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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Bindu tells Ashoka he is proud of him. you fulfilled all your responsibilities here in Takshshila. Ashoka says one thing is left. He keeps the statue of lion upright and says Jai Janani! This statue is of power. Power gives stringent to the weak; it gives equal right to everyone; makes everyone understand their strength. This is a symbol of the strength that comes out of unity, patience and faith. If we follow this in our life then we can do good for everyone. India will become the biggest and powerful country then. no power will be able to stop India from becoming a powerful nation. Everyone cheers with him.

Charu asks the Daasi’s to complete the preps for Abhishek. Samrat must be on his way. Helena tells her that no preps will work in their way. Charu says it doesn’t matter if Ashoka is alive. Samrat has announced that Sushim will be his successor. I will make sure he lives up to his word. Siamak shares that Sushim is here. Charu is happy to see him but Bindu hasn’t come with him. He is all quiet when she asks him about Bindu.

Charu says it doesn’t matter if Ashoka killed Kichak. It wont affect your successorship. Don’t be sad. Sushim says I am feeling helpless and not sad. Everyone was cheering for Ashoka as if he was some God. Everyone had so much respect in their eyes for him. father was looking so proudly at him as if his world began with Ashoka. After KIchak’s murder, Mahadev’s Abhishek was kept. Everyone’s eyes were glued on Ashoka more than Mahadev. Not just this, he saved Nayak too. he proved that he kills the evil ones and saves the good people too!

Flashback is shown. Nayak is in the Kali temple. He is about to kill himself when Anand tells him to stop. Samrat Bindusar has called you in the courtroom. Father gave the right to Ashoka to do justice with Vasantsena and Agnibahu. Ashoka announces that Vasantsena should be imprisoned for life. Flashback ends.

Sushim angrily covers his ears as the cheers of Ashoka echo in his head. I cannot bear it all. Ashoka has got so much fame and respect. It is biting me from inside. It is running inside me like poison. Father dint ask anyone or follow any rule for Ashoka. He even united Kaliga’s King with his daughter. He returned him his right too.

Another flashback is shown where Jagannath comes dressed in his royal attire. Kaurvaki and Jagannath share a hug. Everyone is happy to see their reunion. Samrat apologizes to Jagannath. Your family wouldn’t have to bear all this if I hadn’t forgiven Kichak. I will help you to return you your state and respect. I have a condition though. Before you leave for Kalinga, you will have to accompany us to Patliputra and be our guest. Magadh’s citizens should get to meet the princess of Kalinga who saved the life of their beloved prince, Ashoka.

Siamak tells Sushim to stop. I cannot hear it anymore. Sushim says I witnessed it all. Can you believe what I felt? Helena asks him who got charge of Takshshila. Sushim says Ashoka made Bhami the Prantpal of Takshshila. Bhami says I don’t deserve it. that throne swayed Swami from his way. Dharma adds that this is why it is all the more necessary. The world should know that the throne cannot sway you from the right path. Samrat agrees with her. it will give respect to women. Everyone cheer for her.

A messenger brings a message. Charu says it will be for me. the messenger shares that it is for Drupad. They all go in Drupad’s room. Bindu has written that his brother is safe and has achieved a great milestone in Acharya Chanakya’s vision. We are equally excited to meet you. we will be home soon. make preps for our return. Sushim asks him what’s written in the letter. Drupad sweetly says it is important that father wrote letter to me for the first time. Father is coming back with Ashoka tomorrow. he will be coronated tomorrow itself. Sushim reads it again. nothing like that is written in it. Drupad says at time you speak as if you are a kid. Such things are to be understood. Ashoka bhaiya proved himself. Out of all of us, he deserves to be made the king. Sushim angrily asks him if he isn’t capable enough. Drupad replies that it might be true if he is saying it. Charu stops him from hitting Drupad. Charu asks Drupad what he is thinking. Drupad wants to give work to everyone for welcoming Ashoka bhaiya and Dharma. Helena advises him to make a list of all the things first. He nods.

Sushim wants to do something about Ashoka. Helena reasons that they cannot go against the flow of river at the moment. It might do us harm only.

Next morning, everyone cheers for Ashoka as the royal carriages pass by. Kaurvaki is happy to hear everyone praise Ashoka. Helena has some plan up her sleeve. Sushim is sure the day will not be far when they will be doing menial tasks. Charu is irked to see Samrat charioting Ashoka. Dharma should have made him understand. Drupad’s mother says when Lord Shree Krishna be Arjun’s charioteer then why can Samrat not be Ashoka’s charioteer. It is a lucky thing to have a son like Ashoka. Ashoka means justice. I will Drupad follows his path.

Drupad checks all the preps. He wants to leave no stone unturned in welcoming his brother and his guests.

Drupad’s mother is sure that day isn’t far when Ashoka will be addressed as Chakravartin.

Precap: Drupad is angry with Sushim. This path filled with flowers was arranged for Ashoka bhaiya. Move aside. Sushim angrily hits the flower basket. The flower petal ends up falling on Ashoka only. Sushim asks his mother to do something. Charu decides to kill Ashoka, Dharma and Bindu also, if necessary.

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