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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Kaurvaki stands in front of Ashoka’s aim. I heard that you are very much good in weapons. Did I hear it wrong or have you failed? He is angry. Move aside or you will get hurt. She instigates him to do it. You got distracted seeing a girl? What will people think of you? Think about it. It is about Magadh’s pride now. Ashoka’s determination is restored. He hits at the scarecrow perfectly this time. Kaurvaki smiles seeing his aim. The problem is neither in the weapon or your motive. It is about your concentration. He talks about obstacles. She asks him if his focus is on them or on how to clear them. if you focus on the latter then you will find a solution at any cost. He knows what he has to do to fulfil the dream of united India. He leaves to meet Acharya Radha Gupta.

Dharma paces in the corridor. She knocks at Bindu’s door.

Charu says Samrat’s anger will calm down. You (Sushim) have to make Ashoka negative in his eyes. Mahamatya tells them about Ashoka’s private meeting just now. A flashback is shown. A Daasi tells Ashoka about Dharma’s doubt on Acharya Chanakya’s death. She had asked Kasturi to find some clues on the same. But she is missing since many days. Ashoka says we must find her at any cost then. She might know something important. The traitor is also there. He decides to alert Mahamatya. The flashback ends. Sushim is sure it is impossible for anyone to reach Kasturi.

Another flashback is shown. Charu talks to Sushim about Acharya Chanakya’s death. Kasturi hears them. Sushim notices someone hiding nearby. He pretends before his mother that something fell because of the strong wind. He stealthily hits at the pillar. Kasturi gets hurt. Flashback ends.

Sushim says Kasturi is our guest now. She has so much security around that neither can anyone reach her nor can someone track us through her. Sushim comes to a secret room where he kept Kasturi. She says Jai Janani but then he ties her hands and mouth. Rajmata asks them why dint they kill kasturi. Charu points out that it was about a night before Sushim’s Abhishek. It might have been a danger for us. Helena tells them to finish that work now. Hope we don’t get late.

Kasturi struggles with the ropes. She manages to free herself. She runs away. Sushim is shocked to see the door open. Kasturi isn’t there. She ran away!

Ashoka notices Dharma still outside Bindu’s room. She asks Bindu to open the door but he tells her to leave him alone. She leaves sadly. Ashoka is hesitant to knock at his father’s door. he finds Kaurvaki standing behind him. I did not want such a situation to arise. This has never happened before. Father always shares his worries with mother. Because of me! She says any father will be upset to see his sons fighting like this. Be assured, everything will be fine. He only wants to apologize to his father. She has an idea.

Sushim cannot understand how Kasturi fled from the spot. Helena is worried what if she reaches Ashoka, Dharma or Bindu. I wanted to go meet my father but we have to do something about Kasturi first. His last wish will be unfulfilled today.

Kaurvaki brings Drupad to his father’s room. It is your birthday tomorrow. you should ask for your gift. Drupad wants a tail like Hanuman ji. He knocks at his father’s door. Ashoka peeks on from far.

Kasturi comes to Dharma’s room but she isn’t there. Sushim and his allies continue to look for her.

Bindu declines to talk to Drupad. This isn’t the right time. Kaurvaki again asks him to knock if he wants the gift. He nods. He knocks again at the door.

Kasturi hides as she hears someone coming in the room. Helena does not see anyone in Dharma’s room. Sushim notices Dharma in the corridor. They both stop at the same time. Dharma turns to see if there is someone but Sushim hides by then. Kasturi sees her leaving. She hides when she sees Mahamatya there.

Dharma comes outside Bindu’s room. She asks Ashoka what’s happening. He shares that Kaurvaki is trying to make father open the door. Dharma stands next to him. Bindu again asks Drupad to come at the right time. Drupad says sorry to him. I will never knock at your door again. He turns to go when Bindu opens the door. He calls him Nanhe Samrat. I should say sorry to you. there is no reason for my anger. Tell me what you wanted to say. Drupad says I forgot about it after seeing your anger. Kasturi notices them all there. Helena also sees Kasturi at the exact time. Kasturi thinks to go right then only. It is the perfect time to tell them about Acharya Chanakya’s death. She runs towards them but Helena pulls her aside in time.

Bindu tells Drupad to think what he wants. Drupad looks at Kaurvaki, Ashoka and Dharma. They all come out. he smiles. It was your plan then. Kaurvaki shakes her head. Ashoka touches his father’s feet. I am sorry for disappointing you. Bindu says if I had not trusted you then I wouldn’t have made you the Yuvraaj. I have heard it from lot many people that you cannot control your anger. I don’t find it right. You will have to be patient and calm. That’s how you will be able to fulfil your responsibility. Ashoka agrees to do so. I will soon discuss something with you. They share a hug.

Helena slaps Kasturi. Sushim brings a poisonous snake there. You will meet your Guru Chanakya as soon as it bites you. Mahamatya keeps the sack near her feet. Siamak is concerned for himself. Sushim advises him to go out if he is a coward. You can go. Siamak wants to stay back but Helena sends him out. We have to be quick. We don’t have much time.

Acharya Radha Gupta tells Ashoka that they have no news of Kasturi. No one has seen her since long. He wonders if she has met the same fate like Raj Vaid.

Drupad notices Siamak coming out from a strange place. There is no way on this side.

The snake bites Kasturi. She screams out in pain. Everyone smiles seeing her thus.

Precap: Ashoka finds her breathing her last. She mutters of Acharya Chanakya’s death. Siamak is sure Ashoka has a doubt on him. I wonder what Kasturi would have said to him before breathing her last.

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