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Dehleez 2nd May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mami asking Mamu why is he busy. He says Swadheenta is getting married, there are lot of preparations. She says I m also doing arrangements. Asad asks what about me. Mami says you are jealous of sister. Mamu says who will marry him. Asad smiles. Mami tells Swadheenta that her prince has come. Swadheenta smiles. She talks to Mamu about giving flat on rent to Asad’s friends. Mamu looks at Asad and asks which friends, all youngsters create problem in society, they are nuisance for neighbors. Asad says they are good guys, Swadheenta knows them. She says yes, I met them Mamu, meet them. Asad says they are very innocent, more than me. Mamu asks really, tell them to meet my agent. Asad says they have no place to stay. She says police verification is necessary, tell them to get that done soon.

Its morning, Suhasini talks to Appa and asks are you coming. He says yes, we will reach there till 11.55, as Rahukaal starts after that, I won’t go anywhere from 12-1.30pm. Adarsh hears Suhasini. She says I have small request, I have imp case hearing, I have to go police station too, can you come at 12.30. Appa says I just said about Rahukaalam timings to you, and you are saying this again. She says I m sorry, I did not know about it, I will cancel case hearing and police station meet, you come at 11.55am. She ends call. Adarsh says sorry mom. She says its fine, Swadheenta is nice girl, you may be feeling strange that I m missing hearing, I m feeling it strange too, but your relation talk is imp, Dubey will get new date. She calls Dubey and says court hearing and meet at police station are cancelled. Adarsh smiles.

Swadheenta and Adarsh talk on phone. She tells about case. He says Appa’s Rahukaalam came in between. She gets glad that he called Appa as Appa, and says Amma is trying to explain Appa. Amma tries to explain Appa. Appa says can’t she leave hearing, we also left academy and are present here. Adarsh hears this. Swadheenta says sorry, you know Appa does not know law world, I will talk to Dubey so that there is not much loss in Suhasini’s absence. She ends call.

Asad tells his friends that he arranged…. Radhika asks what. Asad says film tickets. She asks him to study. Asad says its story of four friends, one friend arranged the house for his three friends. She asks what story. Asad says friend’s dad asked the other friends to get police verification done till tomorrow. He goes with Radhika by conveying message to his friends indirectly.

Sinhas welcome Swadheenta and her family. Manohar introduces his family. Appa asks about Abhay’s marriage done before Adarsh. Adarsh says Abhay got the girl before I got. Swadheenta smiles. Appa says I will also introduce my family. He introduces Haider, Zubeda and Asad. Suhasini stares at Asad. Manohar asks them to come inside. Asad asks will aunty tell dad about that night. Suhasini says don’t worry, I won’t say it, but don’t do this again. Asad says I won’t, I have the girl now, why will I. Suhasini reacts and says God bless her…..

Manohar talks to Mamu. Mamu says we will decide everything. Swadheenta says I have to say something, I know Suhasini likes me and I have hurt you, like Appa likes Adarsh and Adarsh has hurt him, we did not wish to hurt anyone, I want to say sorry to Suhasini infront of everyone. She apologizes to Suhasini. She says I know I m not ideal girl for Adarsh and ideal bahu for this house, even then you are accepting me, thanks for that. Adarsh smiles. Swadheenta says Adarsh did a lot for me, I did not do anything for him, but I want to do now, to become Adarsh’s life and win your trust, I will do what you say. Suhasini and Manohar look on. Suhasini sees Adarsh smiling and says I would say, whatever you said now, just be true and keep loving Adarsh and our family, come sit. Swadheenta tells Adarsh that I told you there will be another lawyer with you in this house, case closed, I said what I had to. He thanks her.

Appa says marriage will happen by Tamilian way. Suhasini says you spoke yesterday, Adarsh is Bihari and we will keep marriage in Bihari way. Appa says I refused for this yesterday.

Mamu says why don’t we do it both ways. Adarsh and Swadheenta say exactly. They smile. Suhasini says I don’t have any problem. Appa too agrees. Amma says we should also not have any problem with this. He says there will be engagement first. He tells this in tamilian language and they get puzzled. Dubey calls Swadheenta and says inform Suhasini that we lost case. Swadheenta tells Suhasini that Dubey called. Suhasini asks did he get new date for case. Swadheenta says we lost case. Suhasini says sometimes this happens. Manohar says no, this never happens with you. He tells them that Suhasini never loses any case. Suhasini says leave it Manohar. She tells Appa that I thought case hearing is after 1.30pm, your Rahukaalam, but we lost case, your Rahukaalam failed us. Appa says no Suhasini ji…..this can’t happen.

She says I m very sorry, we will talk about engagement. Appa corrects the tamilian word. She says I m sorry, I need a glass of water. She goes. Adarsh says excuse me and goes after her. Swadheenta looks on. Adarsh says mom, I want to talk about case. She asks him to smile, else Appa will get annoyed, mothers tell this to daughters to face saas and be tough, I m telling this to you, to face your tough sasur. She smiles and goes back to talk to them. Mamu says I m glad meeting you and shakes hands with Manohar. He says its all decided now. Appa says no, everything is not decided. Suhasini asks him to decide remaining things his way. She gets a call and asks Manohar to manage, the client who lost case is calling, I have to answer call. She goes. Manohar takes everyone out.

Swadheenta tells Adarsh about Appa. He says its fine, Appa is ours. She nods and goes. Suhasini talks to her client and says I m sorry I could not come, we will appeal. Adarsh hears her. He apologizes to her. She says its fine, its work, I hope your to be Sasur is very Khadoos. Adarsh gets Swadheenta’s call and says I m coming. He says mom, there at the gate…. Suhasini smiles. Appa asks do you think we are thieves. Suhasini asks what happened. The guards say you know we have to do checking. Suhasini says I m sorry, Manohar is senior bureaucrat and checking is normal routine. Adarsh asks Appa to cooperate. Appa says checking was done when we came here, why again. Swadheenta convinces Appa. Guard checks Appa again.

Adarsh, Swadheenta and other couples are partying at the pub. Three goons come and shoot in air. They all get shocked.

Written Update by Amena

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