Chandra Nandini 19th October 2016 Written Update

Chandra Nandini 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandini 19th October 2016 Written Update

Nandini walks to parvatak( it’s Chandra dressed as parvatak), Chandra thinks abt Chanakyas words saying parvatak is called magad n so u will go on his name, Chandra has stolen the invitation from parvatak, Nandini says friend this place isn’t for u, u are being tricked here, have u seen Nandini p, she is so fat n ugly,n handicapped too and her kundali signs death of her husband,n see I’m ur well wishes n I don’t want u to die so I’m telling u,now ur wish n leaves with his friends.

Chandra thinks this must be from enemy side I need to go n check on them. Nandini n her friends start laughing,Nandini listens footsteps n removes her sword,it’s Chandra,Chandra asks what’s ur name n remove ur fake moustaches n reveal ur true face, both get into sword fight,Chandra while attachking, removes her turban n fake moustaches n sees her face,Chandra surprised to see a beautiful lady,n walks away.

Nandini stops him n point her sword at him n says fight I haven’t given up yet, Chandra says I don’t attack on women, Nandini says this is magad n women don’t just work household here,p n attacks Chandra,Chandra holds her sword bare handed n his blood drops on nandinis forehead n her hair gets stuck on Chandras dress n tries to escape,Chandra says u won’t leave until u tell me the truth,Nandini says I’m Rajkumaris sevak she asked me to do so bcoz she isn’t ready for wedding n runs away.

Chandras friends tease him. Gautami n nandinis friend make fun of Nandini, Gautami says so u married ur man, look u have sindoor,Nandini says I had this while fighting,friends says its mailketus blood n let me tell u bhabhi they were so close while fighting,Nandini says enough of it. Chandra says I’m going magad for my goals n not for Nandini.

Amartya welcomes all Rajkumars, Chandra recognises him,Amartya says u all have to come over this loft on water. Nandini says stops helping me get ready n go check I’m sure there must be 14 men n not 15, mailketus must have runaway,Gautami counts them n says there are 15 mins look I see parvatak mailketu too,Nandini checks by herself, n says God how did he come back.

Mailketu in ashram n says I need to go to wedding, n magad will be mine, I shdnt listen to acharya but I shd I leave, Chanakya asks what are u thinking mailketu,come with me I have a work for u,mailketu thinks this man has made me a slave where I have to be a king.magad Pujari shows Rajkumars a tour of whole palace, Chandra starts looking for all places very carefully n slowly sneaks out n starts looking for secrete locations, nandini keeping an eye on him thinks why did he go in wrong direction n asks dasi to give her clothes.

Padmanand asks Amartya who do u think is right choice for Nandini,Amartya says today’s Naksha is very good n if a couple gets married today they will live forever together. Amartya says even the couple are different they will have to be together, Chandra sees Nandini behind him. Amartya says the couple if love each other will kill someone n if they don’t love they may even kill each other, padmanand says interesting.

Nandini asks Chandra why are u here when u have been told princess isn’t ready,Chandra says I’m here for magad n not Nandini,I’m here to study this palace, Nandini says I think u haven’t heard abt padmanand n his strength n anyways u shdnt be here,Chandra says I lost my way plz help,Nandini shows him direction n hides but Chandra walks his own direction.

Precap: padmanand with Chandra in swayamvar challenges Chandra.

Written Update by Tanaya

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