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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Charu, Sushim and Siamak’s words echo in Bindu’s head. He holds his chest and falls down in the corridor. Dharma and Ashoka come rushing to him. Other family members also come there.

Siamak comes to meet Helena. He tells her everything that happened today. Helena is happy. There can be no better news than this for me. Ashoka made it possible what I couldn’t do since so long. This dispute between father and son will take this lineage down. It will help us only. Bindu is unwell. Sushim is with us and Ashoka has no idea about facing a big army. Unani army will easily win as the treasury will be less. This is the perfect time to attack.

Raj Vaid says I already told you to keep Samrat away from stress. His heart has become weak. I cannot say anything for now. Anything can happen. Let him gain conscious.

Sushim is angry. Why don’t I get something on time? I tried to get father killed from Ashoka’s hands two days back. I would have become Samrat definitely if that would have happened. Destiny has other plans. Father will die when it will give all the rights to Ashoka. Mahamatya says he will end our story just like he ended Das tradition. Who will save us then? Sushim thinks of the tantric.

The tantric slaps Sushim. You are questioning my capability by asking me the same question. You will have to wait for that moment. Sushim deduces that Bindu will not die now.

Dharma and Ashoka are keeping wet cloth on Ashoka’s head turn by turn. Ashoka is also taking care of his father.

Nicator vows to take everyone. I have to take revenge from Bindu for what he did with his daughter. Mir too wants to settle his dues with Patliputra. I guess the time has come. Nicator asks his commander to ready an army of 10k soldiers. Mir suggests to make it sudden so Magadh is not prepared. We will need an excuse. They will doubt us then. Nicator says we will play Holi with blood this time in Patliputra. First of all we will kill Ashoka!

Both Dharma and Ashoka stick to Bindu’s side while he is unconscious. They fall asleep next to him only. Next morning, Shubhrasi wakes them up. Dharma checks Bindu’s temperature.

Helena is curious as to what his father will be planning.

Nicator’s army is ready.

Bindu has not woken up since many days now. Ashoka is concerned. Dharma assures him he will be fine soon. He will forgive you surely after knowing how much you took care of him. No father can be upset with his kid for long. A soldier comes to inform them that Raj Vaid has called them. Charu, Mahamatya and Sushim come to the room just then. Sushim remarks that his father is so stubborn. We did so much but it did not hurt him. His heart became weak when he had to hear things against of Ashoka. Charu angrily says that she feels like freeing him from his pain right away. Bindu opens his eyes with a start. Charu and Sushim are taken aback. Bindu asks for water. Sushim feeds him water. Mahamatya says thank God that Charu and Sushim were still by your side when no one else paid a thought to it. It is because of them that you recovered. He goes out to inform everyone.

Dharma runs to meet Bindu. Ashoka thanks God for hearing his mother’s prayers. Bindu looks pointedly at Dharma as she comes in. Sushim gets down from the bed. We have hit bull’s eye now. Dharma asks Bindu about his health. He says I am fine and withdraws his hand from her. I don’t need you here. Take care of your son. Dharma says I know you are upset with Ashoka but he too regrets doing what he did. Bindu says I regret making Ashoka a Yuvraaj. I never expected him to do this to me. The worst thing is that you are still supporting him. She tries to explain but he instead asks her to do a favour on him. Don’t let him come before me after today. Do anything that you have to do for the same. Both Dharma and Ashoka are taken aback. Charu, SIamak, Sushim and Mahamatya smirk. Kaurvaki has heard everything from outside. She looks sad. Ashoka hides behind a pillar as his mother comes out of the room. Kaurvaki and Ashoka notice each other.

Charu tells Bindu to rest. Let good thoughts come to your mind. I will pray to God till then. Sushim, Siamak and Mahamatya too leave to do some work. Bindu angrily throws the glass away. Ashoka looks hurt. Kaurvaki knocks at Bindu’s room. Bindu mistakes it to be Ashoka. I told your mother not to let you come before my eyes. Kaurvaki says Samrat. He allows her to come in. Is everything fine? She says I have all the respect here because of you only. I feel you are making a mistake in understanding Ashoka this time. He says magadh’s Samrat, Ashoka’s father is mistaken here. You think you know him well? Your age cannot challenge my experience. She reasons that only truth can challenge lie. He gets angry. She apologizes. I thought you had the patience and courage to listen to the truth. He allows her to speak. She says if you think Ashoka wasn’t worried about you then you should know that no one took care of you like anyone else while you were unconscious. He helps and looks after everyone selflessly. I have never seen someone like that. You would know that we should understand the motive behind the karma. This is where everyone goes wrong. I made the same mistake when I looked at him as a Maurya, my enemy. I thought he will never want my good but time made me realise I was wrong. When he can do so much for a stranger then wont he do much more for his father who means the world to him? I have got to know he lives for others. His life has only motto – to fulfil his Guru’s dream and to live up to his parents’ expectations. He has put his life in risk not once but many times for this. Dharma is outside and has heard everything.

Precap: Bindu says I promised Jagannath that I will help him in gaining Kalinga. Make preps for the same. Charu says how you will go in this condition. Bindu wants Ashoka to head the army. A soldier brings Nicator’s message to Patliputra. Sushim says Rajmata just got arrested and now we have received Nicator’s message. Does that hint at something inauspicious coming out way?

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