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Dehleez 15th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swadheenta questioning inspector Balwinder. She asks was he there at blast site that night. He says yes. She says there was cross firing between you and terrorist, you lost the terrorist for some time after terrorist threw the smoke can. He says right. She says point to be noted, police lost him, how did you relocate him when there was lot of crowd. He says its written in reports, we heard gunshots and entered that building. She says terrorists run into an abandoned plot, no one went there. Suhasini asks what do you want to say. Swadheenta says if terrorists goes there to hide, why will he shoot bullets and get police attention, tell me, don’t you have answer, man shoots when someone is following or if danger is infront of him, there were two people in that building, the terrorist and the follower. Adarsh looks on.

Judge asks Suhasini does she have to say anything. Suhasini says I wish this story was true, police got just Asad there. Swadheenta says patience Mam, I will come at that point. Swadheenta asks inspector did you see Asad on blast site. He says we have seen him on terrace. She asks how did you believe he is terrorist, without arresting or questioning him, you have shot him, on what basis. He says his photo was circulated, he was wearing jacket. She says don’t know, I have seen his body, he did not wear any jacket. He says I mean he held the jacket in hand. She says Asad held jacket in hand, can you show how was he holding it, don’t worry, show me. He holds the jacket and shows. Suhasini asks what does this matter.

Swadheenta says it matters, I will prove it. She wears the jacket and asks judge can I call inspector. Judge permits her. Swadheenta asks inspector to hold her and gets away quickly. Inspector holds the jacket, as Asad caught Arvind and shot his jacket. She aims the gun, and asks inspector to freeze. Everyone look on shocked. Judge asks whats happening. She says look at him, how he is holding the jacket, note this, Asad held jacket like this. She apologizes to do this acting. Judge asks what do you want to prove.

She says this way the man can hold jacket, who was following the terrorist, Arvind has shot Abhay, threw smoke can and went to that building, Asad followed Arvind, tried to stop him and held his jacket, Arvind has run away after shooting at him, that’s why police heard the gun shots, now inspector can understand whom they shot. Swadheenta tells there were two guys at building, there were four guys at blast site, no one has seen that fourth guy, because that fourth guy wearing jacket was shooting at Abhay, he was Arvind. Suhasini says I appeal to court not to delay, court gave her 3 days for not delaying more, we want to know what happened new.

Swadheenta says new thing is its three to four guys now, now I will bring this fourth guy’s truth, that fourth guy was terrorist, Abhay’s murderer and he is Arvind, if police went there 2 mins ago, they would have got Arvind, its fate that police caught Asad and shot him, he was not just my brother, he was country’s son, if Asad is regarded culprit, then this will be slap on every guy’s face who regards country as their home, his soul is appealing for justice and his father’s name to get cleared, his father is not a terrorist, I will clear the stain on his name. Mamu and Mami cry. Adarsh, Yash and everyone look on.

Swadheenta meets Yash after the hearing and says I will find Arvind anyhow, I doubt about your statement, are you thinking its strange, that I m informing you, I m Asad’s sister, we are mad, we don’t backstab, I say on face, I will expose your truth in court and infront of the world, remember this. She goes. Manohar and Suhasini come there.

Suhasini says I trusted you as you were with Abhay, I hope facts are right, I m doubting on reports now. Yash says all facts are true, Swadheenta is making a story, truth won’t hide. Manohar says we have to make Swadheenta’s mouth shut soon. Yash asks him not to worry. Suhasini says this is not just a case, but a justice fight for Abhay and innocent people who died that night, whoever wins the case, truth should come out. Minister calls Manohar. Manohar says I will come there. He tells Suhasini that minister called, I will meet you in evening, I think its something imp, come Jaidev.

Minister shows committee report to Manohar. Manohar asks to whom is this related. Minister says you and me, since your bahu took this case in hand and said Asad is not a terrorist, pressure formed on us, we had to take an action, so we have made a committee find out, Ravi and Rajesh got killed in bomb blast, they had no records, they are regarded terrorists, but Asad and Haider’s proofs to be true and good Indians are plenty which we can’t deny, its written that maybe system did a mistake, force has shot a wrong guy assuming him to be terrorist. Manohar and Jaidev get shocked. Minister says if world knows this truth, that system did big mistake, your suspension is definite, you can fall in trouble, its 125 crores on stake, we can say truth or hide the system’s mistake. Manohar asks Jaidev to go home, I will come later.

Later at night, Jaya asks Jaidev how was your day. He says it was hectic, there were two meetings, with team members and minister. She asks what meeting. He says regular. Manohar calls Jaidev and says I have taken a decision, minister is saying right, we have to cover this up. Jaidev says fine. Manohar says you know what you have to do. Jaidev say yes, I will manage. He ends call. Jaya shows a black thread and says I got this for you from temple, this thread will keep you calm, will not let you deviate from right path and give you strength to walk on right path. She ties the thread to his hand. Jaidev feels guilty. She asks him not to remove this, my angry young man.

Suhasini tells Simmi that hearing went well, decision will be taken in few days. She says but I have seen on tv. Suhasini says I told you not to watch that. Simmi says sorry, I saw Swadheenta taking Arvind’s name. Suhasini says even if Arvind is found, it won’t take long. Manohar comes there. Simmi leaves. Suhasini asks him about meeting. He says it was good. She asks any special reason. He says no, just like that. She says I m tired, I will get tea. He thinks I have to hide this truth from Suhasini, minister is right to do anything to cover up system’s fault.

Swadheenta sees the news. Suhasini tells Swadheenta that they are not our enemies, you are seeing all the evidences are against them. Adarsh looks on.

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