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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dylan saying we will together convince your family. She asks what will he say, that you will stay with me without marriage. He says yes, I like to be frank. She says no, I will tell them, first we will convince my sisters, Anji is already on your side, I spoke to her, and tomorrow we will talk to Chandi. Its morning, Dabbu talks to Chandi at the café,. Chandi gets annoyed with Rajveer and Dylan too. Dabbu messages Dylan that Chandi is angry, they can meet Eshu first. She gets Dylan’s call and tells Chandi its imp call from office. She goes to Dylan and says don’t know what happened to Chandi. He says we will make her mood good, then maybe she will agree, be positive.

Chandi gets Rajveer’s call and ends it. She recalls his words and gets his message. She sees Rajveer there. He smiles and comes to her. He apologizes for the mistake. She gets angry and asks does he feel this is joke, if anyone said so about Mandy then… She scolds him infront of everyone. Dabbu and Dylan get tensed seeing her anger. Rajveer says let me explain. Chandi scolds him. Dylan and Dabbu hide. Dylan says your Chandi is very dangerous. Dabbu says I told you. Chandi leaves. Rajveer says Chandi is angry, I will talk to her later.

Chandi concerns Dabbu and says all Adult men are exact same. Dylan states all Adult males aren’t similar. Chandi scolds Dylan. Dylan says I feel I have to be brave, and compliments her western gown. He states his intention isn’t wrong, He’s afraid of relationship, so we made the decision this. Chandi asks what, did Dabbu agree. Dabbu claims Sure, and you will assistance me. Chandi suggests I did not agree, and see Eshu will also not concur. They all go to fulfill Eshu. Chandi asks how did Dabbu agree. Dabbu says I often supported you. Chandi states I didn’t request you for Improper issue. Dabbu claims how will Binny and Eshu get convinced.

Dylan sees Eshu and claims I will influence Eshu, and asks Chandi to hold his jacket. He goes during the basketball court docket. Eshu sees him and stops. She passes the ball to him. Dylan suggests I would like to talk to you and want your help. Eshu refuses to help you. Her friends suggests Eshu told us about you, you want to are in with Dabbu. Dylan suggests I do think the sisters advised the locality. He asks Eshu to have a match with her, he will guarantee that she will be able to trust him, he would not want her to shed, but when she’s frightened… Eshu claims I m not fearful.

Chandi claims does he know to Perform basketball. Dylan starts the game. Dylan performs well. Dabbu cheers for him. Chandi states Eshu is shedding. Dabbu states my BF is participating in properly, as he wishes to demonstrate he is deserving. Chandi also cheers for Dylan. Dabbu smiles. Dylan wins. He suggests I like Dabbu a lot, I can do nearly anything to demonstrate it, I just want you to definitely belief me. Eshu hits the basket and asks him to convey why should she trust him. He suggests for the reason that I will maintain attempting, till you all agree and rely on me.

He suggests I m not Improper, we will just take this action with Absolutely everyone’s approval, else we gained’t consider this step. Dabbu nods. She tells Eshu and Chandi that she didn’t just take any determination without the need of inquiring them. Chandi claims right, and explains Eshu about actively playing trials ahead of the match, they ought to assistance Dabbu and Dylan. Chandi and Eshu agree. Dabbu and Dylan hug them.

Dabbu says now Binny, mum and dad has got to agree. Chandi claims discuss with them collectively, they can have exact viewpoint. Dylan asks what will we do. Dabbu suggests I’ve believed a little something. Its early morning, Mamta asks LN to come back for evening meal. Dabbu indications Eshu. Eshu plays news and so they play about live in interactions, that may reduce the divorces. They see Dabbu getting viewpoint over it from people today. Dabbu suggests positive factors about this. LN switches from the Television set. Mamta asks Dabbu whats this. LN suggests This is certainly her method to inquire us about our view, this system was built for us, right. Binny asks Dabbu will she stick with Dylan without the need of marriage.

She goes to check did Dabbu do arranging and checks the DVD. She delivers the DVD and demonstrates LN and Mamta. Mamta claims you probably did this to indicate us. Binny asks whats this, what did you think that, Adult males is usually cheaters. Dabbu states relationship is just not promise, its superior to understand ahead of marriage. Mamta asks what’s she stating. Dabbu suggests sorry. Binny states I don’t want Dabbu to bear what I m dealing with. Dabbu states we didn’t Consider Vicky will make this happen. Binny asks will you stay with Dylan without the need of relationship.

Dabbu says I would like to see the way forward for this relation, Dylan does not want to marry, I wish to influence him, You need to rely on me. Mamta claims how to believe in, if we are able to see you happen to be taking wrong, you bought these two fools. Chandi states Anji can be in favor. LN states quit it, Dabbu you understand that Dylan can leave you even just after keeping with him. Dabbu suggests Certainly. LN asks do you continue to want your live in marriage. Dabbu nods. LN says I always supported you, but I can’t assist you in this, This really is ultimate. Mamta, LN and Binny depart. Dabbu cries.

Chandi pacifies Dabbu. Dabbu states I do know mum and dad are correct, how can they allow me, I m apprehensive what is going to occur future. Mamta, LN and Binny have a talk. Mamta asks Binny to talk to Dabbu. LN states what’s going to transpire if we check with Dabbu, The explanation is Dylan, he has fear of relationship and Dabbu has anxiety to shed Dylan. Mamta says Dylan is using Dabbu’s really like, Dabbu did this on his saying.

LN says if we refuse, Dylan will check with her to run, we received’t Enable this transpire. LN, Mamta and Binny drop by Dabbu. LN states I want to satisfy Dylan, connect with him in your house tomorrow. Dabbu will get happy. LN leaves.

Dylan comes home and sees Mamta angry. LN asks Dylan and Dabbu what did they think. Dylan says we are thinking to stay together for a month. LN says he has a condition, and asks him to stay with Dabbu in Thakur house.

Written Update By Sahir


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