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Dehleez 6th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simmi and everyone crying for Abhay. Simmi sits down in shock and faints. Suhasini holds her and asks them to call doctor fast. The hospital guy asks Mami to give payment first. Mami pays money and cries seeing Asad’s body. He says we will send the body to graveyard, but the problem is there should be some family member to put soil. She says Asad’s dad will come there with police, just take him there. She cries and recalls Asad. Hospital guys take Asad’s funeral….. She cries and thinks of Asad. She shouts Asad.

Paddy covers the final rites of Abhay. Media follows Abhay’s funeral. Paddy asks cameraman to show live coverage of Abhay’s funeral. Manohar, Adarsh, Jaidev and Ahuja cry for Abhay. Many people follow the funeral procession and give honor to Abhay. Paddy says the city has come to give last tribute to a real soldier Abhay Sinha. Doctor checks Simmi and says she is fine, give her medicines, take care of her, don’t leave her alone. Suhasini thanks doctor. Swadheenta goes to Suhasini and says I….. Suhasini asks whats the matter. Jaya says Simmi got conscious. Suhasini goes to Simmi. Swadheenta sees the news coverage of Abhay’s funeral, and on the other hand Asad is taken to graveyard where he will be buried. The men get angry on Asad and Mamu, and have hatred for them. Paddy says people are proud of Abhay’s sacrifice, they are angry on Haider and Asad, people made Haider’s wife leave the house. Swadheenta recalls Mami’s words.

Jaidev does Abhay’s final rites. Manohar, Adarsh, Ahuja, Appa look on and cry. They all make the prayers for Abhay’s soul. They cry and put the wood over Abhay’s dead body. His last rites are done. The minister and entire police force salute and give honor to Abhay by firing bullets in air.

Manohar hugs Jaidev and Adarsh. Abhay’s body is given fire. Appa and Ahuja cry too. People see Asad’s funeral and throw stones. A hospital guy leaves the metal box after getting hit by the stone. Swadheenta comes and holds the funeral box. The people say this girl comes on tv, she said her uncle is not a terrorist, she is newly married. She ignores everyone’s words and recalls Asad. Paddy reaches there and asks cameraman to cover it soon. Swadheenta reaches the graveyard. Police gets Mamu there. Inspector asks Mamu to bury his terrorist son in the soil. Swadheenta cries seeing Mamu and holds him. She takes Mamu to Asad’s body and shows Asad’s face. Mamu cries. She says Mamu, our Asad…….

She says Asad seems like having a sound sleep, he left us. She makes Mamu come to senses. Mamu breaks down and cries. He kisses Asad’s forehead. He moves Asad asking him to get up. He tells Swadheenta that Asad is not getting up. She hugs Mamu and they cry seeing Asad. Asad is buried. Mamu recalls Asad’s words and cries. Mamu recites Kalma and cries. She says I will prove you and Asad innocent, I m with you. Mamu hugs her and cries.

Jaidev asks Adarsh to come. Adarsh says till Abhay’s murderer does not get punished, we will not immerse his ashes, Haider should get hanged. Manohar hugs him and says yes, we will get him hanged. Mamu is taken back to the police van. Swadheenta cries seeing Mamu taken away. Sinhas come back home. Ahuja tells Suhasini that Abhay was very happy, he told me to teach everything to his baby, except English, why did Abhay leave, how is Simmi. Suhasini says she is fine, she fainted after you all went, doctor said there is nothing to worry. Jaya comes and asking them to come fast. Suhasini asks is Simmi fine. Jaya says tv……., just come.

They all rush and see Swadheenta giving shoulder to Asad, and saying Asad and Haider are my relatives, they are not terrorists. Adarsh goes out and calls out Swadheenta. Jaya says she is not at home. Swadheenta comes home. Adarsh looks at her.

Adarsh asks inspector to get proof so that Haider gets hanged. Inspector assures Adarsh that he will get verdict declared in tomorrow’s hearing itself. Swadheenta looks on. Adarsh sees her and leaves. Swadheenta asks inspector for Haider’s documents. Inspector says look Mrs. Sinha… She says Swadheenta Ramakrishnan, Haider Gilani’s lawyer…. 

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