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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Bindu would make Ashok and Dharma eat with his hands, Dharma claims currently I’m sure I had been Improper, i doubted my like, i couldnt rely on Bindu, i held Ashok and myself away from this love, i was weak, Ashok suggests Everything you did was not weak, only potent person can perform it, Bindu claims it was my error, i promised you that i will comeback but i didnt, Once i noticed you in palace, i got so restless then i dont really know what would be your scenario After i was infront of you continuously therefore you couldnt meet me, i am at mistake that i considered Khurasan and believed that you will be lifeless, as a consequence of me you and Ashok had to bear a great deal, Ashok experienced a great deal of hatred for father And that i deserve it, Ashok says i had hatred till i didnt know truth of the matter but following figuring out real truth, I’m able to despise you, its sin, Bindu claims i assure you which i will take out all allegations from Dharma, Ashok and Dharma can get regard whatever they are worthy of, he claims assure to Dharma that he will never break her trust, he will always be together with her and also Dying wont be able to different them, Dharma smiles, they have spouse and children time over lunch and revel in second.

Scene 2
Bindu has called everyone in courtroom, all are looking forward to him, Subhrasi says Radhgupt took Bindu, he’s not noticed too, Khalatak says Khurasan isn’t listed here much too, Bindu is available in courtroom with Ashok and Dharma(in veil), Ashok thinks that now i can get my brothers also who was so apprehensive for me, Chanakya comes in court much too, Charu question Bindu whats All of this? Subhrasi talk to Bindu how you got wound? Noor talk to in which you went and where is Khurasan? Bindu states which you all have inquiries and I’ll response them below, he states We’ve witnessed many issues in latest time but now problematic time will conclude, I would like to tell Every person that who was driving all conspiracy, Niharika said that alongwith Justina and Raj, Dharma was linked to conspiracy, she presented some proofs and i stated that when i will know full reality then I’ll inform Absolutely everyone, Dharma and my son are here, he claims Ashok and Chanakya have discovered my dharma and informed me entire fact, prior to i explain to if Dharma is betrayer or not, initial i want to make you all meet Dharma, he receives up from throne, relates to Dharma and will take off her veil, he claims she is my wife Dharma, all are shocked to view that Savika is Dharma, Bindu suggests to tensed Dharma that every one transpired forever and everything will materialize forever only, Subhrasi claims how is it probable that Savika is Dharma whom Bindu loves, Helena remembers how Dharma was infront of her on a regular basis, Charu recollects how she insulted her before, Noor recalls her sick behavior also, Sushim recalls ow he had hurt dharma, Drupat claims she cant be queen Dharma, she is my Savika, Bindu states for her and her son’s security, it was vital for her to are now living in palace as dasi, Chanakya did it, Charu states what was have to have for that? Helena suggests if she’s Dharma then where by is her son? Bindu suggests he is right here way too not only now but from lots of times, the son who is often wanting to conserve my household and land, if you will understand about my son You then will understand that his mom cant be enemy of Magdh, this son is evidence of Dharma’s innocence, Bindu claims my and Dharma’s son is.. Ashok, everyone is dazed.

RECAP- Sushim says to Bindu that Ashok cant be my brother, Ashok’s mother was who treated Bindu when he was ill, she died too and we did her last ceremonies too.

Written Update By Sahir


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