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Dehleez 26th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhasini and Manohar welcoming Bundelas. Suhasini hugs Vanshika. Darsh greets Bundelas. Asad and Swadheenta are on the way. She recalls Adarsh’s words. Radhika comes in the engagement. Adarsh and Radhika see each other. She recalls seeing Adarsh in college. She goes and Adarsh stops her. He asks are you surprised seeing me. She says yes, I got to know you are getting engaged to Vanshika. He says even I got to know you are getting engaged to Yash, I also came to know Asad got into your room and had a knife, I did not know he is criminal. She says Asad is not a criminal. He says I know, I m glad you think this, he shared his rose day preparations with me, then I got to know about your engagement, I did not know its Yash, remember if you love someone, don’t get late in getting love, girls do this mistake, they don’t protect love and don’t accept it when they understand, I also love such girl.

Asad and Swadheenta reach the venue. Swadheenta runs. Asad says she has come to discuss case with Suhasini. Constable says what will Suhasini discuss in son’s engagement, you are fooling me. Asad says its imp case of love. Swadheenta looks for Adarsh. Adarsh and Vanshika sit to exchange rings. More jiya….. plays…………….

Adarsh is about to make Vanshika wear the ring. Swadheenta goes to them. Adarsh stops and turns to her. Everyone look on. Suhasini says its your engagement today, how did you come here leaving your engagement, is everything alright. Asad walks in. Suhasini, Yash and Radhika and her parents see him. Suhasini says Radhika is not interested in this guy, don’t make matters worse, take your brother. Swadheenta says I did not come for my brother, I came for myself. Jaya gets glad.

Swadheenta walks to Adarsh and asks can we talk for two mins. Suhasini, Manohar and Vanshika look on puzzled. Swadheenta goes with Adarsh. He asks her to say something. She asks what to say, I see Gurmeet Kaur, I mean I see you everywhere, cooking and sweeping in Dargah, I don’t know whats happening, someone told me that if you see someone everywhere, life is nothing without that person, are you understanding me. He says you are great romantic. She says I m like this, unromantic, its your wish, go ahead with your engagement else…. This was very important to tell you….. Asad sees Radhika.

Swadheenta says you did a lot for me, you helped me a lot, you are a bad dancer, but you learnt Bharatnatyam and stood against Jeevan, but I did not do anything for you, but I want to do now, I want to do something for you, if you move on with someone, I will stand here and wait for your return. Jiya Re…….plays………….. She cries and says I learnt this madness recently, I will learn it slowly. He asks her not to do all this and is very glad. He asks her can you hold my hand……. While everyone look on…… Asad smiles. Swadheenta holds his hand. Suhasini, Vanshika and everyone get shocked.

Adarsh and Swadheenta walk towards everyone. He takes her towards his family. He says I m sorry dad, I can’t do all this for you. Jaya happily cries. Adarsh says when I don’t love Vanshika, how can I get engaged to her. Vanshika and her family get shocked. Adarsh says dad, I can’t do this, I m sorry. He returns the ring. Suhasini stares at Swadheenta. Radhika tells her dad that I can’t do this engagement. Yash and Radhika’s family gets shocked. Asad looks on. Radhika runs to Asad.

Radhika asks Asad can you hold my hand. He holds her hand and says see I held it. Swadheenta and Adarsh smile. Radhika asks Asad to come with her. She takes him to her family and says he is Asad Gilani, he is not any commando, he is not in army, he is my college mate, I don’t know whats between us, all I know I can just stay happy with Asad, dad Yash can be your best commando, but I don’t love him. Yash gets sad.

Bundelas says Colonel Deshmukh, whatever happened at your home yesterday was true, your daughter has affair with this guy, we were not happy with this proposal, we agreed as Yash was happy, it does not mean you insult us publicly, this is disgusting. Adarsh apologizes to Vanshika, I did not mean to hurt you. Meena says enough Adarsh, don’t try to explain anything to my daughter, we can see your intentions clearly. Bundela says Suhasini ji, I m sorry, this is disappointing.

Bundela says we had doubt that Adarsh has something with this girl, you said there is nothing, see whats happening now, your son broke this relation in a second infront of you, this is not done. Manohar tries explaining. Bundela says please Sinha, what will you insult us more than this, we should have known this is your tradition, one son eloped and married, other son can do it too, and Jaya you are Vanshika’s friend, you are this house’s bahu and know their truth, even then you…… its not your mistake, its our mistake, we are big fools, two respectable families fooled us, we have no reason to stay here, come…. He takes Vanshika and asks Meena and Yash to come. They leave. Radhika’s parents also walk out. Radhika’s mum hands over the rings to her.

Suhasini apologizes to the guests. Everyone leave. Swadheenta cries and talks to Suhasini. She apologizes and says my intention was not to embarrass you and your family. Suhasini looks at her.

Suhasini scolds Adarsh and says you did not think what will I feel when this truth comes out. Manohar asks Suhasini to not talk. Suhasini asks Adarsh to leave her alone and shuts door on his face.

Written Update by Amena

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