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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 20th October 2015 Written Update

Mamta asking LN to explain Dabbu. He says Dabbu has grown up and can know her good and bad. Mamta tells Dabbu that she is her mum, won’t Dabbu agree to her, come with her to their home. She says no one here cares for you. Dylan says please listen. Juliet gets angry and says you can’t talk rude to my son like this, this is my home. Shekhawat says its just a misunderstanding. Juliet says I don’t have more patience,I won’t stop Mamta, let her take Dabbu. Dylan says why will Dabbu go, she is my wife. Mamta asks Dabbu to hear them, does she want to stay with them.

Juliet says who will do bahu’s grahpravesh when I have gone to jail. Mamta says it means Dabbu’s grah pravesh did not happen till now. She cries. Mamta says Dabbu is taking their side after all this. Dylan says I will take care of Dabbu, trust me. LN tells Mamta to come, nothing will happen to Dabbu, Dylan will take care of Dabbu. Mamta says no. Dylan calms down Mamta. LN takes Mamta and goes.

Juliet says pandit has said right about Dabbu’s kundli, she has dosh, no rituals happened. Dylan says enough, you don’t believe in kundli and saying about it now. He asks her to think if this was true, all problems would have happened to him, not Dabbu. Kamya hears them. Dylan takes Dabbu to room.

Binny says she has made special cake for Dabbu. Chandi and Eshu blow ballons and make decoration arrangements. LN and Mamta come home and tell them everything what happened there. The sisters get shocked. Dylan cares for Dabbu and asks her not to worry. He asks how did she get there. Kamya looks on. Dabbu says I don’t know this. He says we should recall what happened last night. He recalls their romance and gets a call from office. He is called for a meeting. She asks him to go. He says I will come soon, thanks for understanding. He kisses her and says I love you. She asks him to go for shower and gets clothes for him. Kamya comes out of cupboard and smiles.

Mamta recalls Juliet’s phrases and cries. LN consoles her. Mamta suggests how can I go away her alone like this. LN states Dylan is with Dabbu. Mamta asks how did Dabbu go inside the box. LN claims even Dabbu did not know, Dylan is taking care of her, Dabbu is his spouse. Mamta sees Dabbu’s pic and cries. She suggests Dabbu did not recognize me, I wished her security. LN says Dabbu is carrying out her obligation. Kamya recollects health practitioner’s text and thinks Dabbu obtained saved, and now she is likely to make thinks worse for her. She injects some medication in it. Kamya asks servant for breakfast and goes.

Eveeryone sit for breakfast. Dylan and Kajal check with Dabbu to affix. Dabbu claims I’ll Lower fruits for everyone first. Kamya states I’ll provide everyone. Dabbu agrees. Kamya asns Dabbu to help make Dylan eat apple by her hand. Dabbu suggests ok and goes to Dylan. Dylan eats it and commences receiving dizzy. He coughs and claims I m fine. He stands up and Dabbu provides him drinking water. He drops the glass and faints. Kamya smiles. Dabbu holds him.

Dylan claims I am able to’t get peace as a consequence of Dabbu and asks her to have out. Dabbu cries. She turns and sees Kamya smiling.

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