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Dehleez 30th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Asad calling Yash to tell him about third spot. Arvind presses the button. Ravi and Rajesh die in the blast. Abhay and Asad get shocked. The people start running away. The place catches fire and all the dense smoke forms a layer. Arvind pushes Abhay and tries to escape. Abhay follows Arvind. Asad gets down the car and sees so many people dead and injured. He cries and says freedom’s marriage. The gift box is shown. Shraddha says lets see who comes next, its newest entry in Sinha family, Mrs. Swadheenta Sinha. Everyone clap.

Swadheenta says Mamu, Mami, Amma and Appa, and Adarsh, they all gave me love, but I have a special relation, he is cute, sweet and fighter, he keeps giving challenges, I can slap him in anger but can’t ignore him, such challenger is my brother Asad. Asad tries calling Mamu. Everyone’s phone is on silent mode. Swadheenta says Asad is an idiot, but he is my life. Asad tries calling Yash and Mamu. He cries and calls Adarsh. Suhasini feels restless and drinks water. Simmi asks Suhasini what happened, are you fine. Suhasini says yes, I feel bit restless, I m fine. Abhay runs after Arvind and catches him. He beats him Arvind, while Arvind has gun in his hand and shoots….. Abhay and Arvind fall in some shop. They have a fight. Arvind runs away. Abhay runs after him and catches him. Abhay bravely fights and does not let Arvind escape.

Bilal takes a gun from the car and runs. Asad sees him. Swadheenta says I have lost count of how much I slapped Asad, he has been very supportive, he always helped me. He has always been my strength, he has made me realize how much I like Adarsh. She thanks Asad. Asad runs after Bilal. Bilal looks for Arvind. Asad follows him. Police reaches the blast spot. Gift box is still at the marriage venue. Swadheenta says Asad is not here, he does not have time for me maybe. Suhasini messages Abhay asking does he not have time for brother’s marriage, where are you. Bilal calls out Arvind and throws the gun to him. Arvind stops and aims the gun at Abhay. He recalls Abhay’s words and gets angry. Arvind shoots down Abhay.

Abhay gets multiple bullets on him. Police spots Arvind and says that’s the terrorist wearing jacket, he has shot Sir, catch him. Asad comes there and sees Abhay shot. Police shoots at Arvind. Arvind shoots at them. Asad shouts for help. Asad says nothing will happen to you. Bilal gives gas cans to Arvind. They throw the gas and run away. Asad follows them.

Swadheenta says I remember everyone was happy in my engagement, Asad was upset, he told me freedom you got engaged, you will get married and go to inlaws, then what about me, he used to make me count days, then I realized he was counting days, now he will come and say freedom why are you getting senti, I was busy in work, give a sweet smile, I will slap him this time, don’t know in what imp work is he now, but I miss him. Asad runs after Arvind. Arvind shoots at him. Asad hides and gets saved. The bullets in the gun get over. Asad fights with Arvind. Arvind beats him.

Asad stops Arvind from running away and pulls away his jacket. Arvind kicks him away. Arvind hears police coming. He jumps from the terrace and escapes. Police comes on the terrace and sees Asad with the jacket. They all surround Asad. Asad gets shocked. Asad being tensed, tries to explain…..

Swadheenta says I want to say something to Mamu. She cries and says I always used to say Mamu, your son can be useless, but my brother isn’t, you see one day he will make our name shine, yours and ours too. Inspector says he is the one, see this pic. Arvind has taken Asad’s pics with Ravi and Rajesh. Police shoots down Asad. Asad falls down the terrace and recalls Swadheenta, Mamu, Mami and Radhika. He thinks of Abhay’s words that Asad would get a bravery award from govt, and Swadheenta’s bitter words asking him not to return and die. Asad falls down near Abhay. Abhay still conscious gets shocked seeing Asad. Asad thinks I m getting sacrificed today, I wish my sister’s happy life and such terrorists to lose, when their mission succeeds, then Abhay and Asad will lose, it will be Lord’s failure, Lord can’t fail, I will pray for myself that after I close my eyes, I just recall all happy moments of my life, my parents, Radhika and freedom.

Asad thinks of his life’s journey, All the happy moments flash in his mind. He recalls his family and Radhika. Radhika’s stole falls over his face. Abhay looks on, helplessly. Swadheenta hugs Mami. Mamu says the brother you are talking about… Mami says no one can call Asad useless. Swadheenta hugs Mamu and asks them to take care of Asad. The inspector says we shot the terrorist who shot Sir. He calls for ambulance. Abhay thinks Asad is not terrorist, I have to survive to prove Asad’s innocent, else Asad will be tagged a terrorists, I have to stay alive……

The police finds the bomb box in Adarsh’s marriage function. They ask who got this gift box here. The constable says that blue kurta guy got this gift here, and points to Mamu. Mamu gets shocked.

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