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Dehleez 26th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manohar and Suhasini welcoming guests. The lady says marriage is kept at girl’s family, but whats this. Manohar says our bahu is from Chennai so… Suhasini says we suggested them to do all functions here, afterall we are one family now. Asad and Abhay are on the way. Asad tells Abhay that I thought to go in marriage after talking to Yash, but I felt I should do something for mu country. Abhay asks him to go in marriage. Asad says no, I won’t go till this danger is gone. Abhay says you are a rockstar, don’t know why Haider uncle thinks you are useless. Asad says fathers forget they were son too. Abhay says you will get bravery award this time, you gave us a lead. Asad asks really, now my parents will know me. Abhay gets a call and gets to know that scooty had a bomb. Abhay asks did you talk to Yash, fine I m reaching there. He ends call.

Swadheenta arrives with her family. Suhasini smiles seeing her. Appa greets Manohar and Suhasini. Suhasini welcomes them in Tamil. She says Swadheenta will teach us more Tamil later. Manohar says Adarsh will get his baraat to take his bride with him. He welcomes them. Suhasini says there is less time for Swadheenta Ramakrishnan to become Swadheenta Sinha. She shows groom and bride’s side chambers. She asks them to prepare to welcome the baraat.

Suhasini brings Adarsh and does his tika. People dance in baraat. Adarsh gets on the horse. Arvind and his friends are on the way. Ravi says Asad will reach there to get scooty in 20mins. Rajesh says I have pity for him, its his sister’s marriage today…. Arvind asks him to save his pity. Bilal says I will get call after Asad gets his scooty. Their boss calls Bilal and talks to Arvind. His boss says army has raided your flat, I know it, what is the status. Arvind says plan is on. Boss asks them not to go back to their flat. Arvind ends call and tells his friends about army raid. He thinks who can come there when we changed lock.

Radhika greets Mami and Mamu. Mami says Radhika is Asad’s friend. She asks did you come to meet Asad. Radhika says no, I came to meet Swadheenta. Radhika goes. Mami says she is a nice girl. Mamu says yes, she is in my college. Radhika meets Swadheenta and asks about Asad. Swadheenta says he did not come till now. The girls run to see baraat.

Jaidev, Jaya and everyone dance in baraat. Swadheenta sees Adarsh on the screen and smiles.

Abhay and Asad reach the scooty shop. Yash and his commando are defusing the bomb. Yash asks what will we get if we cut right wire. Commando says you will get blessings and one you love the most. Yash recalls Radhika and asks sure. He tensely cuts the wire. The timer stops. Yash smiles and signs the police and army officers. The man informs Bilal that army has defused the bomb, spot one failed. Bilal tells this to Arvind. Abhay tells Asad that scooty which Arvind asked him to pick, had bomb planted in it. Asad recalls Arvind’s words and gets angry.

Jaidev sees Swadheenta and takes her for dance in the baraat. Adarsh and Swadheenta dance in baraat. Adarsh asks her to be away, if his wife sees this, she will file case. She asks him to be away, as her husband is robinhood. They smile.

Shraddha asks 11000rs as entry fees. Jaidev gives her a rupee. Shraddha asks whats this. Jaidev says its shagun coin, have patience and gives 10 rs. He then gives 1000rs saying its 11000 now. They all laugh. Radhika asks them to give money, else they won’t get entry.

Jaidev says come Adarsh, we will go by other way. Shraddha says this is the only way. Adarsh says fine, take this 11000rs, now can I cut this ribbon. She says yes. Adarsh cuts the ribbon and gets entry. Amma does rituals. Abhay thanks Asad and says you don’t know how many lives got saved today. Asad says I just know I have to take 3 lives. Abhay says relax, go home, I will end this and come. Asad says no, those mean people have broken my trust, they are my country’s enemies, I will be with you. Yash calls Abhay. Abhay congratulates him for defusing first bomb. Yash says I m trying to find about other bombs. Abhay says I m nearby, Asad is with me, he wants to help us. Yash gives instructions to his team and goes to meet Abhay. He sees Asad in the car. Abhay says I know you both have personal issues, but this time we have to save our city. Yash says we are trying to find other two spots. Abhay says it means Asad would have taken scooty to market and blast would happen. Yash says they wanted everyone to scatter.

Manohar and Appa make each other wear garlands and hug. Pandit does meeting rituals, of groom and bride’s fathers, uncles and then brothers. Jaidev waits for Asad. Mamu says Asad did not come. Ahuja says don’t worry, Swadheenta is like my daughter, I will do this ritual on her brother’s behalf. Yash asks Asad to think of any clue that they can know about two other spots. Asad thinks.

Arvind asks Ravi to shut up, this spot failed because of Asad, as he knew the address, but no one knows other two spots, blasts will happen there. Asad gets down the car. Yash says civilians are not allowed in my team, stay in Abhay’s team. Abhay asks Asad to sit in car. Abhay and Yash leave. Asad says Yash used to ask for my help in college and now… Arvind says till they find spot, our work will be finished, there are just 40 mins, then boom…..

Asad talks to Swadheenta over phone and says I m stuck in work, I will come in some time. Swadheenta gets annoyed and calls him irresponsible, asking him not to come back and die there. Asad cries.

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