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Dehleez 12th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Asad knocking Swadheenta’s door. She asks don’t you sleep, are you owl. He says I was sleeping, your owl woke me up and teases her. She says you are owl, not him. he says I have become your messenger. She asks why did he come at night. He says go and ask him out. Swadheenta goes to terrace and meets Adarsh. She hugs him and asks whats the matter, you came here at this time. He says its something imp. She says you look angry, what happened. He says don’t you know, what happened between you and mom, you thought I won’t know, you lied to me that Guru ji has allergy with whiskey, I told Jaya and Jaidev to take care of that, but you embarrassed mom and tested her. She says but whiskey was served to Appa. He says you can’t blame mom for that, bartender served the whiskey by mistake.

She says I did not embarrass Suhasini, she had no answers when I asked her. He says mom had answers, she did not say anything as she did not wish to create a scene, she booked the dancer, see this card, and she invited Ahuja as I requested her to accept Ahuja, she has called everyone in rahukaal time as she wanted everyone to be together, she organized all this, you should have cross checked before putting allegations. She says I felt…. He says you felt wrong, you know mom is hurt and annoyed, she asked me to stay separately with you after our marriage, not with them. He holds her and says after marriage, relations should get stronger, not break apart, understand this please.

Asad is on phone call. He sees Swadheenta upset and ends call. He asks did any fight happen again. She says no, go and sleep. He asks why did he come at this time. She asks him not to think of that. He asks why is she tensed. She says I m not tensed, just go. He says I have no respect, one day I will go so far that I will never come back. She asks him not to say such words, else she will beat him. She says sorry, and sends him. She thinks of her allegations and recalls Adarsh’s clarifications. She says I made a big mistake…..

Allan Broad asks Manohar how did he come at this time at night. He checks the papers, and is this papers fine. Manohar asks him to sign it, papers are fine. Broad asks is this lawyer related to you, Suhasini Sinha, you are also Sinha, I heard a lot about her, she is a big lawyer. Manohar says she is my wife. Broad says one side is system and other side is law, I can sleep peacefully now, I will get freedom. Manohar takes the signed papers and leaves.

Its morning, Suhasini and Manohar have a talk over tea. He asks did you talk to Adarsh. She says yes, maybe Adarsh spoke to Swadheenta, what about your meeting. He says yes, he signed on papers, he agreed as he wants his freedom, its win-win situation for him, as law and system are on his sides, I wonder whether we are doing right. She says this is the only way for multiple charges case, we have to lessen each charge slowly, like we got his terrorism charge removed, its about your career, and 1100 crores…. He says not just 1100 crores, thanks…

Swadheenta greets Mamu. Mamu tells about Allan Broad. She says he is a big terrorist, how did he bail like this. Mamu says they are saying he is not a terrorist, don’t know whats happening in system. She says some people can’t be wrong, not system, someone will file PIL case against him. Mamu says I will file PIL/Public-Interest Litigation if no one does, its my daughter’s marriage next week. She asks will you do it? he says I m thinking, time moves on and makes history. I don’t want coming generation to see this time and read that a terrorist was saved this way, this failure is not of govt. or system, its failure of every citizen, I m just doing my duty. She says fine, I m with you. He asks promise. She says yes and smiles.

Swadheenta hears elders talking and planning things. Amma says I think we should meet Suhasini and plan everything. She asks Swadheenta to call Suhasini. Suhasini thinks I blamed her yesterday, how shall I talk to her now. Amma asks what happened, call her….

Swadheenta says her phone is not connecting. Amma says fine, we will call her later. Swadheenta thinks to meet Suhasini.

Swadheenta goes to meet Suhasini at her office. Suhasini gets surprised and asks her to come. She says I was seeing jewelry designs sent by Revathi, tell her its beautiful. Swadheenta says I will tell Amma, everyone is busy in arrangements. Suhasini says I know, everyone is excited at my home too, especially Jaya. Swadheenta says I m sorry for what happened yesterday, I may have misunderstood you. Suhasini says relation started with allegations. Swadheenta says it was my mistake. Suhasini says you are part of this family, welcome to this family. Swadheenta says I want to become part of your family, a good bahu and wife, I hope you will forgive me. Suhasini says everything is set, and smiles. Swadheenta says sorry, I will leave. Suhasini asks her to tell Revathi about designs. Swadheenta says sure, I will tell Amma. She leaves.

Arvind talks to his chief and says I will tell you about spot and date till evening. Asad comes and asks whom were you talking to. Arvind turns and starts stammering. He says no one. Asad says lie, I heard you saying, and wait, I felt you did not stammer. Arvind and his friends worry.

Arvind tells his friends that he got spot and date too, 1st June. His friend says Swadheenta Didi’s marriage is on 1st June. Arvind says she is not our Didi, there is no relation, blast will happen on same date. Adarsh and Swadheenta spend time.

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