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Dehleez 13th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhasini apologizing. She says Ahuja, even after I refused, Manohar tries to make you part of this family, he always did wrong, even today he did wrong, I m telling you infront of everyone here, I m asking you not to be seen inside my house, you stay away from this house and its happiness, be away from Adarsh’s engagement and any function of Adarsh and Vanshika’s marriage, you won’t be part of it, Simmi can keep this envelope in plate, but you have manufactured this. Bundelas look on. Suhasini asks Ahuja to leave. Ahuja leaves. Simmi cries and holds her head. She gets dizzy. Abhay holds her and takes her away.

Its night, Jaya asks Jaidev do you believe now that Adarsh is happy with this marriage. He says yes. She says he wants to marry Vanshika, Swadheenta also said Adarsh was just helping her, there is nothing between them. He asks her not to drag it, and says sorry. She asks why do you get wrong meaning, I did not get say to make you say sorry. He asks can I sleep now and goes to sleep.

Suhasini recalls the incident. Manohar comes and says Ahuja is our Samdhi, the way you… She says you regard him your Sandhi, I can’t, after what he did in the gathering, he did not realize what can his doings affect Adarsh and Vanshika’s relation, our respect and Bundela’s respect, its good Swadheenta came and said truth, else don’t know what would have happened, I did not say that in anger, I believe that till that man comes here, something wrong will happen, Naveen Anuja since he came in our life… He says please…. She says our youngest son, most innocent one, since he got married, he argues with me and supports Simmi. She cries and says I can’t bear this, we lost our son, all because of them. He asks her not to think this.

Simmi argues with Abhay. Abhay says you and Papa did mistake today. She asks what your mom did was right? She argues and cries. He says when mom is ready to accept you, why did you do this. She says its not my and my Papa’s mistake. He gets medicines. She refuses to have medicines and panics. He says even I felt Adarsh and Swadheenta have something in between, but they said truth today. She says I don’t know why are they lying, you all always regard me and my dad wrong, I won’t talk. She cries. He asks her not to overthink and sleep. He sits by her side and worries for her health.

Adarsh gets Ahuja’s call who asks him to meet. Adarsh says yes, I will come in morning to meet you. Its morning, Swadheenta comes to Suhasini and asks you called me. Suhasini says it was embarrassing what happened in gathering yesterday. Swadheenta says no need to say anything. Suhasini says I m grateful that you said true boldly, thanks. Swadheenta says its fine, can I go home soon, my parents are coming from Chennai, its Bharatnatyam festival happening in Delhi, my dad runs Bharatnatyam academy, so my dad is coming to participate. Suhasini says sure, that’s fantastic, by the way you did not say Adarsh came to Faridabad. Swadheenta says we got busy in case, so I did not get chance to say. Suhasini says fine.

Adarsh comes to meet Ahuja. Ahuja says I don’t know why you said that yesterday, I want to end this matter, these are more pics of you and Swadheenta, its my mistake, I should have not taken my and Suhasini’s revenge ahead, she can keep animosity, but my daughter is there in that house, she will have to bear this. Adarsh says no, I will explain mom, there is nothing like that. Ahuja says you explained it before too, but my mistake spoiled it, I called you because I want you end Simmi and Suhasini’s distance, I promise I won’t do anything to embarrass you. He folds hands. Simmi comes and asks what are you doing Papa…..

She asks Adarsh what are you doing here. Adarsh says Simmi…. Ahuja says calm down, I called him. Simmi says why did you call him, Adarsh is cheating his mom, Swadheenta lied, you all insulted my Papa. Adarsh asks her to listen. She says they always insult my Papa. She panics and faints. Ahuja holds her and calls Abhay, saying Simmi got attack again. Abhay asks what, she did not take medicine at night, take her to hospital, I m coming. Ahuja says fine, I will come there. Adarsh talks to Abhay and asks him to inform home, and get everyone there. Abhay says no need to tell family, you take Simmi to hospital, I will reach city hospital. Jaidev hears this and asks Abhay who is in city hospital. Ahuja lifts Simmi and takes her. Adarsh says I will get the car. They take Simmi to hospital. Abhay and Jaidev come there too. Jaidev asks Abhay whats all this, I have been asking you on the way, you did not answer, will you say something. He asks Ahuja what happened to Simmi, why are we not informing anyone at home. Ahuja cries. Abhay gets teary eyed and looks at them.

Ahuja says Suhasini is already unhappy with this relation, will we tell her that her bahu has a weak heart. Adarsh and Jaidev look on shocked. Ahuja says I m ready to give away all my money, just Simmi should get saved. Abhay says Simmi will get fine, doctor said this. Ahuja says doctor are saying this since one year. Adarsh says wait, you know this since a year and did not tell us, even Abhay, don’t you trust us and mom dad…. Ahuja says its not about trust, some relations start wrong, that it can’t be made fine, maybe this relation had a wrong start, I went to Suhasini as a girl’s father, I met her at her office. FB shows Ahuja taking shagun for Abhay and Simmi’s relation. Suhasini says we did not meet your daughter, we told Abhay that this relation is impossible, but I m saying this to you now. He asks why is this impossible, I m Naveen Ahuja, I m rich and have big name. She says I read, Noida’s fraud builder, will you please excuse me now, I have hearing in some time. FB ends. Ahuja cries. Adarsh looks at Abhay.

Adarsh tells Swadheenta that he loves her. Jiya re……plays………… He says I love you Swadheenta. She looks at him.

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