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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Bindu arrives inbetween and saves Ashok, Ashok suggests father? Bindu pushes Khurasan absent, he turns to find Dharma standing there, He’s missing observing her, she’s in tears observing him, Bindu smiles and hugs her, both of those are in peace, Dharma factors at Ashok and suggests our son, Bindu will get happy and says AShok? AShok hugs them and states my father, they have got spouse and children reunion, Niharika comes there as well and is stunned, she claims AShok fooled us, if Khurasan tells fact then i will probably be caught, i should do a thing, Khurasan tries to hit Dharma but Bindu holds his swordl his blood falls on Dharma’s forehead, she receives happy, Bindu claims to Khurasan that cheated me, Niharika was involved with your prepare much too, he fights with him, Khurasan is about to attack him but he holds his sword and fights with him, He’s about to kill him but Niharika comes from driving and stops him together with her sword, Bindu hits her without viewing her deal with, he cuts her throat, she dies there, Dharma and Bindu are stunned, Bindu says to Khurasan that Whatever you did to my dharma, i will likely not depart you for that, my son had to bear a lot of on account of you, what occurred to you now? fight with me, you made an effort to malign my Dharma’s identify, i will likely not leave you, he throws away Khurasan’s sword, Khurasan says i acknowledge my blunders, forgive me, Bindu is about to kill him but Dharma stops him and suggests animosity doesnt need to have animosity in return, punishment indicates redemption, Bindu suggests you might be conserving one who was looking to kill both you and your son, you are not altered in any way, he suggests to Khurasan that you made an effort to get rid of her but she’s asking for your lifetime and you wished to malign this excellent and pious Girl? needed to current her as betrayer? your crime is extremely major, i is not going to kill you but will punish you of course, Chanakya comes there with Radha and Aakramak, aakramak arrest Khurasan, Ashok requires blessing of Chanakya, Ashok states I’m grateful to you, it absolutely was not possible with out your steerage, chanakya states i just showed you way however, you had guts to abide by it, you’ve not simply united your mom and dad but have arrested betrayers, Bindu inquire why you didnt tell me every thing prior to? Chanakya says i would have advised you if Khurasan experienced not stated to Dharma that you’ve despatched him to kill her, he experienced designed Dharma doubt your intentions, After i met Ashok and Dharma, she was really tensed about Dharma, you have been wounded At the moment, she arrived to you personally on my insistence to accomplish your treatment but she asked mt not disclose her or her son’s identification then situation was tensed on a regular basis, i was seeking to safeguard them in addition to cause you to get informed about your son, i had no other options to guard Dharma so i asked her to be dasi of palace, she was Sevika, i am sorry for that, Bindu feels that, Chanakya claims Ashok didnt understand that Dharma was her mom, he didnt recognize that the father whom he hates, he has really like and regard for that father, when he went to Champanagri, he bought to grasp truth of the matter, he desired to let you know reality but we realized that you believe Dharma as harmless but as Samrat you must have proofs to verify Dharma innocent so i came to meet your space, flashback demonstrates Bindu saying to Chanakya that my brain and coronary heart not Performing collectively, chanakya claims what Niharika is expressing is just not complete truth of the matter, she appreciates about Dharma, talks about her but she doesnt even know name of Dharma’s son, this means the one that has instructed her about Dharma knows that she is your weakness, and that person should be close to you, Bindu states you will be declaring somebody from my family members? Chanakya states to catch that man or woman We’ve got to construct a entice and you’ve got to stick to my orders, Bindu agrees. then Radha phone calls Bindu to go upstairs, Chanakya states you came here on appropriate time else you wouldnt know about Khurasan’s fact, Bindu states I’ll just take choice in courtroom og what punishment need to be specified to him, Aakramak will take him away, Bindu suggests to Chanakya which i cant thank you plenty of, he touches her feet, Dharma and Ashok touches his ft far too, Chanakya bless them, he leaves, Bindu hugs Dharma and Ashok, Dharma smiles at Bindu.

Scene 2
Radha request Chanakya that this such a large earn of ours why You aren’t happy? Chanakya states it had been vital get but not complete, until now our all wins are incomplete, Niharika could have explained detail against helena but i dont Khurasan will open up his mouth, this win is incomplete until dharma doesnt get place what she have earned, Bindu have given location to Dharma and Ashok in coronary heart and also have acknowledged them but would his other wives manage to take her? will they take the Girls who was their dasi is now queen like them, will Bindu’s son have the capacity to take Ashok? only Ashok is most effective to be king, It’s going to be very hard combat for Ashok, till now he was combating to give regard to his mother but will he be able to struggle for his land? Radha says we realized this from in advance of so why you are tensed now? Chanakya says i am human afterall, i also get tensed serious about upcoming, but i will not divert from my desired destination, the forthcoming challenge is most critical obstacle of my everyday living that is definitely to create Ashok sit on throne of magdh and when this tends to take place, I’ll suppose that i have most vital perform of my everyday living and I’ve fulfilled cause of becoming on this earth.

PRECAP- Bindu says in court that Ashok and Chanakya have found my dharma, Ashok comes in with Dharma, Bindu says i want to make you all mee Dharma, all are shocked to see Savika is Dharma, Bindu says my son with Dharma is.. Ashok, everyone is dazed.

Written Update By Sahir


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