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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 16th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts off with Mamta displaying Bhu Devi that Mahima might be at espresso land right now. Mamta thinks its superior time and energy to take Dabbu and Dylan there. Dabbu asks Dylan what did he say Chandi that she bought glad. Dylan states I m incredibly charming. I don’t ought to say everything to everyone, ladies wander off in views Conference me. Dabbu suggests oh, by just Conference. Dylan states sometimes I must flirt. Dabbu states I know my sisters, when you flirt with them, they are going to defeat you, I is not going to depart you for those who flirt with anybody else. He smiles and suggests its sounding so adorable. She asks him for being Completely ready in afternoon, they may have to head out with mum.

Chandi thinks about Rajveer and smiles. Mann mast magan……………plays………….. Rajveer remembers Chandi and smiles. Mamta brings Dabbu and Dylan to espresso store and needs they get Mahima below. Dabbu states mum constantly have tea, not espresso, then why did she get them below. Mamta claims I desired to get Dylan, as he was becoming bored in the home.

Mamta seems to be for Mahima. Dylan asks which coffee will she have. Mamta claims that a single, coffee latte. Dabbu asks for blueberry muffins. Mamta thinks Mahima just isn’t found in this article, probably my program may also flop. Mahima comes there and Mamta smiles observing her. Mahima asks for her purse. Dylan says I think That is your purse. Mahima and Dylan get astonished viewing one another and hug. Dabbu looks on. Mamta asks Dabbu is she Business colleague. Dylan sees Dabbu and asks Mahima to return, he can make her fulfill an individual.

He suggests That is Mahima, and she or he is…. Mahima claims allow me to guess, your GF. Dabbu suggests I m Debjani. Mahima suggests that you are lucky, Dylan is a great gentleman, he is familiar with the best way to pamper girls. She asks Dabbu to acquire her range, she can provide suggestions on how to take care of Dylan. Mamta claims Indeed, take the selection, I m Mamta, Dabbu’s mum., Mahima suggests extremely good meeting you, and hugs Dylan. She claims she is going to go. Mamta asks for her number. Dabbu suggests mum is joking, Mahima asks Dabbu to take her quantity from Dylan. Dylan says Indeed I’ve. Mahima leaves. Mamta thinks now their live in partnership will conclude. Dabbu goes. Mamta tells Dylan that Dabbu went, she didn’t get depart from Workplace to view all this.

Binny and Malik come to high school. The Instructor tells them that their Youngsters have damaged the solar method product, and asks them to make the task. Binny and Malik argue. Mamta and Dylan are on the way. Dylan tells Mamta that he didn’t meet up with Mahima considering the fact that a yr, he has adjusted now after Assembly Dabbu. Mamta asks him to tell this to Dabbu, she understands, Dabbu is short tempered, Mahima is simply your Good friend and hugged you. Dylan suggests my aged behaviors have gone. Mamta suggests who will demonstrate this to Dabbu, I wasn’t significant with Mahima, I love Dabbu, I m serious about her. Mamta suggests however, you did not get engaged to Dabbu.

Chandi reveals the dupatta to Mandy. Mandy likes the dupatta and says I didn’t think it is possible to put on Indian costume, you glimpse pretty. She asks why is she delighted now. Chandi remembers Dylan’s terms to confess like to Rajveer. Binny and Malik argue about the challenge and kids. She defends her son and he gets angry. Binny receives stunned viewing the goon looking at her. Malik asks what occurred. Binny suggests that guy who follows me, He’s there. Malik turns and asks The person to halt. The person runs. Malik operates to catch The person. The person hides and phone calls Vicky. He claims Malik is following me. Vicky scolds him and says run from there, don’t get caught. The person says I m performing my function very well, don’t worry. Vicky asks him to end get in touch with and just run. Malik seems on and slaps The person. He asks with whom was he conversing, who Is that this Vicky. Binny comes and says Vicky is my spouse. The man operates.

Rajveer asks Mandy to return before long to meet the groom’s family members. Mandy asks him to promise that he will explain to the reality to Chandi, Chandi is so pleased, inform her regarding your earlier before she lets you know anything at all. Rajveer claims her. Mandy hugs him. Malik asks Binny about Vicky. Binny cries and suggests Vicky has despatched the men to scare me and kids. Malik asks her not to worry, he informed her that custody circumstance will get ugly, I will deal with this. The Trainer asks did they make design. Malik claims yes, its Just about Prepared.

Dylan goes to Dabbu’s room and knocks the doorway. Mamta and Bhu Devi hide and appear on. Eshu receives The real key and opens the doorway. She suggests no need to say many thanks and goes. Dylan sees Dabbu upset. He keeps the muffins. Dabbu asks what was that, I felt you improved. He asks are you mad, its not such as you are considering, I acquired Mahima to meet you, I required her to understand I obtained a sweet cute Woman Debjani in my life. Mamta and Bhu Devi listen to them. Dylan suggests believe in me Dabbu. Dabbu claims I have confidence in you, I don’t such as you to remain in contact using your ex GF. He says fine, and deletes Mahima’s range. Dabbu smiles.

Bhu Devi asks Mamta not for getting fooled by Dylan, he is intelligent Which’s why he has several GF by his charming talk. Mamta concerns. Its night time, Chandi waits to meet Rajveer. She gets Dylan’s concept asking did anything at all occur. She states what to reply him. Rajveer arrives and claims sorry, I used to be fast paced. She smiles. He asks did she have food. She says no, I used to be watching for you. He states I m happy, I need to talk to you. He thinks he will drop her smile following this. She claims I realize what you need to mention, and my solution is Certainly. She makes him have sweets and claims I like you too. Rajveer gets stunned.

Rajveer’s spouse hugs him and tells Chandi that she’s Kajal Oberio, did Raj not tell you about his wife. Chandi is shocked. Binny asks Dabbu to discover Dylan, he’s not seriously interested in you and our family, don’t know with whom is he conversing which has a smile.

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