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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th December 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Sooraj asking Sandhya to promise that Bhabho will get justice. Bhabho asks him to stop it, and says I did not say truth to skip punishment, I said it so that this does not happen with any girl, no mother witnesses her son turning into an animal, whatever the decision in coming 3 days, I m not worried, go home Sandhya. Sandhya thinks sorry Sooraj ji, I can’t promise anything, I don’t know what will be the decision.

Vikram tells Meenakshi that Mohit did such big mistake, and even then I cried on his death, I felt a pillar of this house broke, but after knowing this, I m ashamed to say Mohit is my brother, I did not know he will fall so low. Meenakshi says yes, we have always forgiven Mohit’s small mistakes, but this is not a mistake, this is a sin, woman is one who gives birth, feeds baby, whom men tie rakhi, who runs the home, how did Mohit become a devil, how could he fall so low, we got a big teaching with this, we will always teach our children to respect a woman. He agrees. Babasa hears them and cries. Lalima comes to Babasa and says she kept the milk glass and asks him to drink it. He folds hands and apologizes. She consoles him.

Emily gets Mohit’s pics and says I have bear everything by you Mohit, but how did you become an animal to force a woman, did you not think once that you are father of a daughter. She tears pics and throws. She cries and says what will I tell my daughter, what did her father do, he was not less than enemy for her, but his death made her cry, but now these tears will not flow for such a cheap man, he does not deserve this. She breaks all the frames.

During fresh investigation, Sandhya asks Lalima to tell them what happened with her. She says lawyer will not ask any embarrassing question, be bold and answer, no need to be afraid, you can oppose any question if you find it bad. Satya gives her water. Lalima says I went to parlor to get ready, I got a call. The guy said he is Pramod’s friend and Pramod wants to meet me near fields, Pramod has to talk something imp before engagement, I told Lokesh and left, I was shocked seeing Mohit instead Pramod, Mohit was drunk. FB shows Lalima telling Mohit that he lied and called her here. He says stop, your shop got saved today, but Sooraj won’t guard the shop 24 hours, if you and your brother want to be safe, then give me money, else I will take revenge for that slap. She says I don’t want any money to give you. He says your earrings are nice, and even necklace. She asks him to be in his limits. He holds her hair and says you will teach me my limits, now I won’t need your jewelry, I want your respect. FB ends.

She says when I got conscious, I saw Mohit lying unconscious there, I thought he was overdrunk and fell down, Lokesh came there, he understood what happened with me seeing my state, he got angry and threw Mohit in the well. Sandhya says when you got conscious, Mohit was already dead, Lokesh and you did not know this. Satya asks lady constable to take her statement and signature. Lalima goes.

Satya asks constable to get Lokesh here. Constable says Sooraj Rathi wants to meet defense lawyer. Satya says fine and asks Shukla to meet Sooraj, maybe he has to talk something. He asks Sandhya to go, he will take Lokesh’s statement himself.

Meenakshi and Vikram are in market and talk about court decision, Bhabho killed her son to save a woman, its not bad, everything will be fine. The reporter sees them and asks what do you think did Bhabho do right killing Mohit, did she have no other way. A neighbor says Bhabho did a good work to save a woman’s respect, but killing son was wrong, he could have stopped son by other ways, Santosh Rathi should get punished, this is justice. Meenakshi scolds the lady.Vikram gets angry and leaves. Meenakshi stops him, and says people will say anything, but court will decide, Bhabho did right. He says we know Bhabho that she does only right thing, court will say Bhabho did a heinous crime. She asks Lord not to let this happen.

Sooraj asks Shukla to save Bhabho, anyone will say in her favor, she is innocent, I fold hands infront of you, my mother can’t bear this, please. Shukla says I can’t say whether court will declare Santosh innocent, but I will try to get her less punished. Sooraj says not a try, assure me, I don’t know the laws and rules, you will have any rule where a son can take punishment instead an ill mother, like sons and grandsons pay for parents’ loan, say something, save my mother. Shukla says I understand your sentiments, court wants evidence for decision, sentiments do not matter there, I will try my best to save Bhabho. He leaves. Sandhya looks at Sooraj, and thinks she can’t see this, and has to do something.

Rathi family see the news, where people have mixed opinions on the matter. Emily says Sandhya has got justice for everyone, its about Bhabho and you know she is innocent, will you get justice for her. Babasa says no one knows this more than Sandhya, that Bhabho did not do wrong with anyone, wrong should not happen with her, you know laws, law is to help innocent and give them justice, we are nothing without Bhabho, will you make everything fine? Sandhya looks on.

The judge gives life imprisonment punishment for Bhabho. Everyone get shocked.

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