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Dehleez 14th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with FB showing… Suhasini telling Abhay that naveen Ahuja came. Abhay says why did he come. She says to talk about proposal. He says Simmi is nice girl. She says I agree, but family matters, family is very bad, girl’s education is imp too, our family and her family have lot of difference, do you know what he told me in office, meet Ahuja and put an end to it. He agrees. She says trust me, I will get a lovely girl for you. Fb ends.

Abhay says that day I went to Ahuja to end all that. FB shows Abhay meeting Ahuja and asking did you go to mom’s office. Ahuja says yes. Abhay says I told you I will talk to mom and dad. Ahuja says I just went, she refused. Abhay says yes, she would refuse, I did not talk to her and you went with shagun. Simmi hears this and asks Abhay what did your mom say. He says actually, mom liked you but… She asks did she refuse for our marriage, Papa said he spoke everything, then how. Ahuja says let me talk, Suhasini would not know by shagun sweets, my everything is yours. Simmi holds her heart and gets attack. Abhay and Ahuja get shocked. Abhay asks Ahuja what happened to Simmi. They hold Simmi. FB ends. Abhay says Simmi got attack for the first time. Ahuja tells them that we got to know that Simmi’s heart is weak, and any shocking thing can take her life.

FB shows Simmi asking Abhay what happened to me. He says nothing, you took stress. She says you were saying your mom is not ready for our marriage. Abhay says yes, but you don’t know what I told mom, I said I will just marry Simmi, else I will stay a bachelor all life, you get well, we will marry whenever you say. She holds his hand and asks sure. He says sure. She asks today? Will you marry me today? Please…. I will never ask anything from you again. Ahuja asks her to get fine, then they will talk. Simmi says please, tell Abhay, do you love me. Abhay nods and says yes. Simmi happily cries. Ahuja gets touched seeing their love and cries. Abhay hugs Simmi. FB ends.

Abhay says that moment made me realize how much I love Simmi, I was afraid thinking I would lose her, I married her and reached home with her. FB shows Abhay and Simmi coming home after marriage. FB ends. Abhay says if I did not marry Simmi that day, don’t know what would have happened, I did not wish to lose her, and took that step. Adarsh and Jaidev hear him. Adarsh says we felt you are youngest in our house, you are eldest, you are hero, we are proud of you. Jaidev asks Abhay not to cry, we are proud of you. They hug Abhay. Adarsh says cheer up, Simmi will be fine. He goes to Ahuja and says its our duty to make Simmi accepted as Sinha family bahu, I m sorry to lie yesterday. Jaidev asks lie? Adarsh says yes, Simmi said true that Swadheenta and I were in Faridabad, Swadheenta and I lied, she did not wish my relation with Vanshika to break, I promised dad that I will marry Vanshika, I don’t love her.

Abhay says you don’t love Vanshika, it means you… Adarsh says I love Swadheenta. Jaidev says that day we came to talk to you. Adarsh says I was telling you, but dad came and asked me something for the first time, I could not refuse him. Jaidev says even I could refuse him five years ago, I could not say I don’t love Jaya, I love someone else, I did mistake for mom’s sake, you are doing same mistake for dad, don’t do it Adarsh, we all will talk to dad, I will talk to dad and convince him, you just tell me, does Swadheenta love you… Adarsh says I don’t know, whether she loves me or not, I did not tell my feelings to her. Abhay says Simmi is here in this state because of your lie, you lied to everyone, you are saying Swadheenta does not know this.

Jaidev asks do you trust us Adarsh. Adarsh says yes. Jaidev asks will you do what we say. Jaidev and Abhay ask him to confess his feelings to Swadheenta right away. Adarsh runs smiling. He drives the car and recalls Abhay’s words. He recalls Swadheenta and smiles. Jiya re…..plays………. Adarsh reaches Swadheenta.

Adarsh sees Swadheenta putting grains for the pigeons. He runs to her and greets. She says you here at this time. He says yes, this place is perfect, Lord is witness and even these birds understand lovely words. She asks what do you have to say. He says don’t you think we lied to each other. She says I just lied once so that there is no problem in your and Vanshika’s relation, I kept my friendship. He says this is biggest lie, our friendship, I tried to convey my feelings by many ways, you kept lock to your heart, then a time came that I agreed to marry Vanshika to make my dad happy, I prayed to Lord to help me to forget you, but when I went to forget you, Lord made me meet you, I know you don’t regard me anything more than your friend, I tried to find my happiness in it, think Lord wants us to be together, I understood it today, maybe you will also understand it one day. She looks at him and asks did you come to say this from so far.

He says no, I came to say we lied a lot, I want to start to say truth, you are not my friend, I always followed you and will follow in future too, Swadheenta I love you…… jiya re……plays………….. She looks at him. Pigeons fly away and scene looks beautiful. He says I love you Swadheenta.

She says come with me. He asks where. She says my home. She holds his hand and takes him home. They go upstairs to the terrace. Swadheenta’s parents are there. Mamu welcomes Adarsh and says Swadheenta you got him here, very good. She introduces Adarsh to her parents. Adarsh greets them. He thinks she got me to meet her parents directly, great, I was worried. Mamu says Adarsh is additional director in home ministry, he is Asad and Swadheenta’s friend and helped them many times. Swadheenta goes to Jeevan. She introduces Jeevan. Mami says Jeevan is Swadheenta’s fiancé, they will be married in few days. Adarsh gets shocked. Swadheenta looks at him. Adarsh gets upset and shaken up.

Swadheenta tells Asad that Adarsh proposed me. She says I took him home and made him meet my parents and Jeevan. Asad asks what. Adarsh and Swadheenta see Jeevan performing bharatnaytam. She praises Jeevan.

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