Devanshi 21st November 2016 Written Update

Devanshi 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 21st November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajjo getting doctor for Ishwar. She apologizes to Kusum and says there is difference between belief and superstition, I trust maiyya and you, but how will Maiyya take anything before giving us anything, you devotion is enough to please her, maybe she will see our prayers and leave Ishwar, let doctor check Ishwar once. Kusum asks Rajjo to be sure. Doctor checks Ishwar.

Devanshi thinks I can cure my friend by the herbs, but the worms. Doctor says I m sorry. Kusum and Mohan smile. Rajjo cries. Mohan says chant Maiyya’s name. Kusum consoles Rajjo. Devanshi enters the quicksand to get the herbs. Kusum puts flowers on Ishwar and thinks you will be happy, no one would get such farewell. She acts to cry. Devanshi gets the insects on hand and tries to remove them. Pandit asks Kusum to do final aarti. Kusum does aarti. Media covers this. Kusum does tilak to Ishwar. Devanshi sinks in the quicksand and struggles to get the herbs.

Ashutosh and Sakshi come. Ashutosh asks is Devanshi here. Sarla says no, we left her with you. Omi asks where is Devanshi. Gopi says its time for sunset, give fire to Ishwar’s funeral. Kusum takes the fire torch. Devanshi comes and shouts stop. She says I can make Ishwar alive. Everyone get shocked. Devanshi recalls the man’s words.

She recalls how she got the herbs. She tells them that Ishwar will get fine. Mohan smiles. He asks Devanshi to go. Rajjo says leave the girl. Mohan says she is devil who came to stop the Mahasamadhi. Rajjo says no. Devanshi is nice, she did miracle before also, maybe Maiyya wants to do miracle by her hand even this time, give her one chance. Mohan asks why are you believing the girl. Kusum says wait, there won’t be any use, I will give chance to Devanshi for Rajjo’s sake. She asks Devanshi to come.

Rajjo asks Devanshi are you sure. Devanshi says yes, I want to make Ishwar fine. Omi says I feel Devanshi will do something wrong, I will apologize to Mata and get her back. Sarla says let anything happen. Nutan says if mahasamadhi mahurat passes, then Ishwar’s sacrifice will get waste. Kusum thinks I know there is no cure of the poison in Ishwar’s blood.

Devanshi crushes the herbs and applies to Ishwar’s forehead. An insect from the herb plant crawls to Ishwar. Devanshi asks Ishwar to get up. Kusum says I told you Rajjo nothing will happen, I did not wish to break Devanshi’s heart. She takes the firetorch. The insects suck the poison from Ishwar’s body. Devanshi smiles seeing Ishwar’s hand moving. She shouts Kusum and says Ishwar is alive, see he is moving his hand. Kusum and Mohan get shocked. Everyone get a shock seeing Ishwar open eyes. Devanshi smiles. Ishwar sees her and recalls Rishi’s words.

Kusum takes Kaali’s avatar and everyone get shocked. She drags Devanshi with her.

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