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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dylan shouting seeing a cockroach. LN and Mamta hear this. Dabbu claims its just cockroach, appear down. Dylan suggests its harmful. LN and everybody come. Dabbu states Dylan is scared of cockroach. Sonu and Monu attempt finding the cockroach and mess the place. Dylan says great, try to get it. Sonu retains the cockroach and goes to throw it. Chandi states persons are frightened to accomplish Mistaken issues by your title, and also you are scared of cockroach, That is breaking news.

Mamta claims He’s afraid of cockroach, what’s going to he guard Dabbu. Binny scolds Sonu and Monu for their mischief. The children request will Binny mail them away. Binny suggests no, I’m able to’t stay with no you equally and hugs them. Mamta talks to Dabbu. Dabbu provides her a lock and asks Mamta to lock her area till Dylan stays within their household, she would not want mum for being concerned for per month, even Dylan doesn’t want mum to fret.

She suggests have confidence in me, lock the home and go. Mamta really locks the area. Its early morning, Chandi is jogging inside the park. The youngsters give her roses declaring sorry. An aged guy took states sorry and offers rose. Chandi asks what for. A girl will come and says sorry. Chandi asks her whats going n, who’s supplying me flowers. The Lady reveals Rajveer. Chandi goes to Rajveer. He claims he could say sorry directly, but he has viewed her anger. He jokes and he or she laughs.

She claims no will need To accomplish this. He asks her to obtain additional roses, as he can perform any slip-up once more. A person comes and says so that you are the Female, Rajveer has troubled me to receive very best roses, that you are lucky to acquire this kind of loving man. Dylan wakes up with the aarti bell ring. Mamta and LN do the puja. Chandi claims she is finding late and will likely have breakfast outside the house. Bhu devi comes and claims she was not coming immediately after what happened yesterday, but its Janmashtami these days, she manufactured kheer and bought it for LN.

Mamta apologizes from Dabbu’s behalf. Dylan comes there and greets them fantastic early morning. Mamta claims LN inform him he can are available in puja if he has taken bathtub. Dylan suggests no, I didn’t took bath and we don’t do puja in early morning. Bhu Devi says Indeed, but Dabbu thinks in puja. Dylan suggests incredibly wonderful. Mamta provides aarti plate to Bhu Devi and goes to have halwa. LN asks Dylan did he get excellent snooze. Dylan claims Certainly. Bhu Devi adds ghee while in the diya and thinks to use Mamta’s superstition to burn up Dabbu and Dylan’s relation. Mamta arrives and Bhu Devi lights the diya in aarti plate. It catches major fireplace. Mamta throws it. Dylan blows off the hearth. He asks Mamta is she good and gives the aarti plate. He says he will get refreshing and go for that career.

Bhu Devi claims This is certainly huge abshagun, All of this is finished by Lord to indicator that Dylan and Dabbu’s relation must not occur. LN asks exactly what is she stating, there is nothing like abshagun, I don’t have confidence in All of this. He goes. Bhu Devi reminds Mamta what pandit said about Dabbu’s stars.

Rajveer sees Chandi’s pic in his mobile phone. Mandy comes there and can take his cellphone. She sees Chandi’s pic and asks does he choose to share something. Rajveer states no, I don’t know, I really feel something for Chandi. Mandy suggests she is good Woman, You should inform her all the things, its massive thing, you’ll be able to’t disguise it. Rajveer suggests Indeed, I will explain to her quickly.

Binny tells principal that she will fulfill him as she is coming to fall the children. She asks the children why are they undertaking mischief. Dylan provides lift. Binny says no, I will go. Dylan asks where is Dabbu. LN says Of course, what transpired to her, and asks Mamta. Mamta rushes upstairs to open up the lock. Dabbu asks Mamta why did she not wake her up, she will get late for Office environment. Mamta says she was active in get the job done.

Mamta serves tea to Dabbu. Dylan smiles. Dabbu goes to prepare. Binny satisfies the principal and asks why did she connect with to mention Sonu has pushed a kid, she has remaining her Conference to speak about Youngsters struggle. She talks into the Lady’s father that maybe your daughter did something. He asks How could you say this without being aware of the reality. Binny suggests you manage to consider your daughter. The man states I’ve read other Young ones also who witnessed this. Binny claims Great, you notify me to come in viewing hrs and possess different guidelines for all dad and mom, she has taught Sonu to respect women. She goes. He states is she wonderful..

Its night, Dylan sees the lock at Dabbu’s home and claims whats this safety. Dabbu smiles looking at Dylan’s pic. Dylan phone calls her and claims with regard to the lock. She claims are you thinking the same. He states you experienced plenty of food items. She claims you signify you’re hungry, you take foods from fridge. He claims it can look uncomfortable. She says I’ve some snacks in space, but my home is locked. He suggests fine, I’ll Assume a thing and ends connect with. Dylan goes by balcony and enters Dabbu’s place. Dabbu will get tensed. He states he has come to take snacks. She smiles and goes to obtain snacks. She offers him and asks him to keep it. He asks shall I’m going. She nods. He waves her and falls down through the stairs. He screams and Dabbu will get shocked.

Mamta tells Dylan that he fell from balcony and asks why did he go there. Dabbu and Dylan get tensed. Bhu Devi tells Mamta that Dylan is just using Dabbu.

Written Update By Sahir


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