Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat written update

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th June 2016 Written Update

Ashoka is holding her shoulders to keep her safe while she is holding back so as to avoid holding him. They get up feeling awkward. Ashoka asks Kaurvaki where she is headed to. She says Patliputra. He offers to drop her till there personally by boat. It is the easiest way to reach there. Kaurvaki feels it is her Ashoka only. I will find out today.

Charu brings something for Bindu. She is all decked up today. He is surprised to see her there. She says I am your wife. Don’t I have a right to look after you? He nods. She gives him the glass but makes sure his hand touches her. He loves it. She asks him about her. What do you think about me? He smiles. You are my first wife, the mother of my eldest son. You will be beautiful no doubt. She asks him if she only looks good or very good. He keeps the glass down and walks out of the room while she continues talking. She is unaware and asks him to tie the thread of her blouse. She is hurt to realise that he has left the room.

Dharma shoves her hairs behind. Drops of water fall on Bindu’s face as he enters in the room just then. he is mesmerised by her beauty. He touches her hand. Romantic music plays as she rests her head on his chest. You here? He replies that he dint wish or had strength to stay away from her anymore after all these years. She turns to look at him. He caresses her face sweetly. He makes her wear that ring. She smiles at him recalling how he gave it to her earlier. He says after getting you again I feel like going away from the world, where there will be no one except the two of us. She replies that she does not feel that way as her world is here. They share a hug. Charu looks at them from outside. She looks upset and jealous.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki are in the boat. They are quiet but keep peeking at one another. She thinks if he isn’t the one then why she feels that ways. Why am I pulled towards him? Hey Shiv Shambhu, I haven’t asked for anything in these 10 years from you except Ashoka. If it is Ashoka then give me some signal. She catches a glimpse of the necklace around his neck and then it comes out free because of the wind. She smiles and says Ashoka. Ashoka gets conscious. She looks away though. He compliments nature. She thinks he is worried about nature. He cannot see that his Kaurvaki is right before his eyes. I felt that is my Ashoka. It dint lie. Dint he feel his love around him? When I sensed his presence then did he not feel it? Did he forget me or our love in these years? No, I don’t want to even think of it. She asks him if he is married. He ends up smiling. She says there is nothing to smile. He denies. I am not married. She says not marriage literally but the kind of marriage relation which we share with someone but it isn’t real. That kind of marriage! He thinks of their childhood marriage. What kind of a question is this? She says let it be. My question is senseless. He says we will reach there soon. She looks at him with a sad face. He gets down first and ties the rope of the boat to a stone. She thinks he hasn’t changed at all. Only your love has changed which is why you couldn’t recognize your Kaurvaki. She stands but the boat begins to shake. He offers her his hand. She finally keeps her hand in his and comes out. He holds her as she was about to trip. They share an eye lock. Garud neighs distracting them. Ashoka says our journey ends here. Your way will be different than mine from here on. She thinks this journey would have ended in his eyes, but you are my destination. No one can stop me from reaching my destination. Come what may, Ashoka and Kaurvaki will never go away now.

Ashoka talks to Garud. You know I have to fulfil my promise and mission. I cannot risk Kaurvaki’s life. She is following him at a distance. He stops realising the same and finds her standing behind him as he turns. She hides a smile. They think of a similar incident in their childhood. He says you dint give up on your habit of following him. She asks him when she did so. He realises what he just said. She reminds him that he was also doing it in the jungle. I asked you about your marriage so I can know if you will be able to help me or not. You only said that you will help me. It is ok if you had a change of heart. Don’t worry about me. I will eat something from the trees if I get angry. It will be my fate if it turns out to be poisonous. If any animal eats me up then it will be his luck. I will die only. He says it is enough. Come along till we are out of jungle. She smiles. I got a chance to be with him. He will recognize me soon. He asks her if she said anything. She shakes his head. He warns her to be careful. Any problem can come up. We never know what can happen. He falls down in a pit just then. She laughs at him. He asks for help. He tries climbing up but is unable to do so. Only I can get you out of this jungle so help me. She makes him say it like a request. He complies. She extends her hand to pull him out but ends up falling on him only. They share an eye lock. Garud neighs. Ashoka and Kaurvaki think he had to come now only. He asks Garud to help them. They climb up using the rope attacked to his neck.

Sushim is at tantric’s place. Where are you? Tantric steps out from the river. Sushim looks at him unhappily. You only stay busy in your power and vidya. You told me if I give myself to devil then I will become stronger than 100 men. Everything will bow down to me. Do you remember it? Ashoka is alive and successful too. His mother and brother are back in the palace stronger than before. Daasi Dharma warned my mother! Everything is slipping out of my hands like sand. Ashoka is still not back yet this has happened already. What will happen if he returns? Tantric tells him not to blame him for his defeats and weakness.

Kaurvaki asks Ashoka where he is going. He says to my destination. She asks him about it. He says it is to protect my mother and motherland. She points out that their motive is same. Why don’t you accompany me to Patliputa? He thinks of Bindu banishing him from patliputra. I wont go there. She says why. You have to go to your home if you have to fulfil your dream. He replies that his dream cannot fulfil from where his father lives. He snatched my dream from me in childhood. It is the responsibility of a father to guide his son but my father. She adds that he punished you. He got angry and did what he did. Aren’t you doing the same? If he dint do the duty of a father, then are you doing the duties of a son? He says it isn’t as easy as you think. I am upset with my father but there are many negative people living there. I wont imagine going there till I kill them. She calls it his thought. Honestly, you should be there only, near those negative people so you can keep an eye on them. it will make your work easier. You can punish them by staying near then. You have to be in the competition to win it. You have to be in the warzone to win a fight. If you really wish to do something then you will have to control your aggression. Stop acting like a kid after growing up. What is more important for you – your arrogance or motive! He retorts that it is actually about the person who was his ideal, who never trusted him and always insulted him and his family. he punished us for no reason. you wont understand. I am getting late. You can allow me to go if you wish. She says who am I to allow you to go. He turns to go when she acts to sprain her leg.

Tantric says you cannot think of my powers. I can give you power but I cannot guide you when and how to use it. I turned you into devil from worst. I have done saadhna for years for the same. You had 10 years for it but you dint utilise it well. I had predicted that this is the perfect time for you. Everything will happen as your wish. Is it my fault if you dint utilise it? You were so helpless before your father that you couldn’t do anything to Ashoka when he was banished. Time changes. It never stays same. It was your time till tomorrow, not it is Ashoka’s time. Time has changed now. Ashoka dint come back but it does not mean he wont come back. He will be back soon and this time, time will support him, not you!

Precap: Ashoka runs in the jungle. I am leaving you at this point Kaurvaki but I am following your words and headed on the right path now. A soldier comes to Bindu. He is seeking permission from Rani Dharma to enter in Patliputra. He is calling himself Rajkumar Ashoka. Everyone is surprised.

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