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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Chanakya says in courtroom that yes it was regarded that Ashok’s mom, a person got to realize that Ashok and Dharma are related so he attacked Dharma and everybody including me considered that Ashok’s mother Dharma has died, Ashok was not listed here and i needed to give her royal treatment so i questioned Bindu to complete her previous ceremonies, Bindu claims when Ashok utilized to inform me about his mother, i accustomed to feel that Dharma is a great deal like his mother, Ashok says I used to be unhappy that my mother experienced died but Bindu supported me At the moment and we received near, Chanakya says then i bought to realize that it had been Khurasan who was powering All of this, he made an effort to get rid of Dharma 14 several years back again, then i got to are aware that Dharma is alive, i hided her to keep her Protected, she wanted to be near Ashok so i brought her in palace and appointed her as Subhrasi’s Savika, she was here from that point, Subhrasi says to Dharma that if i understood about you right before then i wouldnt be purchasing you as servant, you have got looked after Drupat like mother, i am sorry for not recognizing you, Dharma says i needs to be sorry to hide real truth from you, Khalatak claims its distinct that Dharma and Ashok hided their id as their lives had been in danger, but how Niharika bought to know about Dharma? Chanakya suggests Khurasan is accountable for it far too, on vat savitri celebration, Bindu saw Dharma and Khurasan bought to find out about it, he was concerned that if his fact comes out in open up that he made an effort to eliminate Dharma then he will be gone, he wanted to complete Dharma, he thought that if he destroy betrayer of Magdh then he will likely be rewarded so he utilized Niharika to show Dharma as betrayer, Subhrasi says but Niharika gave proofs in opposition to Dharma, Chanakya claims initial evidence was that Dharma’s anklet was present in flammable palace, it had been for the reason that Khurasan was powering her and he or she was running from there, second proof versus her was that Dharma killed charu’s servant but its not true as that time Dharma was with me in Vann, 3rd proof was that Dharma is living in palace and setting up in opposition to royal family members, she was below but Khurasan was at the rear of her, she was here as I believed This is often safe put, Khurasan’s soldier fatigued again and again to eliminate her, Siamak had found his soldier at the rear of her far too, Siamak suggests Certainly i some khurasani servants seeking to catch a Girl but i saved her, Sushim says should you understood almost everything then why you didnt inform us All of this ahead of? Chanakya suggests due to the fact i didnt have proofs versus Khurasan, i wished to deliver his serious facial area infront of Bindu, Chanakya states Ashok didnt even know about real truth of Dharma, he went o Champanagri and obtained to understand about fact of himself and Dharma, he cameback and tried to tell almost everything to Bindu but I ended him as we didnt have proofs to show Dharma innocent, then we designed plan to trap Khurasan in his personal entice, Ashok acted like he is well wisher of Khurasan and he is likely to make him meet up with Dharma, we held Khurasan managing powering Dharma, then on Bindu’s birthday, Khurasan came nose to nose with Dharma, he made an effort to eliminate Dharma and Ashok as he bought to understand about AShok’s real truth way too, then Bindu arrived there punctually, Khurasan made an effort to get rid of three of these but Bindu caught him, all are stunned to hear this, Ahenkara suggests Niharika have cheated me, why did she try this? the place is she? Bindu says i didnt want To achieve this but she attacked me and as a way to help you save Ashok, i had to eliminate her, Ahenkara is stunned and says maa cant go away me such as this, she cries, Ashok is in tears way too, Charu check with servant to take Ahenkara from here, Ahenkara depart with servant, Bindu suggests nowadays what ever took place And just how Chanakya informed all the things, after that fact is evident, i haven’t doubt now, my son Ashok and my spouse Dharma wasn’t linked to any conspiracy, Bindu states i announce my son Ashok and my wife Dharma as innocents, they are free of all costs, Siamak smiles, Helena, Charu, Noor are tensed, Dharma smiles at Ashok, Ashok hugs her Fortunately, Lal mere performs, both are joyful, Bindu smiles viewing them, Chanakya and Radha are happy as well, Helena chants that Queen Dharma and prince Ashok are excellent, all chant at the rear of her,Bindu will get up from throne and concerns Dharma and Ashok, he seems at Dharma who emotionally seems to be at him, Bindu lengthen his hand, Dharma smiles and retains his hand, Tumhi toh mere they, tumhi toh mere ho performs, Bindu can take Dharma to throne and phone calls Ashok also, Ashok operates and hugs Bindu, Dharma hugs him far too, Bindu suggests to Dharma that it is recognized actuality that you’ll be most cherished wife of mine but i married Charu before you so your position is going to be less than her, you’ll be my 2nd wife, he says to Ashok which i is likely to make you meet up with your brothers, he can take AShok to Sushim, Ashok attempts to hug Sushim but sushim exhibits friction, he then seems at Bindu and hugs Ashok in anger, Ashok then relates to Drupat who happily hugs Ashok, Drupat normally takes Ashok to Siamak, three of these hug and smile, Bindu makes Ashok stand beside Sushim and says from right now This is certainly your place, Bindu says to Chanakya which you on my birthday you might have supplied me new lifestyle, Chanakya suggests no your adore for Dharma has designed All of this achievable, Khalatak suggests until betrayer doesnt get punishment, Justice isn’t concluded, khurasan is brought in court, Bindu suggests We now have rule that betrayer of royal loved ones or betrayer of Magdh is presented death sentence, and Khurasan is betrayer of royal spouse and children so i order to hang him to dea.. Dharma stops him and suggests no, all glance on.

PRECAP- Ashok says to Helena that i didnt know you will love me so much, Helena says you have to see much more, Ashok hugs her. Helena says to Nicator that Chanakya will try to show Bindu that how much Ashok is like him but i will show Bindu how much Ashok is unlike him, how much he differs from his personality, the Ashok who has united his parents will become reason for their split too.

Written Update By Sahir


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