Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online
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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd December 2015 Written Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Ashoka kills Daastan.

Dharma faints while ringing temple bell.

Next morning, Bindu is waiting for Ashoka. Mahamadhya says it is too late already. We should not wait. So many people have come to bid adieu to Acharya. It will be wrong to keep them waiting. Plus Acharya’s body is badly burnt. Bindu agrees. Make preps for his last rites. Right then, he notices Ashoka coming on his horse.

Ashoka throws Daastan’s dead body on the ground. Bindu is very proud of his son. They share a hug. Dharma looks on proudly. Helena asks about Mir. Ashoka shares that he was not with Daastan. They separated ways after getting out of the river. Helena thinks that either Mir has chosen a separate way or is still in Magadh and plotting.

Everyone gathers outside to bid adieu to Acharya. Dharma, Bindu, Ashoka and Acharya’s disciple is in tears. Everyone puts flowers on Acharya’s dead body one by one. Bindu announces that he wont let Acharya’s sacrifice go in vain. Enemies might have killed him but his ideologies will always remain. He had dedicated his life to one dream – dream of united India. We will never let it break. The soldiers pay homage to Acharya. Helena thinks that she too doesn’t want it. The bigger and united India is the bigger ruler Siamak will become. Charu too thinks of making her son the ruler of India, even if Bindu is against it. Dharma mentally thanks Acharya. I will be indebted to you for everything till my last breath. You united a father and son. You did so much for Ashoka. I will do my best to take it forward.

All the men pull the cart in which Chanakya’s body is kept. It gets stuck in a pothole. Ashoka moves it out of that pothole. All the preps for Acharya’s last rites have been made. Bindu, Sushim, Ashoka keep a piece of log each over Acharya’s body. Ashoka tearfully folds his hands. Mahamadhya and Acharya’s disciple follow suit. Pundit ji asks Bindu to do Acharya’s last rites but Bindu requests Ashoka to do it. Acharya would want it too. Acharya’s disciple too nods at Ashoka. Ashoka takes the pot of water from his father’s hands. Ashoka does the last rites of Acharya. He thinks of how he killed Daastan. Flashback is shown. Daastan tells Ashoka that he came here for his love. Your enemies are in your palace. They are your loved ones only. They are much more dangerous and clever than me. Ashoka asks him for the names but Daastan dies. Flashback ends. I promise you that I will not sit peacefully till I take revenge for your death. I will find those culprits. I will certainly give you this Guru Dakshina. I will become the Samrat – Samrat Ashoka! This is the promise of a disciple to his Guru.

Ashoka stands beside the pyre till the end. Acharya’s disciple keeps his hand on Ashoka’s shoulder. They both look at the ashes. Ashoka says I am directionless today. my Guru left me. Disiple denies. Guru never leaves his disciples. Acharya knew about his death already so he left this letter for you. he gave me clear instructions. If anything happens to him then I should give it to you.

Ashoka reads it. I found a son, grandson and disciple in you. Guru never differentiates between his disciples but you are different than others. If this letter is in your hands then it means that I am no more. remember that people like me are murdered. Understand that the enemies of Magadh have become more cunning and merciless. You will have to be a step ahead of them. Ashoka wonders who these enemies are. Acharya’s disciple says Acharya used to say that the enemies are inside the palace only. We know nothing of them. Ashoka continues reading the letter. My motto was to make Magadh’s future secure. I did so by bringing you here. Your karmas will determine my success! The letter flies away and burns in the pyre. Acharya’s disciple suggests Ashoka to keep Acharya’s values alive in his heart. We will have to find out the enemies and follow the right path. I am with you. He does tilak of Ashoka using the ashes.

Precap: Charu requests Bindu to stop Sushim from going. Bindu offers to go but Ashoka steps forward. I will go.

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