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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Ashok and Khurasan are likely upstairs from magic formula way, they discover foot marks there, Ashok claims looks like anyone was in this article, Khurasan suggests looks as if a person was hiding here, Ashok finds foodstuff plate there and states looks like they ended up below from many times, Khurasan says This implies Dharma and her son are on roof prime, he starts going upstairs, Ashok smirks and follows him, Khurasan thinks they needs to be hiding on roof but Ashok is with me and i dont want Ashok to check out me killing them, he check with Ashok to go and bring some soldiers, Ashok claims but Dharma and her son want to meet me, i should really inform Bindu, he will appear here, Khurasan states do as i say else.. he delivers out his sword, Ashok suggests I’m along with you so you are warning me only? i ought to tell Bindu about all this, Khurasan claims you wont be capable of achieve Bindu, he assaults Ashok, Ashok requires out his sword and struggle with him, he request Khurasan why you will be performing this? why you are not allowing me know Bindu all this, Khurasan claims you may have created me reach Dharma, your function is completed, Ashok claims i promised Bindu to deliver fact of Dharma to him, my perform isnt concluded, Khurasan claims you may have finished alot for me but now I’ll do my get the job done, he fights with him, he pushes Ashok against window and throws him down, Ashok falls and shouts maa.
Dharma is on roof and receives tensed for Ashok on otherside and says if Ashok is okay? why he didnt occur till now?
Bindu claims to Helena that you’ve got created my birthday extremely Particular, you have offered me a great deal energy to bear All of this rigidity,, Helena states each and every mother wishes her son being content, Bindu sys i choose to stop today on delighted Notice, i want to get an sketch of all relations collectively, i have named all wives and sons, they will be right here.

Scene 2
All royal family members Acquire jointly, Niharika thinks i ought to go and locate Khurasan, all relatives are standing collectively making sure that sketch could be produced, Helena claims I’m tired, I’m going to place, Drupat suggests remember to be with us, entire spouse and children’s sketch should be manufactured alongside one another, Helena agrees and stays back.
Khurasan states now Ashok is faraway from my way. Dharma is on roof, expecting Ashok. Khurasan will come on rook and opens doorway of home, Dharma is shocked to determine Khurasan with sword, she shouts, he is stunned to actually see her, he states DHARMA and smirk, he get started coming in the vicinity of her, she request exactly where is Ashok? That which you did with him? Khurasan states He’s useless, Dharma is stunned and suggests no.. she falls on floor, he says while you are so much sad to listen about Ashok’s Dying then what’s going to occur to you personally Once i will destroy your son infront of your eyes.
AShok hasn’t fallen but was hanging on wall, he begins climbing the wall to go upstairs, he claims i cant depend upon Bindu or everyone to shield my mother.
Khurasan talk to Dharma where by is her son? why did you occur listed here? you ended up living peacefully for 14 many years, i wasn’t subsequent you however, you arrived here, you ought to have atleast considered your son. Ashok climbs wall and jumps in creating from window, he finds his sword, he takes his sword and claims Khurasan i wont let you be successful at any Expense.
Dharma is crying and says AShok.. Ashok arrives there, Dharma will get happy seeing him, Khurasan is stunned to view him alive, Dharma runs to Ashok and cries, she hugs him, Ashok receives psychological also, Khurasan seems to be on puzzled, Dharma question Ashok my son are you fine? Ashok states I’m high-quality Maa, nothing at all took place to me, Khurasan says Ashok is your son? he remembers how Ashok was fooling him all the although, he claims now i comprehend your plan, he states to Dharma that you just couldnt appear infront of Bindu this means you had despatched your son to him so that he can get his belief and when he receives to understand about Ashok’s fact then he will make him heir, he states to Ashok that you’ll be extremely intelligent, you stated to Bindu that the mom is useless, you went to royal college so become heir but when it also didnt operate so that you cheated maurya loved ones, Ashok suggests this is not truth of the matter, Khurasan check with what proof you have? AShok claims truth of the matter needs not proof, he fights with Khurasan, Dharma shouts Ashok.. Ashok appears to be like at her, Khurasan throws away his sword in instant, Khurasan is going to eliminate Dharma but AShok sit on his toes and ask him to halt, Khurasan states to Dharma that you simply lost previous opportunity to Reside, Khurasan suggests to Ashok that you and your mother will die from my hands so you both of those are going to be remembered as betrayers, Ashok says no, you wanna kill us each? destroy us but dont malign my mom’s name, i couldnt give her respect what she have earned in everyday life but let her have respectful Demise, dont present her as betrayer soon after Demise, Khurasan says what’s going to i say to Bindu? i questioned Niharika to existing Dharma as betrayer as I had been in peril, Bindu was doubting me, now i will put all blame on you, what i couldnt do 14 many years back, I’ll do it now, Khurasan is going to strike AShok with sword but Bindu will come inbetween and stops Khurasan by Placing his sword on his, Dharma and Ashok seems on.

PRECAP- Bindu hugs Dharma, Khurasan is about to attack him but he holds his sword and fights with him, he is about to kill him but Niharika comes from behind and stops him with her sword, Bindu hits her without seeing her face, he cuts her throat, she dies there, Dharma and Bindu are stuuned, Bindu fights with Khurasan.

Written Update By Sahir


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