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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Ashok is getting beaten up by hunter, Ahenkara starts counting with choked voice, one Acharaya says Ashok’s these mistakes and thoughts will affect his future, Sushim recalls how Ashok out classed him many time, 100 hunters are done, Sushim says how they are done so soon? he is angry on Ashok, Ashok is freed, he falls on floor, Dharma cries, Radha tries to help Ashok but Sushim ask Radha to come with him, Ashok is my brother, he will be given treatment, he orders to take Ashok.
Ashok is getting treatment, dharma is crying for him, Ashok says i couldnt see you getting insulted, Dharma applies cream on his wounds, she sings Lal mere song, Ashok recalls his good times with Dharma in Vann, suddenly Dharma gets headache, Ashok ask what happened? she says dont know, my head is aching alot, i am feeling my head will blast, Ashok tries to come to her but he is injured himself, otherside Charu is doing black magic thats why Dharma is getting headache, Ashok comes to her, she says i am listening some music, its spinning my head, Ashok says i am not listening any music. Charu stops playing music and says Ashok did big mistake by reuniting his parents, now his mother have to suffer, seh plays music again. Ashok ask Dharma to listen to him, he says you trust me? she says yes i trust you, he says i wont let anything happen to you, Dharma faints.
Bindu gets tensed, Chanakya ask what happened? bindu says dont know i feel someone close to me is in pain, i wanna go back but we have to go to Ujjain, Chanakya says after Raj and Niharika’s death who was their king queen, Ujjain is in chaotic situation so we have to go there and help them, they find same mysterious girl lying in jungle, they stop, bindu ask mysterious girl who is she? girl says my name is Mirka, i am trader, i was with my caravan going to Ujjain but i left behind, Bindu says we are going there too, you come with us, she thanks him, Soldier makes him sit on horse, Chanakya says to Bindu that there are many people in this society and most dangerous are beautiful and who have innocent faces, its weird that she want to go to ujjain only and her caravan left her and didnt even care about her, bindu says you can doubt her but we cant leave her here, its not good, girl thinks Chanakya can have doubt on me but i am his counterpart only.
Dharma becomes conscious, doctor ask what happened? Dharma says i start listening some music/beats, it give me severe headache, Charu smirks, Ashok ask her to take rest, Radha says Bindu and chanakya are going to Ujjain so they will comeback later, i think we should send them letter, Charu says no need for that, i know the reason beshind this headache, which mother can see her son getting beaten up like this? he was given chance to leave that punishment but he stubborn, atleast care for your mother, she has already gone through many problems, i believe that whenever anyone goes against royal rules, God gets miffed with him, Radha says we should let Dharma rest, Charu ask Ahenkara to go in her room, she looks at Ashok and leaves, Ashok says to Dharma that if i have given you pain then.. Dharma says you have freed me from all pains, you are my Ashok so how can you give me pain? he checks Dharma and says you have fever, she says i will be fine after taking rest, Kasturi says Ashok needs rest too, she leaves, Ashok messages Dharma’s head, she sleeps, Ashok sleeps beside her.

Scene 2
Its morning, Ashok wakes up and checks Dharma’s fever, she is better, Drupat comes and says Ashok your friends have come from Vann, you dont worry i will stay with Dharma, she has served me alot, now i will serve her, you go, Ashok looks at Dharma, she ask him to go, Ashok goes.
Ashok comes to his friends, they are shocked to see Ashok’s injured back, they say there is injustice everywhere, Ashok ask what happened? they say Samrat has forgotten that his duty is to serve people, you know soldiers are killing people in Vann, one king is taking lands from innocent people, he is beating them, flashback shows king saying to people that Magdh Samrat has ordered to take lands from people and whoever will go against them will be given death, fb ends, Ashok says this is not true, Bindu cant give orders like this, Samrat is not like this, friend says we can trust what you are saying but people are snatched from their lands, they should be given some alimony, some shelter, you know when we came here last night, soldier stopped us at gate and was asking some money to let us go inside palace, we met Sushim and asked him help us, we told him that we dont have food or shelter but Sushim threw wine on our faces, they are not our savior, we have taken decision to bring revolution, to stand against Samrat, Ashok says dont do that, Bindu is not even here, Samrat is not involved in all this, friend says you know Rajvanshies are of no one, we should thank that we are not from Rajvanshies, they are cruel, Ashok says i will talk to Sushim, friend says why will he listen to you? are you his brother? he is of no one, Ashok says let me try, friends agree.

Sushim is making the most of women dance in court, Ashok tells about land issue to Radha, he suggests i will speak with Sushim, he comes to Sushim in court docket, Ashok states There is certainly one particular trouble thats why i have occur listed here, Sushim claims I had been getting relaxation for someday and its my appropriate and if another person tries to intervene that then he should be punished, Ashok says I’ve come to ask a little something from my brother, Sushim inquire Ashok you have got arrive listed here to beg? you recognize you have to beg like beggars open up their hands and beg, you will be asking me for to start with time so i will hear, he inquire him to speak, Ashok claims usually there are some pals of mine, they used to Stay with me in Vann, Sushim says just one minute, first clean my fingers, i cant focus, Ashok will come forward reluctantly and washes his arms, Sushim thinks this stubborn won’t shoo absent like this, Ahenkara thinks nowadays i will get cost-free from him, Sushim request Ashok to clean off his toes as well, Ashok thinks for anyone innocents i will bear every one of the insult, Ashok relates to him and washes his ft, Sushim question how do you think you’re feeling right after washing Samrat’s ft? Ashok suggests same similar to a young brother must truly feel following washing elder brother’s toes, Sushim says looking at this drinking water i feel like my toes have been dirty, so now choose this water and.. Radha suggests if Samrat Bindu know all this then.. Sushim suggests I used to be just expressing to to get this drinking water and toss it absent, Ashok delivers Individuals who have trouble, they tell Sushim that their land is snatched from them and troopers declare that its Samrat’s order, we wish our land back again or do a little something for our shelter and food stuff, Ashok question Sushim you are going to satisfy your guarantee? Sushim claims high-quality, we will see the subject, a person man or woman states that you’ve to do a little something for us, Sushim will get indignant and says you will not get anything at all, they are saying this is Completely wrong, you’re Samrat, you might have duty, Sushim states you men haven’t any challenge, they say you are attempting to state that we’re lying? Sushim question to throw them out, They inquire Ashok to include them, Sushim claims He’s prince Ashok, he will likely not go with you, he orders to punish the individuals that tried out to talk infront of him, Ashok thinks what kind of circumstance os this, Bindu and Chanakya are not right here and Sushim is rather cruel, he will burn off down every thing, He’ll give agony to country, merely a savior, a justice king can help save folks, can shield persons from him, he wears black apparel and veil, he normally takes sword in his hands.

PRECAP- Ashok friends have started out revolting towards governing administration, they destroy soldiers in palace, Ashok is sleeping in his room when just one Pal comes in to eliminate him.

Written Update By Sahir




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