Chandra Nandini 20th October 2016 Written Update

Chandra Nandini 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandini 20th October 2016 Written Update

Padmanand sees Nandini in his room in dasi outfit n asks why are u here. Padmanand walks in rajdarbar in presence of all rajkumars,Chandra remembers his first meet with padmanand n memorises his gurus words that his aim is revenge from magad, padmanand welcomes all rajkumars n says today the winner will marry my daughter Nandini,Chandra sees her n says this dasi oh she is Rajkumari.gautami asks who is maliketu,Nandini shows him, Gautami says wow he is very handsome,padmanand says so the challenge is the one who defeats my son will marry my daughter, Rajkumar says this is not possible no one can defeat ur son he is very good in Talwarbaji, padmanand says strategy matters more than strength n in my view I would like to have maliketu as first challenger.

Chandra says I’m parvatak maliketu,padmanand says Kumar why don’t u take ur fathers blessing n calls his father in darbar( padmanand with Nandini,Nandini tells him she finds Rajkumar maliketu very suspicious, n while doing so raja parvatak meets padmanand n tells him that unfortunately his son couldn’t make to padmanands invitation)

Raja parvatak says this boy isn’t my son,Chandra says yes I’m not maliketu,padmanand my intelligent daughter already had found ur truth, Amartya says soldiers handcuff him, padmanand says stop don’t attack him,he is here for challenge right,go son u punish him,Chandra takes a sword too, dharam says u have invited u death n both start takwar Baji,Gautami says no one can defeat my husband, padmanand notices Chandra giving tough fight n Chandra defeats dharam.

Whole darbar stands in surprise,Chandra says thank me I didn’t kill ur son,Nandini says God how did he defeat him,Chandra says so I win this challenge but I’m not here for marriage, padmanand says handcuff him,Chandra look at Nandini,Avantika takes her away, padmanand says no one will move now,he insulted me n so he will be Pumished n starts hitting Chandra,Chandra doesn’t move n says I will repay every single hit,padmanand says put him in jail n hit him till he reveals his true motive.

Soldiers hit Chandra n drag him to jail,mora sees him,soldiers throw him in front of her n says till maharaj makes a decision rotten here n leaves, Chandra in pain starts saying oh mother,mora feels his pain n walks to him with water n takes him n her laps n asks why are u beaten what u did,Chandra remembers her n says padmanand is cheat n in pain says ma,mora says u missing ur ma,Chandra says when my baba use to hit me my mother use to treat me similar way u are treating me,mora says I’m ur ma too have some water n cleans blood on his face.

Gautami eating laddus n says God that poor boy so badly,Nandini says what bad he is cheat,Gautami says I’m talking abt ur brother but that boy he won, u shd have married him,Nandini says if I could I would have killed him,Gautami says soon this hatred will be in love, like me n ur brother,Nandini says don’t compare my brother with that cheater.

Mora calls for help n says look u killed him,a soldier try to check him sees his dead (Chandra holds his breath n as per his guru taught snatched a khan jar from soldier while hitting him) Chandra kills that soldier,mora gets very impressed,Chandra disguises as that soldier n says u he,led me like my ma Didi come with me,mora says u go my son will come n take me here with all pride u go,Chandra says sure but ur son will do come to take u, give me ur blessing n touches her feet,mora blesses him, mora feelings a strong connection .chandra leaves

Nandini n Avantika being groomed by dasi, Avantika asked them to leave n says Nandini that boy was brave,Nandini says he is cheater, Avantika says Nandini ur father has just put u under a wring image,Nandini says ma my father is the best why u always do this to him,Nandini n Avantika change,n they are informed that the terrorists has escaped.

Chandra enters Nandinis room where Nandini n Avantika are present.

Precap : Chandra has sword on Nandinis neck,padmanand says dare u hurt her,Chandra says if u want her alive step back.

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