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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 8th October 2015 Written Update

Mamta worrying seeing the diya blowing off. Dylan lights the diya before Dabbu opens her eyes. He signs Mamta that its fine. Everyone smile. The pandit asks LN to do Kanyadaan. LN does Dabbu’s kanyadaan. Shekhawat starts getting unwell. The pandit asks someone to do ghatbandhan. Juliet asks Kajal to do. Kajal does ghatbandhan. The doctor checks Shekhawat.

Dylan and Dabbu take the wedding rounds. Shekhawat gets critical as marriage rituals proceed. Dylan fills sindoor in Dabbu’s maang. They smile. Rajveer and Chandi look at each other and smile. Dylan makes Dabbu wear mangalsutra. The pandit says wedding is completed. Everyone clap. Juliet blesses Dabbu and Dylan. LN smiles and blesses them. Dabbu cries.

Mamta hugs Dabbu and blesses them. Dylan hugs the family. Juliet gets a call from doctor that Shekhawat is serious and gets worried. She does not tell Dylan. Dabbu’s vidaai is done. She cries and throws rice. Babul jo tumne sikhaaye…………..plays…………. Dabbu says she will miss everyone and hugs Mamta and LN. Juliet leaves for hospital. She gets a call and turns. Mamta is sad and recalls Dabbu. The daughters pacify her. Mamta says every parent wants to get their children married and this day comes. Eshu hugs her. She asks her to smile, they will call Dabbu after some time. They hug Mamta.

LN relates to Dabbu’s space and recalls her. He sees her pic and claims I miss out on you. Dylan and Dabbu are on how. He suggests last but not least we got married and sees her crying. He holds her hand and kisses her. He asks her to prevent crying and can make her smile. He reminds their first Assembly, their misunderstandings, their fights, then she started out Performing under him in his Office environment. He says he has troubled her. They chuckle recalling that point. He asks her to keep smiling and wipes her tears. They are saying I like you.

Dylan gets a call and receives shocked. He claims I m coming and ends simply call. Dylan and Dabbu arrive at clinic and meet Juliet. The medical professional claims she had intense harm, she can get high-quality. Dylan asks Juliet how did this occur. Juliet tells about incident, and asks in regards to the people in other motor vehicle. The health care provider claims there was a couple in the vehicle, they died during the accident. Juliet, Dylan and Dabbu get stunned. The medical doctor suggests there was their 11 yr aged daughter way too, she is saved, but wounded. Juliet states I made that girl an orphan and cries. Dylan asks her to rest. Juliet claims I did significant slip-up.

Dabbu tells LN concerning the incident and suggests its not Juliet’s miscalculation, support her. LN suggests I can’t support, she’s Erroneous lawfully. Mamta asks LN to help Dabbu’s inlaws.

Written Update By Sahir


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