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Dehleez 29th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Appa asking what. Swadheenta says Manohar and I were talking about my fate, one Samdhi is a fraud builder and other Samdhi is a Bharatnatyam teacher, compromise in status, we will do for our son’s sake. Appa gets shocked. She says we will blame each other, nothing will come out of it, you all have planned it well, I must say I m so disappointed, when I met you for the first time, you met like a true person, I shared it with Manohar too, but you got chance and grabbed it. Manohar looks on.

Appa asks did you call me for this and takes sweet box back. Manohar says we called you to make relation. Appa says relation matter is not spoken like this, you maybe big bureaucrat, even then I will say, don’t compromise, I did mistake to come here, and one thing, my daughter and I did not plan, I think Jeevan is best guy for her, your son came after my daughter, he lied to me and learnt Bharatnatyam, he became student, he did all this for Swadheenta….. Appa says anyway, I will not compromise, never…… He leaves.

Suhasini and Manohar say we called him to make relations, whats our mistake if he got annoyed. They get back to work. Mami says I did not see you tensed for any case and gives her aam papad which Asad left for her. Appa comes home and Swadheenta rushes to ask what happened. Appa gives the sweet box back. Everyone wait to hear something from him. Appa cries…….

Adarsh comes home angrily and goes to meet Suhasini and Manohar. Suhasini says you came early from office. Adarsh confronts them for insulting his Guru ji. Manohar scolds him and asks does out feelings don’t matter, we call Ramakrishnan to talk about relation, he got annoyed and left. Adarsh says he also came to join relation. Jaidev and Jaya come and look on. Suhasini says do you want us to fold hands, what did you see in their family that you left Vanshika and Bundela family. Adarsh says you should have said this before. She asks him the same and asks why did he do all drama, does their respect not matter to him. She gets angry and says you are feeling bad when we said bad to your Guru ji, what about us. Manohar says our relations with Bundelas got bad, your Ramakrishnan came with attitude, as if doing favor on us. Adarsh leaves. Jaidev says dad….. Manohar stops him. Jaya asks Jaidev to come and they leave.

Asad poses for pics. He takes Arvind’s phone and says you are great photographer, I did not see such beautiful pics, did you do any course. Arvind says no, I like doing so. Asad talks to his friends. Radhika comes and tells about announcement of college fest. The girl announces the final round members. Asad’s friends get sad. Asad says we will go in college fest, but just have to see from somewhat far. Yash comes there and asks Asad to come along. Radhika says Yash… Yash says don’t worry, I have to ask some questions. Asad says I won’t come. Yash says principal is waiting and takes Asad.

Mamu tells Asad that he asked Yash to call him. Asad greets principal. Asad gets tensed and says I don’t know what Yash said. Yash asks for Asad’s help and says there is a terror there over Delhi, what did you think, I came here to dance with Radhika, I m on mission, there are many men to find out about terrorists, we have no clue about them, I want your help, if you have any doubt on anyone, just inform me. Yash tells Asad that we can solve Radhika’s matter anytime, this is about country, will you help me. Asad nods. Mamu and Asad go out. Mamu asks are you fine. Asad says spying on friend and others…. Mamu says you have to be alert, I wanted you to join army, but you can help them this way too.

Radhika asks what did principal say. Arvind asks did Yash complain about you. Asad says yes, he said about Radhika, he felt principal will make me leave from college, but I told truth to principal, he scolded Yash and its all solved now. He smiles. His friends look on.

Swadheenta and Adarsh meet and talk sitting in his car. She asks him not to worry, things will slowly get fine. He says mom insulted Guru ji, are you not angry. She says no, you are angry, why should I get angry, its not about our parents, its about us, if one is taking responsibility, other should just support, if you are angry on Appa’s insult, why should I take tension. She holds his hand and asks him to smile. They smile. He thanks her.

Jaidev is worried. He says I m a fool, I always thought that Adarsh can pay for Abhay’s mistake, but he is still paying for this, because of you, my so called wife, this house’s fav bahu. She says I did big mistake, I should have asked Adarsh before getting Vanshika’s relation, after I knew he loves Swadheenta, I m helping him. He asks is there any use. She says I m trying, it will slowly happen. He says mom is adamant, you know, she was also stubborn at our time too, and got you, another unlucky relation will come, Adarsh has to obey mom, there will be a relation which can’t be lived and can’t be broken. He gets angry on Jaya. She cries by his bitter words.

Jaya recalls Jaidev’s words. She goes out and calls Dubey…… Its morning, Suhasini receives a courier. She checks and gets shocked……. She asks for Jaya. Simmi says don’t know where is she. Manohar says I m going to ask about her. Simmi says I did not see her since morning. Jaidev says she will be in room. Jaya comes with her bag. Suhasini asks whats this issue, what did you send, where are you going with your bag. Jaya says even I don’t know where I will go, I have sent divorce papers. Jaidev gets shocked. Suhasini looks at her.

Suhasini talks to Manohar and says is Jaidev telling right, that we are doing same thing with Adarsh. Appa is leaving. Appa and Swadheenta see Suhasini at the door.

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