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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one
Soldier informs Ahenkara that Bindu has requested that whenever they dont get Raj in three times then you’re going to be punished for his deeds, you cant go away from right here, Ahenkara states bindu doesnt give punishment to innocents, she suggests let me meet Sushin after, soldier says no, Sushim comes and talk to soldier to depart her, she states Bindu has some misunderstanding, he thinks i am associated with all this conspiracy, you are aware of fact, convey to Bindu, Sushim claims around I’m able to check out I’ve finished that else you wouldnt be in this article but in jail and i cant do should for a betrayer’s daughter, he leaves, Ahenkara cries.
Soldiers announce in current market that following three times, betrayer’s daughter Ahenkara will probably be offered Dying sentence, Radha is shocked, Chanakya suggests Bindu thinks that by announcing this, Raj will appear to avoid wasting her daughter but Raj’s conspirator won’t Allow him appear until in this article, i have to speak to Bindu.
Ahenkara concerns balcony, she recalls how soldier said that she is going to be punished, she recalls how Sushim ditched her, she stand on balcony fence and is particularly going to do suicide, Ashok comes and claims in case you continue to be alive then you will get alot of wounds, Ahenkara question him for being away, Ashok claims for those who die then all will Consider that you’ll be involved with All of this, Ahenkara suggests its straightforward to chat but you dont know what I’m under-going, a person facet my father remaining me, Ashok states like my father did to me, she claims i cherished a man and he cheated me way too, Ashok says same took place with my mother but she didnt surrender, she fought and under no circumstances runaway, she hardly ever shed hope, Ahenkara states when Loss of life is three days away then you don’t have any hope, Ashok states Demise can arrive at any time, if you know that you’ve 3 days to Dwell then You will need to choose that how wanna Are living it, she states put yourself in my predicament and after that see, Ashok suggests if I used to be in your house then i would have assumed to Dwell my lifetime in 3 days, I might do everything in three days, i wouldnt have accomplished suicide like cowards but would have lived like warriors, until my Loss of life wouldnt have come, i wouldnt have have left hope of dwelling for the reason that i had have faith in on my innocence, he lengthen his hand, Ahenkara seems to be at it, she holds his hand and gets down from fence, her broach falls on floor, Ashok will take it, she claims i cant clear away this allegation about my title, nor i can defeat the guilt that my father did this, she talk to why you have confidence in me? Ashok says all thoughts cant be answered, he leaves, she suggests whom i reliable, he ditched me as well as the one, whom i stored degrading and insulting, he confirmed have confidence in in me right now.

Scene two
Nicator claims Justin that what i did with Raj, do you think that He’ll go to Mandir to satisfy us? justin states Raj needs to be thinking that we will likely not occur there to satisfy him Hence he will definitely go there as its most secure place for him, bindu appear there and suggests i will come with you justin to pray for helena, Justin is stunned and says its not superior for protection, Ashok suggests dont be concerned, i wont Permit just about anything transpire to Bindu, they go away, chanakya sees all this and thinks that Ashok will lure all of these enemies.
ahenkara is crying in her home, Sushim comes there and states every thing can settle down in 1 minute And that i may help you, she says you may have place me in all this problem and you also are speaking about preserving me now? you might have cheated me, Sushim states putting blame of dishonest on someone else doesnt suite you, your blood has cheating in it, your father, your uncle along with your sister all have cheated, This can be your upbringing, Ahenkara gets offended, Sushim says my soldiers are willing to get rid of you any moment, you are betrayer within their eyes, she says you love me, why you are undertaking this, Sushim claims i utilized to like you but now when i know that you are daughter of betrayer, i hate you, ahenkara suggests you are aware of I’d not involvement in all of that, i could have operate faraway from palace but i waited for you personally in burning palace, you could clearly show hatred but make me feel when that whichever was concerning us wasn’t a lie, Sushim provides out bottle and suggests now i will make you believe that we experienced real inner thoughts for each other, he claims this poison, i cant see your ache so I’ve introduced it, drink it and you won’t know any time you will go away this globe very easily, he leaves, Ahenkara cries.
Chanakya says to Radha that justin haven’t gone to Mandir to do pooja, he has absent there to meet Raj or Vrahmir thats why i have sent Bindu and Ashok with him but i dont know need to impressive enemy is there, he suggests request aakramak to be all set to go there, question our magic formula agents to generally be warn, if anyone tries to run from there, he ought to be caught, Radha claims if you understand Helena is powering All of this then why dont you notify it to bindu? Chanakya suggests Helena is like mother to bindu, he respect her alot and we dont have any proof towards her, Raj and Vrahmir are crucial to receive evidence from Helena.
Helena sys to Nicator that Bindu has gone with justin so you didnt quit him? you are aware of why Justin goes there, Nicator claims how am i able to quit him? i have no right, he would have doubted me, Helena claims How will you declare that, you already know if Raj fulfills bindu then what will take place, you understand how A lot coward Raj is, he told us that if he get caught then he will blurt out every thing about us as well as his daughter is caught right here, he can perform nearly anything to save lots of himself and his daughter, you might have presented him likelihood, Nicator claims what have i done? did i question bindu to choose justin? you’re sitting down in area peacefully, its uncomplicated in charge Some others, occur outdoors and find out the amount of strictness is there exterior, you will note that the plan failed, we’ve been In this particular mess on account of your foolishness, should you experienced not known as Ashok in relationship then he wouldnt haven’t recognized about conspiracy, Helena states what you may have completed these yrs? i unsuccessful but i retained making an attempt, Anything you did? you shed to Chandragupt after and ranawaym to avoid wasting on your own, you gave every thing to him, you sacrificed your daughter also, he suggests Whatever you wanna say you are getting subjected to violence and all? because of me you happen to be queen of magdh and in many cases just after currently being queen, you couldnt do everything towards bindu, try to be ashamed, she states i just hope Justin meet up with Raj.
Justin, Bindu and Ashok are going to mandir, Justin says we should always choose relaxation, Bindu suggests mandir is around, we should continue on, Justin states take into consideration Ashok, he has to be weary and hungry, if pooja begins in mandir then he will never get anything at all to try to eat, Bindu says Sure we should always take relaxation listed here, Aakramak will come there and suggests we couldnt get any concept of Raj, we’re finding him in this place, justin claims if Aakramak receives Raj prior to me then we is going to be absent, i need to do a little something, he says to bindu that we should not waste time, we should visit mandir, Bindu says but you said to get relaxation below, justin states i recalled Helena’s ailment, she is in agony and we are thinking about rest? Ashok says i am willing to go, Ashok thinks Justin is like his mother, he cant remain at a single issue, mom suggests we should hardly ever have confidence in people today like him, i need to regulate him.

PRECAP- Aakramak catches some guy, He’s bald and wearing torn clothing, Aakramak ask who are you currently? he suggests i am farmer, he is about to depart but AShok places sword on his neck and suggests He’s our criminal, Aakramak states you imply Raj? he seems at him to search out Raj has improved his rise up.

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