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Dehleez 7th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ahuja gifting a painting to Sinhas. He says I was worried thinking what gift to take for Suhasini. Manohar and Suhasini thank him. Appa looks on. Suhasini says now Ahuja has come, I will introduce Ramakrishnan and Revathi. She says Ahuja knows Swadheenta, Adarsh and her relation is fixed. She introduces Haider and Zubeda, and their son Asad. She asks them to talk, and goes to attend guests. Appa says Suhasini likes paintings, if I knew, I would have got one. Ahuja says its worth 4 lakhs. Appa says money is not imp, art is imp. Ahuja asks are you in senses, money is imp, I have small business, Ahuja contructions… Appa says Naveen Ahuja, against whom Swadheenta won her first case. Ahuja says I invested a lot in my dream project. Appa says your money did not come to any use now, art is imp, not money. He goes.

Swadheenta goes with Jaya. Jaidev asks Adarsh to stay and welcome guests. Adarsh says I m feeling thirsty, I will just come. He goes to meet Swadheenta. He makes excuses infront of Jaya. Jaya understands and smiles. Jaya asks Swadheenta to supervise the food, cook is new, just check that food should not be spicy. She goes. Adarsh compliments Swadheenta. She asks him to go and do his duty. He says your duty is mine, and copies her words. Jiya Re……plays…………… They smile.

Ahuja goes to have a drink. Simmi meets him and asks him how much will he drink, was that dance master saying anything. He says nothing, leave it. she says we won’t get better chance to take revenge from Swadheenta, she ruined your respect in your party, her respect will be ruined in this party. Suhasini looks on. Ahuja says I got insulted last time, do you want same thing to happen, Suhasini knows everything. Simmi says no. Suhasini asks is everything alright. Simmi tells her about Swadheenta’s Appa saying a lot to Ahuja, I did not like it.

Suhasini says Ramakrishnan is bit rigid, I will talk to him. Ahuja says no need to worry, you enjoy. She says we keep classical performance in anniversary every year, but artist is not coming today. He says we will call someone else. She says its embarrassing to call someone at last minute. Simmi gives idea to make Appa do Bharatnatyam. Suhasini says no, it won’t be good to tell him now, I will do something else, let me try. She goes. Ahuja says we will tell him. Simmi says this will be good way to take revenge. He agrees and hugs her.

Manohar asks Suhasini what are you thinking. She says I m thinking are they both thinking what I want. He says you make your client think what you want, this is your amazing talent. Ahuja goes to Appa and says I thought what you said, art is art, I want to say art is God, I felt Suhasini will like 4 lakhs painting, but I got to know she likes Bharatnatyam, she respects this art and dancers, she called a Bharatnatyam dancer, but that dancer could not come. He asks Suhasini does she like Bharatnatyam. Suhasini says I have also learnt Bharatnatyam in childhood for few years, I could not continue it, sorry, excuse me. She goes. Ahuja asks Appa what does he think, he can give best gift to Suhasini if he wants. Appa says if it was planned, I would have got dance costumes, I can’t dance in these clothes, Adarsh has dance costumes, I will ask him. Simmi says I know Adarsh’s room, I will get dance costumes. Appa says fine.

Abhay thanks everyone for coming in the party. He says cake cutting will be later, lets have some music and dance till then. Ahuja says wait, Ramakrishnan will be giving his art gift to Sinhas, he will gift Bharatnatyam performance. Suhasini thanks Appa. Ahuja says give him a big slap, no I mean big clap. Swadheenta and her family gets shocked. Swadheenta and Adarsh go to Appa. Manohar tells Suhasini that drama will begin, but guests are ours, we have to face this too. She says we faced much embarrassment before too, its fine to face some more for Adarsh.

Appa performs Bharatnatyam. Everyone clap for him. Adarsh, Swadheenta and everyone smile. Ahuja says great, Ramakrishnan danced like… I always thought dancers are Bhaand….. They all look on. Ahuja says I mean bad, cheap and shoddier, but you are not Bhaand, you are Saand/bull of dancers. He insults Appa. He tells everyone that we all see ups and downs in life, but Ramakrishnan will not fall short of money, he can dance anywhere and earn money. Appa says look, this is an art. Ahuja says leave it, I know everything is business, even your art. Simmi smiles and makes worried face infront of Abhay. Ahuja says I think this artist should get his fees. He gives money bundle to Appa. Manohar and Suhasini look on silently, while others are shocked. Appa gets angry and holds Ahuja’s hand. He slaps Ahuja suddenly.

Everyone get shocked. Appa asks Ahuja to shut up, this is art, my life’s Tapasya, you are an idiot to say nonsense. Swadheenta asks Appa to listen. Appa goes. Simmi goes to Ahuja. Ahuja says wait, and goes to Appa. He stops Appa and says how dare you slap me. Appa says I don’t talk to ill mannered men, move off my way. He pushes Ahuja. Ahuja falls in the swimming pool. Everyone get shocked again….. Guests look on. Simmi asks how dare you raise hand on my hand, and raises hand to slap Appa. Suhasini shouts Simmi. Swadheenta holds Simmi’s hand and comes in between. Everyone look on.

Suhasini says Ramakrishnan should apologize to Ahuja. Adarsh agrees. He meets Swadheenta and asks her to tell Appa to stop this weird behavior. She says he did not do anything, I will apologize. He says mom said your Appa should apologize to Ahuja uncle. She looks at him.

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