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Code Red 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update

Kabir gets to learn about an incident exactly where the baarati’s have died on account of taking in / ingesting a thing that was poisonous.

Gauri’s House, Aaundhi Village, Bihar:

Gauri’s brother has long been arrested. His spouse is in tears considering a similar. Gauri’s partner disconnects her phone again. Her SIL calls Gauri’s in-legislation Nonetheless they cut the decision between.

Kabir satisfies the Inspector (Yadav). He tells Kabir that Gauri’s brother (Sarju) is arrested. Somebody has fed a little something toxic to all the baarati’s. Gauri’s bhabhi arrives running to the law enforcement station. She requests the Inspector to leave her spouse as He’s innocent. Everybody in the village also thinks precisely the same. She’s about to say anything but Inspector doesn’t Enable her. He tells her to head out. Inspector is additionally irked with Kabir’s interference. Yadav calls the minister. The doubts are actually proper. But don’t get worried I will manage every thing.

Kabir relates to Sarju’s household. He fulfills Sarju’s spouse. Notify me what you recognize, probably I can help you then. She shares the Gentlemen of this village don’t do everything. Gals do each and every work of your house and out of doors. They just drown on their own in the Alcoholic beverages.

Flashback: Gauri’s mom doesn’t mind the concept of her husband consuming. She advises a girl, who continues to be overwhelmed by her husband, to Enable her spouse drink. They wont go anyplace this way. Gauri and her SIL are heading to their dwelling from work. Gauri’s SIL tells Gauri not to inform her brother know that they received the day-to-day wages currently. Several fellas tease Gauri even though They can be coming back. Gauri’s SIL (Jamunia) stops her from reacting. Sarju asks his spouse for some cash. She offers him and he goes to drink Liquor along with his friend. He talks to his friend / uncle regarding his nephew who remains to be unmarried.

Sarju returns household drunk during the night. He shares with Jamunia that he has achieved a guy these days, a prospective groom for Gauri. Jamunia will get joyful and so does Gauri.

Gauri’s household fulfills Sushil’s family. Sushil is really a line gentleman. The households approve the match and do the cheka these days alone.

In the evening, Gauri phone calls Sushil. They converse hesitantly and happily. Gauri cuts the call when he tells her that he does drink alcohol at times (at times). Sushil wonders what he mentioned Erroneous. Subsequent working day Sushil follows Gauri but she refuses to talk to him. Gauri refuses to marry a man who drinks alcohol. Jamunia much too supports her. Gauri doesn’t want her lifestyle to become like another Girls of the village (hell). Her brother suggests you will have to just take A further delivery if you want such a gentleman yourself. On the next working day Sushil follows her once again. She tells him Plainly that she doesn’t want to marry someone who beverages in the slightest degree. He agrees to give it up for her. She delivers him to the temple and he vows prior to the Lord. She feels shy when he asks her if he need to convey the baraat.

Sarju provides alcohol with the baraati’s. Jamunia is irked in excess of the issue but he wants to take care of the guests nicely. He vows not to drink on her D-Working day as she is like his daughter. Gauri and Sushil get married. Sarju serves liquor to Anyone. He excuses himself as it truly is his sister’s marriage currently. I have stored a fast. He has also referred to as an area dancer to entertain the attendees. Sushil’s good friends inquire him to consume alcohol but he declines. Gauri is glad to view it. The guests start off emotion belly ache.

Current: Jamunia agrees that Sarju is really a drunkard but he dint do nearly anything Mistaken. This has took place right before too (handful of months back again). Kabir points out which the Females are also Improper. You need to do every thing inside and outdoors your house however , you don’t end your partner’s from consuming. No-one else will appear to change this situation from you. You’ll have to do it by yourself. He asks them with regards to the store from where by the villagers obtain alcohol.

The store is shut. Kabir overhears a handful of folks speaking about Gauri’s damaged marriage. Many of us are sitting at another facet and so are ingesting. Kabir clicks their Photograph. Someone pats at his shoulder from guiding. They concern Kabir who he is. Kabir demonstrates his ID. They tell him to prevent clicking photograph. Delete all the pictures you’ve got clicked. Kabir does as He’s explained to. The most crucial guy advises him to stay clear of this issue around he can or he can’t even Believe what he must bear.

Kabir fulfills Inspector Yadav. He tells him that as per the put up-mortem report the deaths have took place due to the Alcoholic beverages. The distillation wasn’t finished right. This gets poison if the amount of chemical Utilized in earning It isn’t appropriate. Everything has actually been published while in the post-mortem report but you haven’t taken any action. The principle door has been closed but nevertheless somebody is selling it from the corner. Inspector Yadav offers excuses. He blames Sarju for it. it isn’t certain wherever he has brought that specific ton from. Kabir understands it that he is not all set to do his obligation adequately but I’ll do mine. He leaves. Inspector Yadav phone calls the minister. Remember to maintain your manufacturing facility shut for a couple of days. against the law reporter is pursuing this story incredibly closely. He asks him the main points with regard to the reporter. They finish the call. The minister phone calls another person. Kabir’s boss phone calls him inquiring him to come back asap. They can be incredibly potent individuals. I don’t choose to place your life in danger.

Kabir is in dilemma. Sakshi (host) reminds him of The larger goal. For those who unravel this thriller then the culprits and these persons will be worried. The death toll will cease. Kabir is undecided if he is at the appropriate track but Sakshi assures him that he’s heading in the right direction. One move can unravel every one of the matters.

Kabir satisfies Sushil. They mention the incident. Sushil says I really like Gauri a lot but the specific situation at my dwelling is basically tensed right now. I am unable to come to any choice. Kabir reminds him that he has married Gauri lawfully. If you allow her then her lifetime will probably be ruined. I would like your assistance as I want to learn more about the incident. Sushil tells him where by the Liquor is created. It belongs to minister Chandrabhan. It really is quite challenging to really do one thing about them as These are strong people today. Kabir says very little is hard.

Kabir begins monitoring Minister’s pursuits and what happens within the manufacturing unit in which Liquor is produced. He collects lot a lot of proofs / pictures by putting his lifetime in possibility. But a person has been keeping an eye on him too. Some male hits him on his head the moment he walks out of the manufacturing facility. Blood oozes away from his head. It is similar dude who experienced threatened him previously. You will find extra those with him. they all beat Kabir with sticks. The man breaks Kabir’s camera way too. Kabir passes out.

Jamunia is passing by from a bridge when she notices Kabir lying unconscious. She gets fearful. Kabir gains aware. He is at Gauri’s home. Jamunia presents him his damaged digicam. The chip is intact. Persons (Guys) Assemble exterior Gauri’s dwelling. They demand from customers the ladies to ship that stranger gentleman outdoors your home. You can’t preserve any male within your home If the husbands are usually not all over. Sushil comes forward. This can be my residence much too. I’m the man of the dwelling. You fellas need to be ashamed of you. That person has arrive here to assist us. I am alive below on account of Gauri as she experienced explained to me never to consume or I as well would have been dead by now. The Adult men refuse to hear him. we’re listening to you Because you are now a relative. The protest against his ideals but Gauri takes over. You Adult males only want funds to drink Liquor. You don’t operate or manage your home or households. You dint appear ahead when my brother was arrested. You fellas only learn how to protest for no motive. She addresses the Girls much too who get overwhelmed by their drunk husbands. Guys tease ladies far too. They may anyways die inevitably should they go on their ingesting patterns. There is only one Answer to this issue. Alcohol has destroyed our husbands and our lives. They ought to be closed down. Her mother and all the opposite girls agree together with her. The women head in the direction of the Alcoholic beverages manufacturing facility. In the meantime Sushil provides a notebook for Kabir. Kabir masses the images.

The Adult men for the manufacturing facility run away scared as being the Females come there with hearth sticks. They set the pots on hearth.

Sarju returns dwelling with Kabir. He many thanks Sushil. They share a hug. Sarju apologizes to his spouse. Sushil also apologizes to Kabir I wouldn’t happen to be ready to consider this step when you had not taught me.

The accused had been arrested and also a charge sheet has become submitted versus all of these. Chandrabhan was faraway from his submit and so was Inspector Yadav.

Desi liquor is obtainable in just about every corner of our region. This may be very cheap, unlawful and faulty. So Many of us are dying because of it however the regulation hasn’t taken any significant phase from it.

Govt is carrying out its bit but just one will have to also recognize that each Adult males and women need to share the responsibilities in their home together. Raise your voice against what you find Mistaken. It’s possible your voice can in fact lend a voice to someone therefore you may be able to assistance them.


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