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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th April 2016 Written Update

Kaurvaki is in disbelief. How can you be thankless to him? He helped you get Kalinga back. Jagannath tells Kaurvaki that they lost Kalinga because of the Maurya’s only. There is no need to be thankful if we got it back with their help finally.
Don’t give him so much importance that everyone stops to mean something to you. You have anyways sinned. She is shocked. He says you sinned yet you don’t realise. You gave our ancestral thing to Ashoka. You might not respect our traditions but we follow them diligently. She reasons that guests are respected. This is also the tradition of Kalinga. I cannot understand how and why my idol (Jagannath) has changed so much. I understand what happened with you and Kalinga but what about the fact that Ashoka saved me many times knowing my truth. I betrayed him but he still continued to help me. He freed you. We went to Patliputra because of Ashoka. We were given so much respect there. You insulted Ashoka. He risked his life for you to Kalinga back. I thought you were different from others but also turned out to be the same. He slaps her. Leave before I forget that you are my daughter! Kaurvaki goes.

The battle continues between Unan and Magadh. Sushim gets hurt by an arrow. Everyone gets concerned for him. Siamak smiles to see him fall down.

Ashoka joins Acharya RG and Nayak. Acharya RG asks him if he met Kaurvaki. Ashoka says she is not in her room. Nayak says she might not be able to face you after her truth came out. ashoka is sure she isn’t like that. They leave. Kaurvaki runs to Ashoka’s room holding a box. Her mother calls out after her but in vain. Kaurvaki finds Ashoka’s royal clothes and ornaments there. She cries realising how hurt he must have been by her father’s deeds. She begins to go out when Jagannath orders the soldiers to block her way. She glares at them so they give her way. Jagannath gets angry. Kevalnath says that isn’t needed. Ashoka has already left. Kaurvaki wont be able to reach him.

Siamak says we should not stop. They have attacked my brother. Keep attacking! Nicator sees Siamak in place of Sushim. Sushim is out of the battle now after getting injured. Mir adds that only Bindu is left now. We will win once he loses. Siamak shoots an arrow near Nicator and Mir’s horse. It has a paper attached to it. mir realises that this is probably the map of the new tunnel. Nicator is glad that they found the perfect way to enter inside the palace.

Charu is sitting next to an unconscious Sushim. Raj vaid shares that he got hurt at the same point where he was hurt last time. The wound is deeper this time.

Bindu and Mahamatya are confused to see the army backing down. They wonder if they found some other way to enter inside the palace or other place to attack on them. Siamak asks for more soldiers. I will go through the new tunnel to bring our army. Bindu is impressed. Siamak says when Ashoka bhaiya can do it then why can’t I do it as well. Bindu allows Siamak to go.

Kaurvaki runs after Ashoka. She drops the box and calls out after Ashoka. They all hear her and are surprised. Acharya RG nods at Ashoka to go. Both Kaurvaki and Ashoka run towards each other. She shows him a necklace. He says I did not realise when it came off. He extends his hand to take it. She asks him why he left suddenly. He says I was worried about Patliputra. She reasons that he could have told her atleast. We have spent so much time with each other that we understand what the other is feeling. I know the reason behind you suddenly leaving. I am ashamed because of what my father did. I am sorry. He says our relation is beyond sorry and thanks. my work here is done. It is time for me to leave. She says we still need to do one thing. you will have to come with me to the ancient temple of Mata before leaving for Patliputra. He happily agrees. She gives him his clothes. He looks confused but she calls it their tradition.

Siamak and the soldiers are coming from one side while Mir, Nicator and Unani army come from the other side. both the sides come face to face. Mir is surprised to see someone from the other side killing the soldiers of Magadh. Nicator smiles proudly at Siamak. They hug him one by one. Mir says I am proud of you Siamak. You did so much in such small age. Siamak wants to seek revenge for his mother and Justin. Nicator assures him they will do it.

Kaurvaki’s mother tells Jagannath that Kaurvaki left after Ashoka with the box. Jagannath realises she must have gone to the ancient temple. It means she wants to be married to Ashoka in her heart. I wont let it happen.

Siamak asks Mir to hit him. Everyone should think I fought bravely with you. Mir hits him. They walk back towards the palace.

Ashoka asks about the importance of the temple. She shares that every wish comes true in this temple of Mata. He is surprised that she believes in it. She says I have begun to. He asks her about it but she takes him inside. They go inside. Jagannath is on his way to the temple. Kaurvaki points at the line etched on the ground. Whoever comes here should be pure hearted. One cannot lie here. Priest asks them to take a thread out of the pot. They pull out one thread only. It means some new chapter is about to begin in your life. Tie the thread outside one a tree. Your wish will come true at the right time. Kaurvaki and Ashoka go out. they walk around the tree while holding onto the thread (like pheras). She prays that Ashoka should be her life partner in her every birth. Jagannath reaches the temple. Ashoka and Kaurvaki ask one another what they wished for. She is waiting eagerly to tell him but says one thing still needs to be done. Our motto will be accomplished then only. Jagannath calls out her name. She looks tensed.

Precap: Jagannath tells Ashoka that his mother only deserved to be a Daasi. You too are a Daasi putra only. Ashoka angrily holds his neck. Kaurvaki tries to free her father but Ashoka is angry. She slaps him. Leave right away. On the other hand, Nicator comes to Bindu while pointing his sword at Siamak’s neck. What do you want – son or throne? Bindu drops his sword.

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