. Sandhya says they just want to scare us and stop us from celebrating republic day. The officers are scared as someone threatened them before, maybe we should not do this program, there is no need to take this risk, we want you to go back home safe, else matter will get worse if anything happens. A guard stops Arzoo. She says I have to come to ask about visa applications. He says work won’t happen today, its republic day. She asks him to get 10 forms. He asks her to understand, its holiday today. Resham says fine and takes Arzoo.

Sandhya says we lose when we lose our courage, I will not go back by losing like this, I will return with my head high and taking good memories from here, no warnings can stop us from celebrating Republic day, end this fear in you officer, prepare the celebrations, I promise nothing will happen to anyone of us. Arzoo makes Resham sit and thinks she will take forms today anyway and won’t let Resham worry like this.

Meenakshi goes to take papers from Gupta’s house, and stops on the way seeing snacks. Bhabho, Babasa and Chotu also come to same stall to buy snacks for family. Meenakshi hides her face and says if Bhabho sees me, what will happen. Bhabho asks Babasa and Chotu to come with her. Sandhya asks the officers to be cheerful and asks someone to sing Saare jahan se acha, as she heard he sings well. She asks other one to show his talents, they will laugh.

Arzoo goes inside the office and takes forms. She thinks no one will know. She hears footsteps and thinks to hide. A man comes there and takes a box, which has the Indian flag. Arzoo thinks why did he come here, I don’t feel this right. Bhabho, Babasa and Chotu meet lawyer to get legal papers of Chotu’s adoption. Meenakshi is also present there and thinks what paper Resham has sent. The snacks vendor guy recalls Meenakshi with red chunri and gives snacks to Bhabho being mistaken. Meenakshi gets restless and says its mine. Babasa eats and says I did not ask, maybe its free snacks. He eats it enjoying well. Meenakshi thinks Babasa will have stomach ache to have my share. Gupta asks her is she taking guarantee for her friends who are coming from Hyderabad, Pa…. She says tell me where to sign. Babasa says I heard Meenakshi. Bhabho says have food, how will Meenakshi come here, you both are Chatore. Meenakshi signs and says Bhabho thinks this about me. She gives papers and goes. Chotu smiles seeing Bhabho and Babasa’s cute argument.

Arzoo sees the man taking Indian flag box. Arzoo follows the man and sees him giving the box to that turban wearing guy. The guy says great, now this Indian flag won’t be raised in Pakistan. Arzoo looks on.

The man says the flag is not there. Sandhya says I kept that flag in glass box myself, it was kept in high security, its someone from us, tell me who is it. Sooraj says its just 15mins, what will we do without the flag. She gets a call and attends it. Arzoo says I know your country’s flag is stolen, I have seen a man giving the flag box to the bad guy, he said he will see how you raise the flag now. Arzoo describes the man and asks her to come out and see what the bad man did. Sandhya thanks her and asks her name. Arzoo says A.. just think I m real Pakistani, who worries for my country and neighboring country as well. Sandhya slaps that man who gave away the flag and says take him away, he is that traitor. She asks the officers to come with her, and they rush outside.

They all see the guard fallen. Sandhya asks who did this. The guard shows the glass box tied to rope at much height. Sandhya thinks glass box can fall down and break, flag will fall in ground, no, I can’t get the flag insulted. The officer says I m sure turban wearing guy Gul did this. Sandhya asks what are you saying, will we stop celebrating republic day by fear, you should be ashamed. They discuss what to do to get flag in 10 mins. Sandhya says we will celebrate republic day, this flag will be raised, no plans can weaken our courage, officers join hands….. She says saare jahan se acha….. they all get hesitant. Sooraj holds her hand and says Hindustan hamara….. she gets glad seeing Sooraj.

Sandhya gets on human pyramid to get Indian flag. Everyone look on.

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