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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Epi begins with kaurvaki talking to Bindu. Have you seen what all he had borne to fight the enemies of Mauryas’’s? He did not even lose out to death. Reason being the state and you! He was alone in Takshshila even when he was dead for the world. He still did not give up. He wanted to fulfil the promise he made to you. I dint see him this happy in Takshshila gaining small victories when I saw the smile on his face when you kept your hand on his head. He was away from you yet he became the kind of son which no one in this palace could become. I know you are upset with him as he took a big decision against the tradition. I know it will affect the treasury too. I was there with him. He said he will speak to you first on the same. it was never his intention to not give you respect or to disobey you. Bindu asks her if she is done. It is commendable for the way you spoke in his favour. Tell your father that I want to see him. KAurvaki leaves from there. Dharma is outside. She drops a diya by mistake when she turns to go. Bindu hears the sound and is startled. He looks at Dharma.

Ashoka is sad to hurt his father. How do I make up for it? I did it for other people’s sake. I had no personal motive or wanted to hurt father. I wish I could explain things to him. A soldier informs him that Samrat has called everyone in his room, including you. Ashoka is confused. A while back he said he did not want to see my face.

Nicator and Mir discuss their plan as to how to attack on Magadh. We will attack from two different sides. My messenger will head from front carrying my message. They will be diverted towards it and we will get to attack easily. Bindu has no idea I know what he did to Helena. I wont spare him. Entire Maurya lineage will die on the day of Holika Dahan. Mir is worried about Ashoka. Anything can happen till he is there. He smells danger from anywhere. What if he tells his father not to allow you inside? Nicator says there is Siamak in the palace too. He will find a way. No one can stop me from ending Maurya lineage. Mir too wants to seek revenge from Bindu for Noor and his insult. I will make him blind. Nicator wants to put their plan into practise asap.

Dharma is already in the room when Ashoka comes there. Bindu asks him how much more he wants to insult him. Kalinga’s girl came to tell me I cannot understand my son. She gave me a lecture on your selflessness. Ashoka says I did not ask her to do so. I am sure she dint have wrong intentions. Bindu wonders if he thinks he had bad intentions. Dharma reasons that wrong timings twist even Ram to Mara (dead). Everyone else comes there. Bindu say sorry to Maharaj Jagannath for the delay in fulfilling his promise to him. I got engaged in internal problems. I promised Maharaj Jagannath that I will help him in gaining Kalinga. It is time for Maharaj Jagannath and princess Kaurvaki to head back to Kalinga. He asks Mahamatya to make preps for the same. 25k soldiers and half of army should be arranged for the same. Charu says how you will go in this condition. Bindu wants Ashoka to head the army. He won over Takshshila alone and asked for Yuvraaj’s position. It is time for him to do his duty. Kalinga has extra faith in Ashoka. I am sure he will defeat Keval Nath and hand over the throne back to Maharaj Jagannath. Ashoka will have to be there by Rang Panchmi (Holi). Jagannath should regain his position on the same day he lost it. Jagannath says living up to your promise hints at your goodness. Bindu says the announcement is over. Everyone leaves one by one. Bindu calls out after Ashoka so as to stop him.

Sushim says he did not think a small act will make such a big trap for Ashoka. Father is putting Ashoka in the face of death. Mahan Chandragupta Maurya could not win over Kalinga. How will Ashoka do it? Mahamatya smiles. This war will go on for long. It will give you ample time to better your relations with father and make a place for yourself. Siamak has heard it all. Not just Ashoka but Sushim will also have to face a war. You will lose definitely as Ashoka wont be here.

Bindu tells Ashoka that the treasury can pay for this war till next month. I have no idea what will happen next. We wont have ample funds afterwards as you ended the tradition. The leader is responsible for all the soldiers too. Don’t take any decision which will cost them. Don’t disappoint Maharaj Jagannath. Ashoka promises him. Bindu points out that war does not give anyone another chance.

Nicator is happy to know that their main problem Ashoka will be out of their way now. No one can stop us from winning now. He sends a messenger to Magadh. Now Bindu will open his doors for me. No one will be there to save him this time.

Ashoka comes to seek his mother’s blessings. Dharma hopes Bindu realises one day how wrong he was in understanding his son. Ashoka tells her not to worry about it. Satyamev Jayate. I have nothing against father or his decision in my heart. Allow me to go with a smile. She does his tilak and aarti. Kaurvaki too bends down to seek Dharma’s blessing at the same time. I wont forget the love and respect you gave to me. I am sad to go away from you. Dharma replies that nothing is permanent in this world. Remember the promise I made to you. You are the only one who can understand him. Ashoka says I am not so complicated. Kaurvaki says not so but yes you are. Dharma asks her to be with Ashoka as his strength. Kaurvaki assures her of the same. They share a group hug.

Ashoka comes to Bindu’s room. Charu, Sushim Siamak and Mahamatya look at them from far. Bindu tells Ashoka the importance of time. You should know when to attack and how. They are equally important. Ashoka goes out of the room. Ashoka leaves with his troops but has a feeling that this isn’t the right time.

A Unani soldier brings Nicator’s message to Patliputra.

Precap: Jagannath tells Ashoka his brother is very strong. He tells Ashoka about his brother’s army. Ashoka asks him if there is someone without whom Jagannath’s brother cannot imagine winning. Kaurvaki takes Takshak’s name. Ashoka decides to play Holi with Takshak first of all.

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