Devanshi 10th November 2016 Written Update

Devanshi 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 10th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sarla telling Omi that they really lost the necklace. He asks what, just we knew it, it was of hard earned money. Devanshi comes and asks Sarla is she still annoyed, see I got hurt. Omi worries. Sarla scolds her and punishes Devanshi to stand outside house all day. The man thinks why did Mohan ask me to make this shoe for a kid. Mohan comes and asks which is this paper. The man says you have me this. Mohan checks the other mark and says Golu’s foot prints, I think he did this mischief. Mohan asks can’t he turn paper and check. The man apologizes. Mohan tells him about the shoe of adult lady. The man asks him not to worry. He goes.

Ashutosh is with his friends. His friend say Rajjo did not accept friend request and you said she likes you. Ashutosh says maybe her internet is not working. His friend says Devanshi took your story ahead. They challenge Ashutosh. Ashutosh says let me get a chance, I will tell my feelings to her. His friend ask him to come to Kusum’s house to give electric lights decorations, use the chance, then I will give you money. Ashutosh agrees. He goes with them to Kusum’s haveli.

Ashutosh looks for Rajjo. His friend says come, we will go and find her, look she is coming. Rajjo slips and falls in Ashutosh’s arms. He proposes her and says I m your lover. She falls down and his imagination ends. She asks can’t you help, leave it, what are you doing here. Ashutosh says my friend asked me to help. She asks him to work well. He asks him to walk well, its Diwali, we will wish each other. She asks how is Devanshi. He says good. She says tell her I was missing her. He says fine, anything else. She asks what else. He says Diwali is coming so…. She says happy Diwali. She goes. Ashutosh smiles. His friend asks him what happened. Ashutosh says she said happy diwali. His friend teases him. Ashutosh says love starts by nok jhok.

The men tell Kusum about his business not working well. She blesses them. The men leave. Mohan comes and tells Kusum that shoe will come on time, just prepare for big miracle. She says its one day for Diwali, I will show big miracle that people will get mad and chant my name. She smiles.

Devanshi and Sakshi go out. Devanshi says I m upset and won’t have food till Sarla is worried. Sakshi says I can’t stay hungry. Devanshi says I will get Sarla’s necklace and prays. A man drives cycle and falls near them. He looks for the cycle keys. Devanshi gets shocked sees Sarla’s necklace with the man. She says this is my mum’s necklace. He says I don’t have anything, go. Devanshi catches him and asks Sakshi to call Sarla fast.

The man says if anyone knows, it will be big problem, I will give you toffee, leave me. Devanshi shouts to Sarla. Sarla comes and beats man for stealing her necklace. She says I will make everyone beat you. He says I did not steal, I got necklace under the tree, I m Nutan’s brother. Sarla beats him and says everyone will beat you, when Kusum knows, think what will happen. He says I m saying true. She says who will believe. He says take necklace, I m ready to do anything, don’t say anyone else Kusum’s miracle on Diwali will get low, end the matter here. She says fine, tell me will you do anything I say. He says sure. She asks him to find out what is Kusum doing on Diwali. He says fine, I will find out. Sarla praises Devanshi and asks girls to come home. Devanshi gets glad and tells Sakshi. They go home.

Sakshi goes to get box from shelf. Devanshi says it will fall and Sarla will scold us. Sakshi does not listen and box falls. She asks Devanshi to save her. Devanshi says you don’t listen. Sarla comes and sees the grains fallen on ground. Sakshi lies that Devanshi did this. Devanshi gets shocked. Sarla asks Sakshi to go and study, and asks Devanshi to clean it. Devanshi sees Sarla’s sandal heel broken and says buy a new one on Diwali. Sarla says I don’t have money, everyone wants food and does not worry for me, you do work. Devanshi thinks to get new slipper for Sarla on Diwali.

Nutan’s brother greets Kusum and introduces himself. Kusum blesses him. She gets a message from Mohan about the shoe and smiles. He thinks why is she happy, maybe the phone has some clue. She shows Sarla about the shoe, Kusum will get it, give me money for this news. Sarla asks what is the miracle. He says I don’t know more, let me go. She says you made me happy, take this money. He goes. Sarla says Kusum made good shoe, I also want this shoe. Devanshi hears this and thinks so Sarla wants that shoe, I will buy one for her.

Gopi tells about the miracle of Kusum Sundari. Sarla does publicity of Devanshi. Kusum and Devanshi come face to face.

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