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Dehleez 11th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swadheenta confronting Suhasini. She says I was nervous before coming here today, after much problems, I was thinking what will happen, many things happened in last few days and counts everything… she says you accepted Ahuja suddenly and invited him in anniversary party, Appa performed for your happiness, as you called for some Bharatnatyam dancer who did not turn up, so he performed in the party, he was very much hurt that day, I called Jaya and spoke to her, she said you did not call any dancer, you lied, you invited Ahuja to create an issue, I was analyzing and found the connection, I learnt law from you, I learnt joining links, you said truth can be found by person’s eyes, when it was decided engagement will happen, I did not see happiness in your eyes, I know you don’t like me for Adarsh, I will do anything for Adarsh, I realized love for the first time, I will not wish to lose it at any cost, Adarsh respects and loves you a lot, I will not tell anything to him, I can’t see your and his relation spoiling, he is your son, think about him, I promise I will become such bahu which you wish to get for Adarsh. She asks Suhasini to come, everyone is waiting for us in engagement.

Suhasini says sure… and goes with her. Ahuja congratulates Adarsh and Swadheenta. He greets everyone. Pandit asks Adarsh to make Swadheenta wear the ring. Adarsh and Swadheenta smile. He makes her wear the ring. They have an eyelock. Swadheenta makes him wear the ring. Music plays……….. They smile. Everyone clap. Swadheenta looks at Suhasini.

They take elder’s blessings. Suhasini does not seem to be happy. Pandit tells the marriage date mahurat after 10 days, that’s 1st june 2016. They all smile. Guests congratulate Adarsh and Swadheenta. The lady congratulates Suhasini. Adarsh thanks Suhasini and hugs her. Suhasini is angered and can’t accept this….. Arvind stares at Manohar and minister.

Later at night, Swadheenta comes back home and recalls talking to Suhasini. She thinks Mam did not react anything, I hope everything is fine. Asad asks her to come. Mami stops Swadheenta and says I have to get bad sight off you, you looked beautiful in engagement. Amma says I will get the plate. Asad asks Mami to take off bad sight from him too. Mamu pulls his ears and says 45% marks in 12th, you went for graduation on Swadheenta’s insistence, what great thing did you do. Asad says I m your son, I will do great work that my name will shine across the country. Mamu asks when will you do that, move now. Mami does rituals to get off bad sight from Swadheenta. They all smile.

Swadheenta gets message from Adarsh. He writes Mr Sinha loves you Mrs. Sinha. She replies Mrs. Sinha loves you too. Asad comes and teases her. He says I have seen just now, Mr. Sinha’s car took entry here. She asks are you sure. He asks her to go. She asks will you manage at home. He says no one will know. She says you are cheap, but very cute, don’t check my phone again. She goes and meets Adarsh. She sits in his car and they leave.

He holds her hand. Saawali si raat ho….. plays………… He kisses her hand and on her cheek. He asks her to kiss him. She kisses on his cheek and they smile. They have panipuris, ice golas etc…. They sit in public transport and roam around the city. They spend some time together. He hugs her and they smile.

Manohar and Suhani have a talk. She says Swadheenta is a nice girl, she said she will not spoil our relation with Adarsh, she is nice girl, but a bad lawyer, she does not know losing a truth moment will lead to making it a lie, she lost a chance, I did not. Adarsh comes home. She looks on and says I will talk to him.

Adarsh asks did you call me mom. She says yes, sit, I m happy engagement ceremony went on well. He says me too. She says I decided something, did Swadheenta tell you anything to avoid whiskey for Ramakrishnan, he has allergy? He says yes. She says Swadheenta told me that he is a regular drinker. He says but she told me that he has allergy to whiskey. She says I feel Swadheenta is doubting on me, that I m against this marriage, and planning against her, she said calling Ramakrishnan on rahukaal time was my planning. He holds his head. She says security checking is a procedure, she said I did this by planning. He asks did Swadheenta say this. She says she said I used Ahuja against Ramakrishnan, and Bharatnatyam whom I booked for party and got cancelled, she said there was no booking.

She says I want to clear some things, this is that artist call, you can call and cross check, about accepting Ahuja, you all request me always, its last marriage in our house, what beautiful chance can be there, Jaya gave instructions to bartenders, if anyone did mistake and served to Ramakrishnan, then he has drank whiskey and nothing happened, why am I blamed. He says you don’t need to give explanations. She says I need to explain, I could explain Swadheenta too, there were guests in the middle of the ceremony, how can I argue if she blames me, you can understand, we accepted Swadheenta because of you, she is a nice girl, so I decided, you both stay in separate house after marriage, move out of this space. He asks what are you saying. She says its not easy for me, but this will be for everyone’s happiness. He says I won’t shift, if Swadheenta said this, she is wrong, I m extremely sorry. He says you don’t need to be sorry, this misunderstanding should get cleared. He says it will get cleared, I will talk to Swadheenta tomorrow.

Swadheenta asks Adarsh why are you angry. He asks what happened between you and mom, you lied to me that Guru ji has allergy with whiskey. She gets tensed.

Written Update by Amena

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