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Dehleez 8th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sudha saying he is not Banwarilal, my father. Suhasini and Swadheenta get shocked. Suhasini says something happened in lunch break. Kahsyap says this girl was silent before lunch, she told the truth now, Suhasini proving shirt color does not matter, the girl said the truth. Suhasini tells judge to give her some time, if she does cross examination, case will drag for months. Judge asks is she threatening the court. She says no, I don’t want to drag this case. He says fine, court is adjourned for the hour.

Sudha says I don’t want to say anything. Suhasini asks did anyone come to meet her. Swadheenta says no, she was here. Suhasini asks what happened during break, did anyone meet you, any phone call or message, did anyone threaten you. Police inspector says you can’t pressurize the girl like this. Suhasini is leaving and stops seeing the chit. She reads that … if you say anything in court, you will be responsible for your father’s death. She shows the chit to Swadheenta and asks whats this, how did this chit reach Sudha. Swadheenta recalls Kabir and tells Suhasini about Kabir. Suhasini asks who is Kabir. Swadheenta says Kabir gave this chocolate for Sudha. Banwarilal hears this and says how can this happen, he is in village, I just spoke to him. Swadheenta says no, he came. Suhasini asks will you fight case like this, you made a stranger meet witness during court trial break, you call yourself a lawyer, this case is on Sudha’s statement. Swadheenta says sorry. Suhasini asks her to attend this case hearing, my firm does not need you, you are fired. She goes. Swadheenta cries.

The hearing resumes. Kashyap says when Sudha said this man is not Banwarilal, whats the use. Suhasini says witness is witness for me, there are many ways to reach truth. She says I would like to question Leela and Banwarilal. Leela gets tensed. Suhasini asks Leela does she know this man. Leela says no. Suhasini says you don’t identify your husband. Leela says this man is not my husband, I never lie. Suhasini asks her not to do this mistake to lie such, this man met you in Faridabad. Leela says yes, he said he is my husband, can I accept anyone as my husband. Suhasini asks why did you not say about his daughter. Leela says no, we thought we should not say about our daughter, as he will get after her, so we said Sudha is our maid, ask Sudha, we love her a lot. Suhasini says I will ask Banwari your truth now.

She asks Banwarilal if you say Leela is your wife, you will know something which just husband knows about his wife. Banwarilal tells about mark on Leela’s right shoulder. Suhasini asks is he saying right. Leela says yes. Banwari tells more and says Leela is lying. Suhasini says Banwari said your history Leela, anything else you have to say. Kashyap says this fraud man came well prepared. Suhasini says agreed, we will know about it and calls a man from army. She asks Singh do you know Banwarilal. Singh says yes, he was my close friend. She asks about this man. Singh says he is fraud, my friend died in my arms. Kashyap says based on Singh’s statement, Banwari was declared dead, sorry Suhasini, everywhere is dead end.

Swadheenta recalls Suhasini’s words. She goes and shows some papers to Suhasini. Suhasini says I know Kashyap is in hurry, I won’t take much time, Sudha can lose courage, but I won’t. She asks Singh about the body army got, the face was spoiled, and this man’s face is fine, he looks like Banwari, he knows you and Leela. Banwari asks Singh not to lie, you were not with me that day and asked me to cover up. Singh says stop lying. Suhasini says you are lying.

Suhasini says if I give one hour time to Banwari, he will tell about you, how much will fraud do research, few things are such which just real people know, I m sure this man is Banwari, you are lying, there is nothing which Banwari knew or could do, and this man does not know or could do. Singh tells Banwari’s record to open the pistol and shut it in 30 seconds. Suhasini says thanks, you kept the friendship, you can go. She asks inspector for his pistol. She says if I believe Singh, if this man is really Banwarilal, his hands will have the speed, can we have the stopwatch. She asks Banwari to take his fav toy, and now he can to win his battle on his own. She starts the timer. Banwari dismantles the pistol and then fits all components back. Judge asks whats his timing. Suhasini says 29 secs, he got better. Subhash and Leela get worried.

Swadheenta says Sudha, this file has it written that Banwari was super expert in pistol dismantling, its also written that Banwari was brave and honest, his daughter can’t be like you. Sudha cries and says I got weak, I got my father after 10 years and did not have courage to lose him again. She gives the chit and says I got this threatening note. Swadheenta passes it to Suhasini. Suhasini tells Kashyap that his client played this game in lunch break, its all clear now. She passes chit to judge. Judge asks inspector to arrest them. He asks them to find the man who came as Kabir and gave chocolate to Sudha, its clear that this man is Banwarilal. Banwari gets glad. Judge declares that govt should help Banwarilal to give back his identity and property, and punish Singh for helping Subhash and Leela and cheating army, and punishes Subhash and Leela to serve eight years in prison.

Simmi tells Adarsh about his engagement date getting fixed. Adarsh coughs. Jaidev and Abhay talk to Adarsh. Jaidev asks Adarsh to tell them clearly, marriage is big decision. Jadev asks him to say does he love Vanshika or not.

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