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D4 Get Up And Dance 8th June 2016 Written Update

Amar and Sonam wrestle with each other outside, while Mikhail knocks the door from inside calling Baby to open the door. Sonam says that she is Baby, she won’t open the door because she got mad in Delhi. Mikhail warns Baby and Amar to open the door, else their bones won’t be find till tomorrow. Sonam suggests Amar to hide in Harry’s room.
There, Baby comes to Harry on the beach and demand how he can be Rohan and that with Nehtra as well. Harry was excited to see Baby walking, it means Mikhail was right that she will be fine. He wonders why she didn’t believe him. Baby questions how he can betray his friend. Harry says if he doesn’t do this, he will lose academy; he is saving his future. Baby says Soul Mates is his future, he wants to come to International stage through this show. She is here to make him successful. She says he doesn’t know his friend at all, Mikhail started with a scrape and got this all only because he never stop dreaming. Now Harry wants to steal this from him, he isn’t worth calling his friend. She leaves.
Baby reaches academy, she asks him to say yes to Soul Mates and she would open the door. He asks if she is black mailing. Baby says no, he must calmly think that with Soul Mates he can also save his academy. This is his last chance, he must not say a no for it. Mikhail was silent, Baby was concerned and as soon as she unbolts the door Mikhail leaves the room. Baby follows him to his bike, apologizing for everything she ever did. She now realizes how much problems he had to face because of her, she never wanted bad for him. She requests him for a single chance to prove this. Mikhail pushes the accelerator of his bike and leaves.

PRECAP: Mikhail was dancing, Baby comes there, he holds him up. Baby says someone told her to lose only after trying, then she will be sure if she would win or lose. Mikhail gives Nehtra the academy, Soul Mates is his. He makes up with Harry, but then Dia leaves their side. Mikhail was worried if they both keep on fighting this way, how he would do Soul Mates.

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