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Dehleez 5th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simmi coming to Suhasini. She says I lied to you, you always scolded me when it was my mistake, I want to say truth, we all went out yesterday, we kept surprise party to welcome Swadheenta, to make her realize that we all are waiting for her. Suhasini says you are telling me as you don’t want to lie, or you did not forgive Swadheenta. Simmi says nothing like that. Suhasini says it does not matter, atleast you told me, its good strategy, pass my files, thanks.

Swadheenta and her family are at the mall. Appa likes a colorful suit. Swadheenta asks for Adarsh. He says yes. Swadheenta jokes. Adarsh looks on. They all laugh. She says we will see more options. Appa says fine, come.

Appa likes a stone studded sherwani. Adarsh looks for Swadheenta and shows Appa’s choice. Adarsh says I will choose myself. Appa asks why, is my choice not good. Adarsh says its good, I will choose something normal. Appa asks why, its your marriage, rich people will come. Adarsh says yes, rich people will wear normal clothes. Appa asks him to choose clothes himself, till then they will see dresses for Swadheenta. Adarsh tries a sherwani.

The shopkeeper gets a goon’s call and asks are you ready. The man says your packet is ready, when are you coming to take it. The goon says I m outside. The man says fine, I m coming in a min. Adarsh tries a sherwani. The shopkeeper goes to that goon/Arvind with look changed. Swadheenta makes Adarsh wear a pagdi. Adarsh talks to her. Arvind takes a packet from shopkeeper. Swadheenta says you and Appa look cute. Adarsh hugs her and says I think we look cute, I m your fiancé, can’t I hug you. She pulls his nose. Adarsh turns and sees Arvind. He says I think I have seen Arvind just now. She asks Asad’s friend, leave it, come.

Manohar and Jaidev meet Allan Broad in the cell. Allan says someone got in city to attack, I m alerting you. Manohar says we will manage that danger, think about yourself, maybe you can get killed or stay here forever. Allan asks what are you doing, threatening or alerting me. Manohar says I m showing you mirror. Allan says I know you are after 700 crores, if I die, you and your govt. won’t get it. Manohar says I know real figure is 1100 crores. Allan asks him to come to point. Manohar says fine, what do you want. Allan says freedom. Manohar says you think I will help you. Allan says yes, else you would have not come here, you sit with big officers and policemen, did you ever take gun in your hand. Manohar says I m bureaucrat, I don’t lift guns, I just get into talks, I m into administration. Allan says if I sit with terrorist, it does not mean I m terrorist, you can explain this to govt. well, this mirror is of 1100 crores, there will be some way.

Appa gets everyone on lunch. He says I want to tell something to Adarsh face to face. Manohar tells minister that there is danger, Allan knows his plans will fail, he is worried for his freedom, he is not professional terrorist, I think if we go right with him, he will be right with us. Minister says you know why I like you Mr. Sinha, when I give you any big work, it looks small. Manohar smiles and thanks him. He says I m doing this work since years, shall I assume you want the same thing which I want. Minister smiles and says you know everything, go ahead, I will leave for my urgent meeting. He leaves.

Manohar tells Jaidev that no one should know this, no need to tell Adarsh, you helped Adarsh and Swadheenta’s romance, going against me for the first time. Jaidev says that was personal thing, Adarsh is my brother, I m going through bad relation, I helped Adarsh, I don’t mix personal and professional relations, you are my ideal, trust me, Adarsh won’t know this.

Appa asks Adarsh how much do you earn. Adarsh drinks water and coughs. Adarsh says its govt job, just salary, nothing else. Appa asks nothing over salary. Adarsh signs no and looks at Swadheenta.

Appa says good, honesty is the best, cheating I don’t like all that, one more thing, your entire family have govt officers, you can take a big govt house. Amma asks him what are you asking. Appa says why, I can ask that. Adarsh says yes, you can ask, its Nana ji’s house, and mum wanted all of us to stay there, dad was asking us to take govt. flats allotted to me and Abhay, but we did not take. Appa says one last thing. Mamu says food has come, we will serve. Appa says no, don’t serve food, one thing.

Swadheenta says food will cool down. Appa says wait and asks Adarsh will you keep Swadheenta happy. Adarsh says sure. Appa says I m a father, and I m worried for her. They all smile. Appa says I should ask whether my daughter will be happy or not with the man she is marrying. Swadheenta looks at Appa and smiles. Adarsh says trust me Guru ji, I will always keep her happy. Appa asks them to have food now. Adarsh and Swadheenta smile seeing each other.

Suhasini sees the ring pic and asks is this not too big. Adarsh says if there was much bigger one, Appa, I mean Swadheenta’s Appa would have bought that, he wants everything to be done well. She says even we want the same. Manohar says ring is nice. Adarsh says thanks dad, and goes. Suhasini says Appa…. And makes faces. Manohar says there are just 3 days for engagement. She says yes, one day before is our anniversary. He says I forgot, don’t get annoyed, did you think what to do. She says case or life, last moment twists have different fun.

Its morning, Jaya talks to Jaidev about caterers. Abhay says I asked to tighten security, as dad’s imp guests are coming. They all check arrangements. Suhasini talks to Ahuja and says annoyance is with loved ones, Manohar and I are reaching there. She asks them to add Ahuja’s name in guest list. Everyone get surprised. Suhasini says its time all family gets together. Simmi smiles and thanks Suhasini. Suhasini thinks Ahuja and Ramakrishnan are good combo, arguments will definitely happen between them.

Swadheenta asks Adarsh to promise no one or no situation will come between them. Suhasini asks Ahuja to talk well with Ramakrishnan. Ahuja says I will explain him well, I m senior Samdhi. Suhasini and Manohar smile.

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