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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one
Ashok suggests to Chanakya i cant say lie, Chanakya suggests in war, We now have to make your mind up if we have to use violence or lie depends on enemy, the Magdh’s enemy is clever, to trap them, we must lie, they’re going to do blunder by this and We’re going to capture them, whether or not We’ve got electrical power to assault the enemy, we should always clearly show it to enemy and when are usually not able to attacking enemy then we should always show them that We now have functionality, if we have been faraway from enemy then we should present it as we are near to them, This really is all to guard our land, You should do this to capture Vrahmir, Ashok requires his blessing and leaves from there, Chanakya says Magdh’s long term is in Ashok’s arms.
Kasturi states to Drhama which i dont know why Chanakya approved the allegation, whats the need to take it? Dharma claims he is aware of what he is doing, if he has acknowledged this then there needs to be reason powering it, I’m apprehensive what if he doesnt get proof to show himself harmless, what is going to occur then?
Ahenkara is in tears and looks at food stuff, Ashok arrives there and claims he shouldnt have completed this, he says I’m sure you won’t like it but i haven’t witnessed father like yours, he can get punished and you will get punished also, Ahenkara says he told truth, Ashok suggests it wasn’t real truth, he alleged Chanakya? I understand Chanakya is innocent, he was kidnapped at time of attack, i noticed him, he was dying there, I’m sure no one would have believe me ahead of but now all will believe me as now We all know one one that can convey to all the things abotu conspiracy and that’s Vrahmir, he are going to be caught then your father’s truth will come out and you’ll be punished far too, and the one particular that is at fault is your father only who is listening to enemies even now and destroying your lifetime, Ahenkara is in tears.

Scene 2
Ahenkara comes in jail, Raj sees her, attempts to stand up but falls, Ahenkara is apaled to find out it, Raj says if I used to be questioned my very last wish then i would have claimed to produce me see my daughter, I had been dying to find out you, Ahenkara says when Dying is near then man or woman say truth however, you are still indicating lie, Raj says what lie? Ahenkara states you explained a lot of lies that you choose to dont even know which lie I’m discussing, Raj sys i have finished to your great, Ahenkara states should you cared about me then you wouldnt have accomplished this, you’ve got content your Moi by expressing lie, by alleging Chanakya, you may have cofirmed my Demise, shortly Chanakya will probably be proved ideal and i might be supplied Loss of life far too, Chanakya’s brokers have acquired Vrahmir, Vrahmir will notify everything to Bindu, Bindu promised you that if yoi are stating reality then he will absolutely free me but now you may be proved as liar and betrayer so i will get death sentence much too, Raj thinks then i should do something which Vrahmir doesnt arrive at to Bindu, Raj functions like fainting, soldier goes to phone medical doctor.
Ashok claims Chanakya is aware of his enemies effectively thats why he explained to me This could occur.
Noor is putting kerosene on her system, she says to dasi which i cant see my son as coward, its far better that i die, Siamak comes there, Noor claims siamak It’s important to choose if you wish to live as coward or to Reside with me, Siamak states dont do this, dont take a look at me, Noor states for those who cant come outside of anxiety then how will you safeguard your land, she demonstrates him fire and talk to Siamak to come forward and help you save me, Justin arrives there and throws away fire from Noor’s hand, Siamak faints looking at fireplace, Justin says to Noor that what insanity Is that this? How are you going to make this happen with your son? Noor says i cant see my son as coward, Justin sys he’s not only your son but.. he stops observing Helena, Helena suggests to Noor that fearlessness is in blood and it truly is because he has khurasani blood, it is best to acknowledge that your son is coward, it will provide you with fewer soreness, dais arrives there and states health care provider is just not present in palace, he has absent to jail as Raj is sick there.

Scene 3
Helena involves Nicator and claims Raj is sick in jail? if he is supplying us some clue? health practitioner relates to Justin and Helena, AShok is adhering to him, doctor claims Raj was just performing in order that I am going there and take his concept, he stated to me that if i dont consider his information then He’ll allege me that i’m linked to conspiracy, he presents information to Justin, Justin reads message, it claims that Vrahmir is at focus on of Chanakya, Helena orders her soldier to catch Vrahmir and kill him, he leaves, Ashok thinks this soldeir have to be gonna uncover Vrahmir, he follows the soldier.
Bindu states to Khalatak that each one are stating Chanakya cant be involved in All of this, Helena arrives and suggests thoughts cant overtake reality, you cant do injustice, Bindu claims you might be proper but i dont want to rush as injustice can materialize, Helena states you shouldn’t wait a lot that magdh should fork out value, if every thing is clear that Chanakya is involved then acquire action against him, bindu says reality hasn’t occur out still, he leaves, Khalatak says if Chanakya is harmless then that’s felony?
Helena’s troopers arrive at shopkeeper and ask him to offer Helena’s things again, shopkeeper will take cash from them and claims your thing*(Vrahmir is in godown, Ashok is available in godown and shouts for for Vrahmir, he doesnt come across him then he sees another person hiding in basket, he claims to Vrahmir that you just dont want to cover, Vrahmir request who are you currently? Helena’s soldiers occur there with shopkeeper, Shopkeeper is shocked to seek out basket missing and Vrahmir much too, soldier orders Other people to find Vrahmir, he need to be about, they depart, shopkeeper listens some noise in godown, Ashok comes and details sword on him, he claims its extremely hard to consider Vrahmir from below? AShok suggests After i have blessing of my Instructor then i can do something, shopkeeper claims give me reward then get this basket, Ashok states i have nothing to give, shopkeeper claims that Alright have Avenue combat with my wrestler and acquire basket from right here, Ashok accepts it.
phase is ready for street struggle, all wager on struggle, Ashok finds wrestler and sees he is a muscular gentleman, Ashok sys its challenging to combat with him, Ashok suggests ahead of struggle, i wanna choose rest, Ashok applies oil on his physique, he comes, combat commences, wrestler attempted to assault Ashok but Ashok retains relocating below and there, wrestler jumps on Ashok, Ashok moves, wrestler falls on ground and faints, shopkeeper claims You’re not frequent kid, just take your basket, Ashok opens basket to seek out Vrahmir currently long gone from there, He’s stunned.

Scene 4
Vrahmir is managing in current market, He’s shocked to locate Helena’s soldiers, he is surrounded by them.
Helena involves chanakya and says destiny fant be adjusted by closing eyes, tomorrow bindu will announce his determination, are you currently Prepared? you wouldnt have considered matters will choose this change, Chanakya says This can be all destiny and i cant go versus destiny, i dont use electrical power to prevent items but to make new issues, Helena claims we the two understand that you dont have any proof to show by yourself appropriate, Chanakya claims i dont have it this time however you cant say anything about foreseeable future and real truth cant be concealed for A lot time, Helena claims I’ll make sure that it doesnt materialize.
Ashok comes in marketplace and is attempting to discover Vrahmir.
troopers carry Vrahmir in godown, Vrahmir request what will you will get by killing me? This is often trap of Helena, i have always performed what she said, she didnt reward me in its place want to kill me, these greeks are of not a soul, they want to use us only, what is occurring with me, will occur for you too, what’s going to you obtain by killing me? allow me to go.
Radha claims to Bindu that what’s going to materialize if Chanakya doesnt get any proof of innocence, Bindu claims proofs are in opposition to him, if he doesnt clearly show anything then i must punish him, i just pray that black working day doesnt are available in magdh.
Ashok gets to grasp from an individual that Vrahmir is in godown. soldier is going to kill Vrahmir but Ashok comes there and will save him, soldier orders others to catch AShok, Ahok runs from there, he comes in industry and fights with them, he throws points at them and runs, he arrives again to godown, get Vrahmir and comes in marketplace, he hides in store, soldier suggests he will head over to palace with Vrahmir, will catch them there only, they leaves.

Scene five
Nicator says to Helena that we should have not remaining Vrahmir alive, Helena states it absolutely was your strategy, Nicator states i know gave this idea however you agreed to it, Helena claims i shouldnt have listened to it, i dont determine what Chanakya is considering and now this Vrahmir, what if Vrahmir says truth to bindu? now we is going to be named felony rather than Chanakya, Nicator claims that you are indicating as if every thing is finished, Helena suggests you concluded every little thing the working day you gave me to Chndragupt, it was me who stored attempting for freedom, you are with me only to get revenge, Nicator claims plenty of, why you keep taunting me over it, I’ve claimed sorry over and over, for those who dont trust me then why you retain asking my suggestion? Justin suggests ample, this isn’t time for you to combat, its time and energy to be united, Justin receives message that Vrahmir has operate absent, Helena says no, she states he has operate absent but must not arrive below, he question to tighten stability and when any individual try to return in palace then eliminate him, justin states this is not proper, Helena states dont act like coward, she states regardless of whether Vrahmir dies, Chanakya will make the most of it, we must always get rid of Chanakya also, i will kill chanakya now, Nicator and Justin are stunned.
Subhrasi suggests to Charu and noor that if Chanakya is proved as felony then Bindu wont manage to believe in anybody, Charu states its improved to open eyes, i doubted his intention the day when he denied for making sushim another Samrat, he gave Siamak’s identify as a substitute, noor suggests dont carry my son in All of this, charu claims Siamak is coward, He’s scared of that hearth, Noor suggests who was not afraid of it? my son will conquer the dread, Charu claims who will want a Samrat that has concern of fire? who understands that chanakya is really linked to all this, Dharma claims he is innocent, all search on stunned, Dharma says sorry but i cant hear from Chanakya, if a betrayer claims He’s criminal then we will question him? he has offered all the things to magdh, Noor suggests how dare you chat like this? you are just a dasi so be a dasi, Bindu will come there, dharma hides her experience, Bindu claims this Dasi is right, until chanakya is not really confirmed prison, He’s our respectable Expert, his respect is like regard to Magdh, i ask for my wives to keep his regard, he leaves, Dharma thinks i said fact in psychological state but what it brings Threat to AShok?
shopkeeper provides Scorpio to Helena and states it’s skilled scorpio, it really is utilized to get rid of men and women, Helena buys it, Justin states this isn’t appropriate, Helena says we dont produce other way, in the event you cant protect me then be silent and allow me to do what i want.
Vrahmir says to Ashok that i don’t have any terms to thanks, who saves a person by Placing himself in danger? He’s about to go away, Ashok claims i am not idiot, These troopers were looking to eliminate you so that you dont notify truth of the matter, i saved your life so as to say truth, You will need to come to my side in conspiracy, Vrahmir claims i dont know what you are referring to? i am leaving, Ashok says Anything you are convinced they are going to go away you alive? Chanakya have specified everyday living to whole Magdh so he can provide you with existence far too, i assure you that should you convey to truth of the matter then you can be offered life, now It’s important to come to a decision if you want to get killed or to live by telling truth? Vrahmir thinks.
Chanakya is sitting in his area, soldier will come there, throws Scorpio and leaves, Scorpio comes and bites Chanakya’s leg, chanakya faints because of poison.

Scene 6
Absolutely everyone gathers in court to pay attention the choice of bindu in Chanakya’s subject. just one soldier relates to aakramak and notify him a little something, Aakramak runs from there, Helena thinks Aakramak received to find out about Chanakya’s death. Bindu is available in courtroom with Ashok, he sit on throne, Bindu request wherever is chanakya? Helena says its Odd, Chanakya generally give worth to time and He’s wasting it right now? maybe He’s worried to have punished, bindu states why you happen to be stating this? Helena sys this hold off isn’t good on his aspect, Chanakya will come there with Radha and says you happen to be appropriate, its not very good to return late but when its about magdh then i can come from death bed way too, Everybody looks on, Chanakya says i obtained biten by scorpio so i got late, Bindu request are you currently great? Chanakya says almost nothing transpired to me but i am not positive Should the a single who despatched scorpio to my home is ok? he says its weird that scorpio arrived each of the strategy to get rid of me, You can find somebody that preferred that scorpio to get rid of me Nevertheless they dont realize that my body have a great deal of poison that scorpio’s minor poison cant hurt me, all know that i employed to give poison to Chandragupt to make him utilized to it but i utilized to taste it prior to him so my human body have much poison in it that international scorpio cant damage me, now i is likely to make that scorpio my pet, Helena request then identify of person who sent it, Chanakya claims i can explain to name easliy but i dont have proof so I’ve to obtain witness who will not just convey to names of enemies though the witness who was really involved with this conspiracy, i want that sort of witness and I’ve that witness, bindu inquire who is the just one? chanakya says He’s here, he claims Ashok, Helena says he is witness? all know He’s your student, his assertion just isn’t adequate, Chanakya claims i didnt tell He’s witness but to current witness, Ashok is required, he check with Ashok to convey witness, Ashok goes and cuts one particular conclude of some rope, rope falls and bag tied to it falls in court, Absolutely everyone appears to be like on, Ashok opens bag, Vrahmir comes away from it, Helena, justin, are shocked, Bindu inquire that’s he? Chanakya states he is Vrahmir, he is identical architect who created architecture of new palace for Raj and made key ways in it, when enemies had been scared of him, they tried to destroy Vrahmir and since he felt ditched by Those people enemies, Vrahmir made a decision to inform truth for you, Bindu states to Vrahmir that you will be specified security, tell their names, Vrahmir looks at Helena, he states In this particular conspiracy, alongwith Raj, Magdh’s previous enemies, Greeks w3ere involved in it, all appears to be like on, Bindu inquire names, justin recollects how Helena reported to him that justin is of no use, Vrahmir is about to issue his finger to Helena but He’s attacked by dagger, Justin throws dagger in his neck, Vrahmir dies at spot, all are shocked, Justin will come ahead and suggests betrayer similar to this shouldnt be alive, i would’ve killed him before only, why did i preserve him alive, he says to bindu that Of course it was me, the true snake in residence, all appear on stunned, Justin says i desired to burn up everything, i needed to get rid of every thing, i created this conspiracy, Helena listens All of this shocked,

PRECAP- voice in excess of states that time has arrive when Ashok will arrive at learn about key of his lifetime. Bindu reveals Dharma’s statue to AShok and claims she is adore of my existence, Ashok is stunned to find out it and suggests Maa?

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