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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 14th October 2015 Written Update

The Episode commences with Kamya hurting herself. Dylan sees Dabbu crying and asks her how did she get blood in her hand. Kamya rests in her area. Dylan washes Dabbu‘s hand and cares for her. Kamya recalls Dylan‘s childhood And exactly how she used to be in like with him. He provides her a rude reply. She sees an auto coming and pushes Dylan to break his cycle. Dylan does support for Dabbu’s wound. She cries and says its aching quite a bit. He asks her to take it easy. Jo tu mera hamdard hai……………….plays………… They have got an eyelock and recall their outdated Wonderful moments. They smile and find out his photo body fallen. Dylan picks the broken body and retains it back again.

Kamya sees her and Dylan’s childhood pic. The vehicle proprietor asks Dylan is he good, he must watch out on street. Dylan says I didn’t do anything, that Lady pushed me. Dylan finishes friendship along with her. She asks him not To achieve this and he goes absent. She cries inquiring him to prevent.

She recalls in FB how she meet a doctor. The doctor referred to her as Trishna. He tells her about some disease, which is genetic disorder where his body and mind growth doubles, and she gets old soon, then her state will stop. She worries and asks him to help her. He says this can’t be cured. She asks will I die soon. He says yes, I m sorry, I don’t want to lie to you. She cries.

She thinks she will spend her life with Dylan, even when she has to do anything, they will die and live with each other. She says no one can separate us, I came here to get you. She recalls how she did the accident with Juliet’s car and came in Dylan’s life by taking inspector’s help.

Chandi gets Rajveer’s call and does not answer recalling Mamta’s words and slap. Rajveer comes to her. She cries and says mum got to know everything, she warned me and is against our marriage, she asked me not to meet you, she does not want Dabbu’s life to have problem, she slapped me, if she knows we are meeting, don’t know what will happen. She hugs him and says I m sorry Raj, I don’t want anything to happen with Dabbu. Bhu Devi and Mamta look on.

LN thanks Malik and Binny presents tea to LN. LN claims I’ve identified as Malik for the new circumstance and I want Binny to operate with him. Binny is hesitant. Malik states it’s possible she’s not fascinated to help me. Binny states its not like that and agrees. Dabbu suggests glass breaking will not be good indicator. Dylan says we don’t believe in All of this. Dabbu says mum states so. He suggests I think its excellent, as you bought harm by glass and Once i have viewed you crying, I realized I am able to’t see you hurt, we like each other quite a bit, I realized I can’t be aggravated with you, I love you a large number. He hugs her plus they smile. Kamya appears on angrily.

Dylan lifts Dabbu and they get romantically near. They both of those faint and Kamya smiles.

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