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Dehleez 22nd April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swadheenta scolding Radhika for hurting Asad. She says once he gets fine, I will change his college, its useless to talk to you. Doctor comes and says we kept Asad in observation, injury is not much, but he did not get conscious. Radhika goes and sees Asad. She holds his hand and apologizes. She says I m sorry to become reason of your sorrow and accident, I could not say I m not doing engagement by my wish, Yash is not my choice, he is my dad’s choice, I love you a lot Asad. Asad gets semi conscious. She apologizes to him. She leaves his hand and walks away. Asad opens eyes and sees her leaving. He calls out Radhika…. She leaves.

Yash says I was finding you Radhika. She says I was here. He asks what was Asad’s sister telling you. She says nothing, we shall leave. They leave. Asad’s friend is angry and does not want to meet Asad, and says we will focus to come in college team, Asad’s family will take care of him. His friends leave.

Mamu, Mami and Swadheenta meet Asad. Asad jokes and says I feel I have hit car. Swadheenta asks him to keep quiet. Appa and Amma come there and ask is he fine. Asad says it was small accident, will I get discharge today. Doctor says yes. Swadheenta says no, keep him here for a day. Asad says I have much work. He gets a call from Adarsh. Adarsh says I got to know about your accident, are you fine. Asad says yes, I m getting discharge today. Adarsh asks him to take care. Mamu asks who was it. Asad says Swadheenta’s to be husband, my Jija…. He smiles. Swadheenta looks on.

Manohar asks Suhasini where are her bahus. She says I sent them on shopping. She sends servant to keep things in outhouse. Manohar asks her to go herself and arrange. Suhasini goes with the servants. Abhay and Jaidev smile seeing Adarsh practicing. Simmi and Jaya come home. Simmi greets Manohar and says I m so tired. Jaya asks about Suhasini. Manohar says she went to keep items in outhouse. Jaya worries and calls Jaidev. She asks can you hear me? She calls again. Suhasini reaches outhouse and says who locked this door, we will go from back door, whats this music playing inside. Jaidev goes out to talk. Jaya says mumma is coming to outhouse, if she sees Adarsh, then tomorrow’s competition….. Jaidev gets shocked and turns to see.

Suhasini gets inside the outhouse……. She sees Abhay dancing and stops the music. Abhay turns to her. She asks whats happening. Jaidev says mom, you here, I heard some music. She says look at him. Adarsh comes and asks Abhay what are you doing. Abhay says sorry, I had to practice. She says Bharatnatyam practice, why. Abhay says its Simmi’s wish, she has bet with her friend that I can do anything, her friend asked can I do Bharatnaytam, Simmi said yes and I…. She says ask Simmi to grow up, and when will you grow up, learn something from your brothers, I don’t know whats happening. She leaves. Adarsh hugs Abhay and thanks him. Abhay says I always get scolding, this is for your love, don’t lose. Adarsh says don’t know, I can lose Swadheenta and my hardwork can fail. Jaidev says you will definitely win. Adarsh thanks him.

Its morning, Swadheenta recalls Jeevan and Adarsh’s words. Asad walks behind her. He gives her aam papad. She says I don’t want. He asks her not to take tension, Adarsh is doing this for his love, one who walks on love path does not fail. She says I have seen an idiot, one who walks on love path meets with an accident too. She says I spoke to Radhika, I told her to be away, she troubled you right, now see she will not come infront of you, sorry if you felt bad. He smiles and says so it was freedom’s effect. He dances. She asks whats this madness. He says I m stretching, why will I feel bad, you scolded her, you did right, you can’t do anything wrong, I will leave. She says take rest, you did not recover. He says I have to go college, I have imp work, don’t worry about Adarsh. He leaves.

Radhika is at college. She cries and says I m sorry Yash, I don’t know what to tell you, why is this engagement happening, I don’t love you, and the one I love….. She gets Asad’s call and cries. Asad looks at her from far and asks are you crying. She says no, where are you. He says I m at home, I had to talk to you, can we meet just for 10mins. She asks where. He says amphitheatre, in an hour. She says fine. He smiles and says it means if my broken heart can get fine by my accident, thanks….

Adarsh and Jeevan greet Appa before the competition. Swadheenta, Mamu, Mami and Amma look on. Adarsh and Jeevan take their postures. Appa says Adarsh stood himself equal to Jeevan, by asking about this competition. Adarsh today there will be many things you won’t know, you have to do it, you have to dance right and exactly. This dance should be in sync, if anyone leaves sync in beats and steps, he will lose, Jeevan will be starting the competition, and Adarsh will become Jeevan’s reflection. Adarsh nods.

Adarsh falls down. Swadheenta looks on and gets teary eyed. Appa says its proud thing for me that both my students competed well, but there is always one winner, the winner is….

Written Update by Amena

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