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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one
Helena check with Raj to convey fact, why have you been silent? you believe immediately after saying fact, both you and your daughter can get Loss of life sentence? i on behalf of Bindu guarantee you that when you explain to us reality then your daughter will probably be saved, no say fact, bindu constantly do justice, your daughter haven’t any fault in All of this so He’ll free of charge your daughter Ahenkara but You should inform real truth to your daughter’s protection, Raj claims Bindu has finished justice to my daughter so I’m ready to notify reality, Raj says to Bindu that conspirator of all this is person who wished to just take throne from you and provides it to one that he thinks are entitled to it additional, Bindu question his title, Raj claims you rely on him blindly, Raj says if i convey to his identify then you will not have faith in me, bindu request him to inform identify only, Raj claims he is none other than Chanakya, all are stunned, bindu ask do you think you’re in your feeling, you already know alleging chanakya is like betraying magdh, Raj claims i am currently on Dying sentence, why will i lie? bindu suggests no person will rely on you here, Raj states i instructed this right before that you’re going to not belief me while you blindly rely on Chanakya, Helena says if Raj has taken Chanakya’s title then How are you going to do injustice, you have to act very same with Absolutely everyone, i warned you about Chanakya ahead of too however, you didnt believe in me And that i experienced no proof so Chanakya was saved but we are finding witness versus him for very first time, Bindu claims i agree along with your talks that justice needs to be equal for everyone but right here i know that when it was all happening, chanakya was kidnapped, this proves his innocence, Justin says but who advised about kidnapping to you personally? chanakya himself advised about it and in addition khurasan reported that if it absolutely was kidnapping or act of kidnapping, Khurasan states i reported it in anger, Justin claims chanakya tried to cause you to doubt Anyone assume him, he doubted Khurasan also, i concur Chanakya needs to have claimed that he question about new palace but why he didnt come across about this? he has lots of brokers and can find even smaller thing then how such a massive conspiracy can go unnoticed, a palace was designed with flammable bricks and chanaky stored sitting silent over it? This is certainly evidence of his involvement and why Raj will take his identify? Ashok thinks why Chanakya is silent listening all this, bindu claims i dont believe in any person and cant have confidence in this Raj, he has lied in advance of also and saying lie even now, Raj claims if i teach you evidence then will you agree with me? Bindu talk to him to indicate, Raj appears at his pendent, he gives to Bindu and suggests this message which chanakya gave to me, it’s got stamp way too, I’d question that Chanakya can cheat me so i retained it with me, Radha remembers how Chanakya’s stamp wasn’t in room, Bindu inquire chanakya should you wanna say one thing? chanakya claims Raj is saying truth of the matter, all are stunned, Chanakya suggests evidence is presented for you, you would like to research about it, dont think who am i, just see me as felony, Bindu states i buy to investigate about it, Key minister khalatak and Aakramak will get it done, chanakya might be in household arrest and when Chanakya isn’t proven innocent then he wil be introduced at betrayer alongwith Raj, he question to research shortly.

Scene two
In area, bindu question chanakya how you knew that Raj would take your name? Chanakya says the enemies who had been associated with Raj desired to conserve them selves as well as needed to lure individual who is hurdle of their way, Bindu claims i really feel you understand about them, Chanakya suggests i dont have proofs towards them, bindu suggests how will yo get it? Chanakya states enemies are in puzzled point out now, they may carry out some slip-up in method to clear by themselves from all this and I’ll catch that.
aakramak states to Radha that Now we have to treat Chanakya like betrayer now, Radha states to Aakramak that chanakya have usually served magdh and since of allegations from betrayer, we cant treat him like betrayer way too, key minister claims we cant blindly believe in anyone, you can find proofs versus chanakya, Now we have to work, Bindu arrives and inquire them to carry out investigation quick, key minister says we will do our greatest.
Nicator suggests to Helena and justin that we aren’t Safe and sound now, Chanakya recognized the allegation, Which means he has some approach up sleeves, Helena sys until chanakya is alive, we cant do nearly anything versus magdh, he must be scheduling something, Nicator says chanakya mustn’t get Vrahmir, he talk to Justin to help keep eye on Vrahmir.
chanakya states to Ashok that Vramir made Those people key techniques in new palace, he realized about conspiracy, but ahead of i could check with him everything, he ran away And that i dont know exactly where He’s but he can help us, also He’s menace for enemies to allow them to intend to destroy him, chanakya claims ahead of enemy do some thing, We now have to search out Vrahmir, Ashok states if Vrahmir is significant for your and Magdh’s safety then i will find him at any Expense.

PRECAP- justin states to Helena that Vrahmir is on concentrate on of Chanakya, Helena orders to find him and get rid of him. Vrahmir is running from Helena’s troopers in marketplace, they encompass him, He’s trapped, Ashok sees all this from much..

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