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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Ashoka thanks and apologises to Drupad for helping him. What were you doing here at this hour? Drupad calls it injustice. When Siamak bhaiya can come here then why can’t I? Ashoka is surprised. Drupad shares that he saw Siamak bhaiya coming from here. He looked worried for some reason. I see no way from here. Ashoka asks him to come back here with some soldiers asap. Drupad leaves.

Ashoka goes inside but finds no entrance. He hears the sound of someone screaming loudly. He shifts one shelf which opens the secret passage. Ashoka is shocked to see Kasturi.

Mahamatya is glad that they exited from the other side. I sensed someone else’s presence from where we entered. Sushim says you worry unnecessarily. No one knows of that secret passage.

Ashoka asks Kasturi what happened to her. She speaks of Acharya Chanakya, death, Rajkumar but dies. Drupad reaches there with the soldiers. Ashoka notices the snake coming out from the bag. He tells Drupad to stand at his place. Drupad looks scared. Ashoka tells him to trust him. I wont let anything happen to you. He picks up the snake with his sword relieving Drupad. Drupad wonders if Siamak Bhaiya was worried because of the same snake. Ashoka sends him to his room along with two soldiers. A soldier gives him something. They are clothes (of Acharya Chanakya maybe). He thinks of Acharya Chanakya and Kasturi’s deaths.

Siamak is glad that Kasturi’s chapter ended finally. She went to her favourite Guru. Helena turns to go when Ashoka enters there. He looks pointedly at all of them. this is the second time that after someone else’s death in this palace you all hava gathered, as if to celebrate something. Helena acts all shocked. Whose death? Ashoka asks Siamak to answer. Siamak acts innocent. Ashoka takes Kasturi’s name. She died in the same room from where Drupad saw you elaving. Tell me what you know of Acharya Chanakya’s killers? Charu leaves from there. Helena asks him what he exactly wants to say. Have you lost your head after becoming the Yuvraj? Mahamatya asks him to say what he saw.

Dharma is talking to Bindu. Ashoka does the same when he is angry. She is about to feed him food when Charu comes there. Ashoka is hitting Siamak. They all rush out to see what’s happening.

Ashoka refuses to call it a coincidence. The day I announced to look for Kasturi, someone killed her. Siamak was seen coming out from the same area where we found Kasturi. Helena tells him not to blame Siamak for what his mother did. Siamak angrily replies that Ashoka’s mother only pushed his mother to become a traitor. They both have snatched all our happiness since they came in our life. Sushim BHaiya is right. Father made a Daasi his Rani and Ashoka is the end result of it. Ashoka slaps him. Bindu calls out his name. They all help Siamak stand. SUshim tells his father that Ashoka hit his younger brothr. Don’t you feel ashamed? You have become arrogant after becoming a Yuvraj. Don’t forget that even a Samrat cannot torture people for no reason. Bindu says I cannot believe Takshshila’s victory will affect you (Ashoka) like this. You promised me of something a while ago and now forgot all about it? Ashoka says a lot happened in this little time. I told you I am trying to find the culprits of Acharya Chanakya. Before I could track Kasturi, the killers killed her, that too inside the palace. There is so much security yet this happened! Bindu and Dharma are taken aback.

Acharya Radha Gupta checks Kasturi. She died because of poison. She was held captive here for very long time. Dharma shares that she has bene worried of Kasturi’s absence since she came back. Ashoka tells that he and mother could not tell him (Bindu) that someone from the palace is involved in Acharya’s killing. Siamak asks him why he is blaming him for it. Ashoka clears that he isn’t blaming him. I only asked you if you know anything about it. Radha Gupta asks him to speak up if he knows something. Siamak lies that he came to take a book from here. Sushim raises a doubt on Ashoka. Why he only got all the clues? Maybe he only did all this and is blaming us. Maybe he killed his Guru to get the throne. Ashoka angrily asks him how dare he blame him for something liek this. Sushim asks him if he can blame them. Bindu pulls them away. If you will continue to fight like this then how will you save yourself from the enemy. The guy who sacrificed his life for the dream of united India. I have no doubt now that whoever did this is related to some member of the royal family. only that person can know of this secret passage who knows the palace well. I will find out about that person at any cost now. Radha Gupta points out that it isn’t a single person. He shows them the clothes and dagger. Bindu does not mind it. I will find them all. Acharya’s killers are free. This is a shameful thing for me and Magadh! He asks Mahamatya to anoucne a prize. Whoever gives us any info on Acharya Chanakya’s death will get money. He asks Radha Gupta to activate all his spies. I will punish the culprits with my own hands. He leaves followed by Dharma. Ashoka glares at Sushim. Radha Gupta takes him out.

Bindu asks Dharma why she dint share it with him before. I could have done something. She says sorry to him. I got worried for Ashoka. I was warned. If I say anything to anyone then they will kill our son. He assures her that no harm will come to her and Ashoka till he is alive. She also apologizes from Ashoka’s behalf. Bindu says I understand his closeness with Acharya. He needs to control his anger though. His way was not right. Citizens only see the actions, not motive. She says Ashoka does not know how to behave royally and follow the customs. You can guide him better. Bindu agrees. I too haven’t spent much time with him. I will guide him. I know where he will be right now.

Helena is irked that no one listened to her. I told you to kill Kasturi. Charu asks her why she dint kill Kasturi then. They all counter each other’s thoughts. Mahamatya reminds them of what Bindu said just now. How will you fight with the enemies if you fight amongst yourselves?

Ashoka is crying as he sits nears the sandals of Acharya Chanakya. I couldn’t save you even after being your disciple.

Siamak is sure Ashoka has a doubt on him. I wonder what Kasturi would have said to him before breathing her last. Helena says Ashoka would have directly gone to Samrat if he had a doubt on him. Sushim warns him not to be so scared. Your fear might prove his doubts true. Helena knows anyone can go against them for the prize money. There are many Kasturi’s here. Who all will we kill? Charu has a plan. We will have to completely surrender ourselves completely though.

Precap: Charu tells a plan to her allies in mute. Bindu and Dharma are sleeping at night. Someone comes in the room holding a dagger. He stabs Bindu. Acharya Radha Gupta, Ashoka is shocked to know something.

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