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Dehleez 24th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simmi waking up Abhay. He greets her and his son. She says it can be junior Simmi too, and not junior Abhay. He says I will pamper junior Simmi a lot, but I have this intuition about having a son. She asks him to think of a name. He gets a call and says what, I will reach there. She says you came at 2.30am and leaving again. He asks her to understand. She says fine, I will get breakfast ready, freshen up and come. Suhasini comes and asks Simmi did Abhay wake up. Simmi says he is leaving. Suhasini tells Abhay about Adarsh’s marriage today. Abhay says yes, but you know police officer’s work. He gets a call and asks staff to increase patrolling. He tells Suhasini that I will stay at home. She asks him to try clothes and get alterations done. Suhasini goes to see Adarsh.

Adarsh dislikes the sherwani and asks Jaya which idiot designed this. Jaya says he is Harry, the designer. Harry says I m not an idiot. Adarsh says I know, but its my marriage, I don’t like this design. Suhasini comes and asks did you not like anything. She asks Harry to get all possible designs and satisfy Adarsh.

Arvind and Gulal/Bilal come to the flat and meet the two guys. He tells Rajesh/Mohsin that Bilal has come to help us. He says there is change in the plan, how will we know plan failed or not till we execute it. The guy says I have to leave now. I have to reach market’s puncture shop at 11. Arvind says no, there is some change, all blasts will happen in evening, infact at night, same time, different places, if blasts happen in morning, Swadheenta’s marriage will get stopped, I can’t lose that imp spot, I will send Asad there. Rajesh asks how will I reach there, you have seen the security. Arvind says you get afraid, Bilal will help you, you will enter that place by his help, and about third spot, I thought something, I can enter Sinha house, but taking bomb there is impossible, even then bomb will reach there. He smiles.

Mamu invites someone in Swadheenta’s marriage. Arvind comes there with a big box. He greets Mamu and asks for Asad. Mamu says Asad went to get garlands, will you guys come on time. Arvind says we were ready, but we have to go Agra, its urgent, there is emergency, Rajesh’s mum is unwell, this is for Swadheenta from all of us. Mamu takes the box and says if you gave this to her, she would be glad. Arvind says we will try best to come, if you give this gift to Swadheenta and Adarsh by your hands, it would be good. Mamu says fine, I promise, I will give them personally. Arvind thanks him and goes. Mamu keeps the gift and goes.

Swadheenta sees the box and asks Mami who has given this gift, lets open it and see. Mami says you are still kiddish, don’t open it now, find out whose gift it is. She says there is no name tag. Appa comes there and asks Swadheenta did she not get ready till now, are you coming in marriage. Mami laughs. Swadheenta says its my marriage. Appa says everyone got careless, I will not go without having coffee. She asks shall I get coffee. Appa asks about the gift. She calls Mamu there and asks about the gift. Mamu says Arvind gave this, he said he is going Agra and will get late. She says I will open this. He says no, I promised him I will give this to you and Adarsh, keep this.

Swadheenta talks to Adarsh and shows the first gift. He says marriage did not happen and gifts started coming. He asks why did you not get ready. Jaya says this is 12th suit, now designer has no option. He covers the laptop. Jaya says move, I know who is on screen. She asks Swadheenta to help. Adarsh says her clothes are final, my clothes aren’t. He dislikes the suit. Swadheenta asks Adarsh not to worry, whatever you wear, you will look dashing. Adarsh and Jaya smile. Swadheenta is called to get ready and ends the chat. Mami asks parlor lady Jyoti to make Swadheenta ready and make a black dot behind her ear so that she does not catch bad sight.

Manohar comes and says I will make my Adarsh ready today. Jaya thanks him and goes. Manohar says I always liked shirts chosen by you Adarsh, you like this sherwani I chose for you. Adarsh thanks him and says I love you dad. Manohar says love you too.

Asad is in market and gets Mamu’s call. He says he is working hard, everything is done. Mamu says Arvind came, he said he is going to Agra, Rajesh’s mum in well, he gave a gift for Swadheenta, come home early if possible. Asad gets some scooty pic and says whats this. He gets Arvind’s call and asks are you not coming in Swadheenta’s marriage. Arvind asks him to help him and take the scooty’s delivery. Asad says what, are you mad, its my sister’s marriage, I have to reach there. Arvind says its imp. Asad says I would have gone if it was any other day, but not today. Arvind insists. Asad says fine, I will get your scooty, send me address. Arvind says fine, I will message address, if you say your name, you will get scooty. Asad says fine, I will take it, you try to come in marriage. Arvind says we will try. He ends call.

Arvind and his friends get ready in explosive jackets. Arvind says if police surrounds us, no one will be able to reach you, you will have bomb’s remotes, you can kill yourself, no one else. He looks at Bilal and wears the jacket. Bilal thinks I also have a remote, I can explode the bomb in these two guys’ jackets. Arvind tells Bilal that we will meet here. Bilal says we will be out of this country till morning. They smile.

Asad buys dry fruits and says I m superman. He recalls Mamu’s words to get big plates needed for shagun. He says I m idiot, I forgot the plates, what shall I do, I forget something always. He calls Arvind and gets his number off. He says those three are not reachable, what to do. He calls Mami and asks is Abbu there. She says no, why. He says I got all the things, just that plate is left. She asks him to call his friends. He says they went to Agra, door will be locked. She says maybe duplicate key is at home, come home. He says I will reach near home and call you. Arvind and the guys get ready. Arvind says mission started, lets go….

Asad goes to the flat and looks for plates. He gets a briefcase….. and opens it. He gets shocked getting some message. Arvind sees the bomb fixed in scooty’s tyre and says congrats for first spot preparation.

Written Update by Amena

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