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Dehleez 16th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhasini and Manohar meeting Bundelas. Bundelas introduce Radhika’s family. Vanshika comes and hugs Suhasini. Radhika’s dad and Manohar have a talk about Yash and they both agree that they can’t refuse Bundela. Suhasini apologizes to Mrs. Bundela again. She calls Manohar there. Manohar asks Bundela to come. Bundela says I know what is this all about, I trust you both, I hope Adarsh has no objection with this relation, and he really loves Vanshika. Manohar says ofcourse. Suhasini says Vanshika and Adarsh know each other since long, they love each other, don’t worry. She assures him.

Its morning, Adarsh goes to Swadheenta’s home. She says you here. Adarsh says I did not come to meet you. Appa asks who is it. Adarsh greets him. Appa says you might have come to meet Swadheenta. Adarsh says no, says I have come to meet you. He greets Appa. Appa asks him to sit on sofa. Adarash sits down and says no, I m fine, I was glad seeing you teach dance to your student, I came to ask can I learn Bharatnatyam from you. Mamu and Mami get shocked. Appa asks why. Adarsh says its good dance form, everyone should learn it. Appa says yes, one should learn it for 6 months, its good for body and health, but you have to work hard, can you give time. Adarsh says I have to, if I have to get my aim. Appa asks what do you want to get by learning Bharatnatyam. Adarsh says becoming your best student. Appa says I don’t have time, I came for competition. Adarsh says whatever time you sai, I will come. Appa asks Mamu, Mami, Asad and Swadheenta.

They all give their approval. Appa says fine, you have to adjust time with Jeevan, 12-1… Adarsh says 12-1, if its in late evening. Appa says no, just this time. Adarsh agrees. He gets a call. Appa stops him and says mobile is not allowed in my class, I want disciplined students who respect dance. Adarsh says I agree to all your conditions. Appa says these are not conditions, just discipline. Adarsh says fine, when is the dance fest. Appa says after 2 weeks, why. Adarsh says I will come tomorrow. He goes. Swadheenta stops him and asks what are you trying to do.

Adarsh says nothing, you explained me that Appa wants to get you married to his best student, Appa and you think Jeevan is his best student, I want to see is Jeevan really best. She says its not my swayamvar. He says yes, I want to prove your Appa hurried to find a groom for you. She asks him to stop this madness. He says you heard lots of my mad stories, I have to do bharatnatyam, so you relax, take care. He leaves.

Asad comes and says view is nice right. She asks why is Adarsh doing this madness, you look happy. He says this is not fair. She asks what. He says you chose your own way, he did not say anything, you made him just friend, he has bear it, if he wants to do this, why are you stopping. She says its limit, I don’t understand. Asad says maybe his madness teaches you something, you have all qualities, truth, honesty, ethics and morals, just Adarsh can add some madness in you. She says stop nonsense, I don’t love Adarsh. He says fair enough, do you love Jeevan… she asks how does it matter. He says it matters, you don’t know whats love, you tell me to forget Radhika, I try daily, its not easy, I would have done more mad things for Radhika, if I saw there is nothing between Yash and her, but… sorry, I m getting my sad angle in this.

Jeevan comes there talking on phone. Asad makes faces. He asks any new data. Jeevan tells about coolers dying and AC making the way. Asad says very interesting, I will leave. Swadheenta greets Jeevan. He asks how is Delhi. She says good, I came to become lawyer, I have become one now. He asks do you miss me, you never called me. She says I was busy. He says I thought to call you, then I thought Guru ji will feel bad, I missed you a lot Swadheenta. She looks at him.

Sinha family dines. Manohar gives a letter to Adarsh. He says you have meeting with minister at 12. Adarsh says 12…. Manohar says don’t worry, I will be there. Adarsh looks at Jaidev. Jaidev signs him.

Jaidev says dad I will come in meeting at 12, Adarsh has urgent work, Adarsh I want that report ready, don’t come out of your cabin, I don’t want anyone to disturb you. Adarsh says exactly, I have to finish that work. Abhay smiles. Manohar says if you both sorted this, I don’t have any problem. Everyone leave from the dining area. Adarsh thanks Jaidev. Jaidev says your love story is more interesting than Abhay’s, I think you should not let her go. Abhay says Adarsh can’t lose, he will win and blesses him. Adarsh thanks Abhay.

Swadheenta is tensed and Asad says you are worried, as Adarsh has his first class today at 12. She says what will I have to do with it. He says right, you go office. Suhasini calls her. Asad jokes and gives the phone. Swadheenta answers call and gets to know her dad is at office. Suhasini says your dad is infront of me, get the files. Swadheenta worries that Appa can tell about Adarsh. She rushes.

Suhasini asks Appa to have coffee. Appa drinks coffee. She says so you run Bharatnatyam academy. He says yes, I wanted Swadheenta to become Bharatnatyam dancer and run academy, she wanted to become lawyer, since I came Delhi, I wanted to see where she works and who is her boss. She says I hope you are not disappointed seeing my office. He says no, I got a student here in Delhi too who wants to learn dance. Suhasini says so soon. He says yes, he is govt officer, his name A… Swadheenta comes and greets them. She says Jeevan was asking about festival preparations. Suhasini asks is Jeevan your son. Appa says no, he is not my son, my best student, my to be son in law. Suhasini says oh really, Swadheenta did not tell me. Appa says I came to invite you for Swadheenta and Jeevan’s engagement, I have to go, new student has first class today, I told you, govt. officer. Swadheenta stops him. He goes. Suhasini congratulates Swadheenta for her engagement preparations. She asks her to prepare some files, its hearing tomorrow. Swadheenta goes. She eats aam papad and says why am I tensed. She sees the time and says its Adarsh’s class, don’t know what will he do.

Jeevan tells Swadheenta that after 12 days, its academy fest and our engagement, why is Adarsh in hurry. She calls Adarsh stupid. Asad pulls her leg.

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