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D4 Get Up And Dance 14th June 2016 Written Update

Mikhail finally gets up and asks for Baby’s hand to dance, they come on stage and dance together. Mikhail kiss the back of her hands and asks how the date was. Baby says it was really nice. He offers to drop her home.
Mikhail comes to academy, thinking about his dance with Baby. Baby’s words about love echo in his mind, he repeats them. He recollects his own actions, he wonders he can’t see her with someone else like Tarun, can’t spend a day with her too. He gets on the floor and asks himself if he has fallen in love with her, then denies it. He gets water for himself, her words still echo in his mind. He clutches his bike’s keys and reach Baby’s house; the room lights were switched on. He thinks about knocking at the door, then avoids.
Sonam asks Baby what he said. Baby says Harry didn’t come to her, instead Mikhail came there and dropped her home. Sonam cheers it was Mikhail and Baby’s date. Baby calls it a chance, he actually came to scold her. Sonam says Mikhail actually came to check on her, besides Dia Mikhail was also jealous. Baby throws a pillow over her saying there are no such signs about it. Sonam insists there can be no more signs than this. Baby asks her to first concentrate on the show, else she will be distracted, so first Soul Mates. Sonam says Mikhail is her Soul Mate. Baby tells her that not thinking about Mikhail is really difficult for her, she opens the window saying it seems he is still here. Mikhail drives away then.
Mikhail comes knocking the door and calls Harry out. Harry opens the door. Mikhail asks him to come out, else he will die. Harry says he just had a patch up with Dia, can they speak tomorrow. Mikhail asks what if he die till tomorrow, Harry feels helpless. Outside, Harry yawns saying its 3 am and he has been staring at him. Mikhail asks Harry if he ever shout at Samantha, the college girl. Harry says they used to drink together, but never shout. Mikhail then asks if Harry every heard the word, love from him. Harry says Mikhail isn’t the love type. Mikhail asks if he ever had a heart break. Harry says he never loved, yes he was a bit sad about Nehtra’s breakup. Mikhail asks if he ever fall jealous. Harry says jealousy is about those who love, if he saw Dia who was dying of jealousy? Mikhail says alright and tells him to go home, throwing his bike keys at him.
In the academy, Dia reminds Harry’s promise about outing a few days ago. Harry asks when and where? Dia shows him an advertisement. Harry promises to take her after class.
Baby comes to academy calling Harry and Dia. Mikhail tells her they had a patchup and are happy together, she must focus on her dance. He says today they will do the sequence in which Rohan tells her about his feelings for the first time. He kneels down while Baby was close to him, he says Rohan tells Aneri, I love you. They both share an eye lock. Mikhail says each of his heartbeat contains her name. Baby asks what Aneri says? Mikhail asks what she says. Baby swirls around him, gets closer again saying I love you too Rohan, since when she came to know about love she has only loved him. He is the meaning and name of love, but she… Rohan hushes her up, holds her high forbidding her to speak any further; just feel the moment in which there is he, she and their love. It has no past or future. They set apart. Mikhail complains she missed the beat. Nehtra watched this with tears in her eyes.

PRECAP: Nehtra calls Baby’s father complaining that Baby is chasing Mikhail and made their breakup. Mikhail tells Baby to go home and get ready with her bag packed, she is going with him in an hour. Baby comes ready from her room cheerfully as Mikhail arrives to pick her up.

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