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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Dharma says to Subhrasi and Charu that Ashok and Sushim are already at loggerheads and this competition will pull them apart more, charu thinks Khalatak should do his work.
One Acharaya says Ashok have thinking like Chandragupt, other Acharaya says Sushim’s answers are more accurate, they are near what is written and what has been followed, he knows all the rules, Khalatak will come and suggests we’d like vice Samrat who know everything and may take choices effortlessly, just one Acharaya states Ashok has good wondering but revolutionizing, if he sit on throne then he will change all the rules getting adopted otherside Sushim understands all the rules but has no imagining to come to a decision something by himself, just one is ready to rule but have no pondering functionality(Sushim), other has wonderful considering but not wanting to sit on throne(Ashok), They can be baffled, all Acharayas depart, one is remaining, Kahalatak thinks i must do some thing, he suggests to Acharaya that if Ashok turns into Samrat then He’ll consider all the luxuries from you way too, he has that sort of imagining, he will rule All people according to himself.
Bindu comes in court, Ashok and everyone is present there, Bindu claims I realize decision is very difficult, it had been a difficult Competitiveness, he thanks Khalatak for offering him notion of academic Level of competition in between Sushim and Ashok, host states that two baggage are put in this article, one is of Sushim and other is of Ashok, voting will transpire and also the 1 who will get a lot more cash will get Competitors and can turn out to be temporary Samrat, to start with An Acharaya will come ahead and claims my vote is for the a person who’s got Fantastic pondering, he votes for Ashok and places coin in his bag as vote, other Acharaya arrives forward and suggests its very difficult to chose amongst them but I’ll give my vote for the 1 who is able to sit on throne at the moment, he votes for Sushim, voting continues, Sushim is winning it, An Acharaya arrives ahead and says if i vote for Ashok then both votes are going to be equivalent and i will have to contact someone to break tie, he states ahead of Competitors, I assumed to vote for Sushim only but following Opposition, i am amazed with Ashok’s thoughts, i respect him alot but issue is not with his imagining but issue is with us, the contemplating which you may have, we dont have ability to employ that inside our society, he votes for Sushim, Khalatak claims without a doubt sushim is non permanent Samrat now, all chants for Sushim, Ashok extends his hand to congratulate Ashok but Sushim ignores him, Bindu smiles and phone calls Sushim, he hugs Sushim and states great effectiveness, Sushim relates to Khalatak and hugs him, Bindu phone calls Ashok also, he hugs him, Ashok comes to Chanakya and says I’m sorry, I attempted but.. Chanakya claims person learn from failure a lot more than his achievement, dont turn into unfortunate using your defeat, your vacation spot, your mission is way more bigger than this and no-one can snatch that from you, Ashok leaves from there, Bindu leaves much too.
Dasi informs Charu that Sushim has received, charu cant believe that it, Subhrasi claims to charu that i am quite pleased for you personally, i realized sushim will earn, he had labored challenging alot, Dharma is joyful as well, Ahenkara suggests to herself that no this cant occur, Ashok cant eliminate, Helena suggests to charu i ma delighted for yourself, i am confident he are going to be a good Samrat, Dharma congratulates Charu, Charu says i didnt expect your son to accomplish effectively far too, Dharma claims i will let you to prepare for welcome of Sushim, Subhrasi suggests no You aren’t desired, Charu says you dont know about royal welcomes so its useless to come with us, they leave, Helena suggests to Dharma that you just have to be sad that the son got defeated but Siamak requires me, he may be very unhappy, i request you to talk to Ashok to be faraway from Siamak for someday, Siamak thinks hi Mate has deceived him, I’ll try and pacify him, she leaves.
Sushim and Ashok is available in palace, Bindu says to Charu that congrats your son has gained, judges chose him as non permanent Samrat, Charu claims He’s your shadow so he would earn, Charu does Sushim’s aarti, Sushim claims i have achieved until right here as a result of you only, charu states no you’ve got labored difficult which penalties of that, Sushim touches Helena’s toes, she suggests in these several times do function as excellent Samrat that it should not be neglected For many years, he touches Susbhrasi’s toes, he concerns dharma and appears at Bindu checking out him, he touches her ft way too, he comes to ahenkara, she congratulates him, sushim claims i do what i say, Bindu states I’ll depart palace with Chanakya tonight only and Sushim will take charge from tonight only.
Radha talk to Chanakya Do you realize this will probably transpire? Chanakya i knew Sushim would earn but i am stunned to determine how Acharayas are being amazed by Ashok’s wondering, they are wanting to Believe and ready to see transform so when time will appear to own improve Within this society, i might not be in this earth but I’m guaranteed Ashok will get All people by his remarkable thinking and strategy for looking at factors, Chanakya claims Ashok will never only develop into excellent Samrat of Mauryaa but He’ll identified as excellent Samrat every one of the time, the one who respects humanity turn into loving like devtas(Lords).

PRECAP- Acharaya ask Bindu to give place to Sushim on throne, Bindu makes Sushim wear crown, Sushim sits with Bindu on throne. Helena says to Ashok that there is some danger around throne. Radha talks to Ashok and says if this danger is related to sushim sitting on throne? Ashok says maybe danger around throne means Bindu is in problem.

Written Update By Sahir


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